10 reasons why you should travel to Rwanda right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Rwanda right now
Rwanda will be the ideal retreat for you. You must be wondering about where is Rwanda.  Surrounded by renowned places like Uganda and Tanzania, Rwanda is a little African nation that has got travelers' attention due to its diverse flora and fauna. However, Rwanda is much more than just wildlife. The place will give you such a unique experience that you can cherish for your entire lifetime. Both budget and luxury travelers can afford a trip to Rwanda. So, let us talk about where is Rwanda, Rwanda Capital, where are the most magical places in Rwanda, how safe it is to travel to Rwanda, and why you should travel to Rwanda right now! Let's dive deep to explore where are the most magical places in Rwanda and how safe it is to travel to Rwanda.

1. The unique abode of mountain gorillas

gorilla Volcanoes Park in Rwanda is the habitat of incredible mountain gorillas. These magnificent creatures have left visitors from around the world in awe. With the assistance of other environmentalists, the conservationist approach of Dian Fossey has led to the creation of this natural habitat that sustains the gorillas from the destruction of habitats, poaching, and other dangers. You can experience this ambiance by planning a short trek in the Volcanoes Park. Plotting it on a day prior is advised due to the limitation of visitors by the Rwanda government. A hike through the Virunga Mountains would award you the experience of witnessing the adorable primate families engaging in biological activities. You will be able to connect with this natural atmosphere. Other than this, you can also visit the Nyungwe National Park that houses several species like Columbo monkeys, Chimpanzees, and different types of birds.

2. Trek along the trails of African highlands

If you are up for a challenge and adventure, then you can go for some of the most breathing treks. There are various places to visit in Rwanda by trekking if you have the wish to explore. These treks will undoubtedly be the journey of your lifetime. The walk up to Mount Karisimbi will challenge your mental and physical ability because it is at a height of 4507 meters. But once you reach there, you will be captivated by the scenic beauty, the snow-covered mountain peaks glistening like diamonds. The trek of Mount Bisoke will offer you a beautiful crater lake. If you want to explore something more fascinating, then the Nyungwe National Park holds something for you, the Congo Nile Divide Trail. You will feel like an explorer throughout this trail. The splendid landscapes filled with wildflowers, waterfalls, unique flora, and fauna will leave a mark on your mind.

3. A metropolitan touch amidst the wilderness

The charming Rwanda capital Kigali is like a breath of fresh air! It is a vital hub for all the economic activities of Rwanda. The city has a kind of young vibe filled with exciting activities and is one of the most vibrant places to go in Rwanda. The city has been built by merging modernization with history and culture. Therefore, on one part, you will find all the critical official buildings, and on another aspect, there are thriving market areas and shops. You can visit the following places in Kigali to get an authentic taste of Rwanda: Ivanka Arts Centre - This place is the artist's hub, and their unique creations will spellbind you. Niyo Art Gallery - This art gallery showcases how art contributes to the poverty alleviation of the Rwandans. Kandy House - This is a museum that mainly features Rwanda's natural aspects, ranging from flora and fauna to great volcanoes.

4. Explore the indigenous side of Rwanda 

Rwanda holds some of the darkest genocidal incidents in the past. From that time to now, this East African country has come a long way to live together in peace and harmony to facilitate holistic growth. The indigenous safari includes a peek into the lives of the tribal people, mainly the Twa, Hutu, and Tutsi communities. The safari activities allow you to take part in their daily lives and contribute to their economic development also becomes possible. Imagine yourself making a ceramic pot, weaving a basket, or learning how to shoot a bow. Isn't this exciting? The best way to know a place is always to get closer to the indigenous communities. However, while visiting Rwanda's tribal communities, you should maintain some basic rules like respecting their privacy, traditions, and culture.

5. Have some fun on the golden sand beach

You can easily rejuvenate yourself in the lovely destination of Lake Kivu, which is the deepest lake on earth. The sparkling water, the golden sand, and the soothing breeze will surely take away all your stress and solve the puzzle of is it safe to travel to Rwanda. Places to visit around Lake Kivu include: Gisenyi - This is one of the most peaceful places to stay if you visit Lake Kivu. This resort exhibiting some post-colonial touches in the architectural style is situated amidst palm trees. You can take a long stroll along the beach, or if you are into adventure sports, then there are plenty of options like kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, and other activities. If you want a tranquil environment, visit the coffee plantations of Cyimbili or go on an exciting expedition for bat-viewing in Napoleon Islands.

6. Get a glimpse of the tumultuous past of Rwanda

The Rwanda population has seen the darkest genocidal period of 1994. You can visit the Kigali Genocidal memorial center to witness to learn about the history of genocide that took the lives of 259,000 people. The museum's orientation and displays provide a detailed account of the events that took place in 1994. The shows like bullet holes, walk with stains of blood, caskets made up of wood, bones all vividly describe the monstrous history of the Rwandan genocide.

7. Akagera National Park - the magical destination 

One of the most exciting places to visit in Rwanda is Akagera National Park that covers an area of 1122 sq. km. This National Park is famous; its papyrus swamps provide a habit for the sitatunga and shoebill bird. Therefore, this place is the perfect destination for bird watchers. If you are lucky enough, then the forest safari can bring you close to mammals like lions, rhinos, buffaloes, band elephants. The safari tours include boating and a game drive in which you will be able to experience the unique avifauna of this park. With a genuine commitment to sustainable ecology, this place is a must-visit! And, don't bother about is it safe to travel to Rwanda. Yes, it's absolutely safe.

8. Food and other delectable cuisines 

maize If you are wondering what to eat when you are in Rwanda, then certainly go for brochettes - this is a grilled variety of meat and fish with an exquisite taste. If you miss international cuisines, then Kigali is the right place for you to grab a bite of pizza, homemade ice- cream, sushi, and bibimbap. The restaurants in Kigali also serve some of the best Rwandan buffets.

9. The destination serves as an easy reach point

rwanda pinned on the map Rwanda is a smaller country, so traveling from one point to another is very easy. This country has well-maintained bus service for tourists and smooth roads for easy travel. If the question arises, is it safe to travel to Rwanda?  Then it is a definite yes because this East African country consists of the sweetest and humble people. Rwanda also serves as a gateway for the other parts of Africa. The process of getting a visa for Rwanda is easy as well. The transportation expense is much lower in Rwanda. In case you are looking for some unique travel experience within a budget, then travel to Rwanda.

10. The soothing weather and welcoming people

rwanda welcoming people Travel to Rwanda for its playful and soothing weather, which makes it the most suitable tourist destination. You can quickly grab a cold beer, wear something light, and travel along with Rwanda's various goals with ease. Monsoon is experienced in this place two times a year, mainly in October, February, May. But such difficulties can be handled when you have lush green scenery around. The climate agrees well with the people too.  If you are worried about how safe it is to travel to Rwanda, you must know that the Rwanda population is humble and welcoming, and you can also share a good laugh with them. It's up to you whether you want to travel to the usual European or American destinations or want to explore the places to go in Rwanda to get an earthy feeling with Rwanda population. From safari to beach activities, this place has something or the other for different types of tourists. Generally, people have this misconception that Rwanda is an underdeveloped country. Let's take Kigali as an example; this place acts as a modern hub where you can plan several fun activities and indulge in some exotic moments. Rwanda, also known as the land of thousand hills, offers the tourists some of the breath-taking landscapes bordered by irregular terrains, Savannah, thrilling wildlife, and natural aesthetics. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags, book a ticket, and plan a trip to this exotic, less explored East African country and get ready to explain where is Rwanda?

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