10 reasons why you should travel to Sao Tome and Principe right now

10 reasons why you should travel to Sao Tome and Principe right now

Yegana Veliyeva18 February 20219788 views10 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Sao Tome and Principe right now
Sao Tome and Principe population professes Catholicism and are Creoles-mixed descendants of Portuguese and Blacks. This country can be called a real natural kingdom due to the presence of pristine beaches, exotic animals and birds, jungles and extinct volcanoes. The environmental situation is very favourable due to the almost undeveloped industry. But entertainment, unfortunately, is not so much here. Among the main Sao Tome and Principe tourist attractions are beach holidays, diving, hiking on mountain routes or to extinct volcanoes, snorkelling, fishing. Whatever, it is really worth getting Sao Tome and Principe visa and getting there. sao tome and principe children The townspeople are very respectful and considerate of visitors. Although the main income of the country comes from tourism, the locals do not try to extort money from tourists. The locals are quite sociable and welcoming. They greet each other with the question: "A vida e bela?" ("life is beautiful?"). The answer is the invariable "E intermo!"("that's right!"). In addition to tourism, agriculture is also developed here – cocoa, coconuts, bananas and coffee are grown. Due to the presence of amazing natural beauty, white sandy beaches, clear water, ancient architecture, the combination of the past and the modern, the country is of interest among tourists. The Sao Tome and Principe currency is called "dobra", the name of which actually comes from the name of a small gold coin of Portugal, issued in circulation in the XVIII century. You can exchange your national currency in banks, near hotels, in shopping centres and even at street vendors. However, in most hotels and taxis, you can pay in US dollars, that is, the national Sao Tome and Principe currency fades into the background. Once you know where is Sao Tome and Principe, where is Sao Tome and Principe located on the map, and some other interesting facts, check out the ten reasons why you should definitely visit this unique country.

1. Extinct volcanoes

volcano The northern part of Sao Tome is popular for a very large number of extinct volcanoes, several of which are higher than 600 meters high. One of the highest mountains of the island of Sao Tome is the mountain of the same name, the height of which is 2024 meters. Located to the west of the central part of the island, it is an extinct volcano, which is covered with forest, and it is possible to walk to the top. Another attractive extinct volcano is Pico de Sao Tome, which is a must-visit once you have already arrived in this mysterious country. It is simply impossible to visit Sao Tome and not reach the unusually narrow volcano towering over the island. Tourists look up in amazement and take pictures of the "natural high-rise". Fans of mountaineering, be sure to note that due to the presence of humidity, the volcano is overgrown with moss, and there are also a lot of snakes concentrated here.

2. Beaches and resorts

resort in sao tome and principe The country is rich in beaches due to its island location. The most famous and best is the Praia da Sete Ondes or "Seven Waves Beach", located twelve kilometres from the city and suitable for a great holiday. Despite the fact that the beach infrastructure is not yet developed, the beaches are always kept clean and tidy. The characteristic of the water in the oceans is that it does not rise above +24 °C, which is ideal for swimming on hot days. And the local beaches are characterized by white sand and clear waters. On the beaches here, you can even watch the turtles lay their eggs. The search for the phrase "Sao Tome and Principe resorts" is quite common. When searching for "Sao Tome and Principe resorts", one of the first names to appear is "Bombom", which is a young resort, perfect for those who prefer a romantic and secluded beach holiday. Diving and whale watching are also possible here. Also, among the resorts can be called Trindade Neves.

3. Climate

climate Fans of hot and humid weather should definitely go to Sao Tome and Principe. Due to the location of Sao Tome and Principe, namely its location in the equatorial belt, the climate here is tropical marine with an average temperature of +25 + 27°C. Rains are quite common here, but in summer, they almost never happen. Thus, 2 seasons were formed: shuva-the rainy period, and gravana-the dry period. The most acceptable time to travel to Sao Tome and Principe is from June to September.

4. Ecotourism

nature of sao tome and principe From the point of view of ecotourism, Sao Tome and Principe is just perfect. The country attracts the attention of travellers with its wild jungles, waterfalls, Pico de Sao Tome volcano, green valleys, huge cocoa and coffee plantations. If you have visited the island of Sao Tome and have not seen the coffee plantations, then consider that you have not seen anything. The biggest one here is the Monte Cafe. Here you will learn both the methods of coffee processing and the importance of coffee in national history. Among the largest cocoa plantations can be called Neto, Agua-Ize. Most of the plantations, which have an ancient history, today act as Sao Tome and Principe tourist attractions. The Ribeira Peixe Waterfalls and the fishing village of Ribeira Afonso are also notable. When planning a boat trip, you will have a chance to watch whales and dolphins. Another interesting place located on the islands of Sao Tome and Principe is the Obo National Park, which occupies about 30% of the territory of the already small country. The park is interesting for its uplands and lowlands, which are covered with dense tropical forests, lush mangroves and savanna areas. The forests of Sao Tome and Principe are included in the list of the most interesting African and world areas in terms of the diversity of flora and fauna of the areas. So there are about seven hundred species of plants, one hundred of which are found only in this country, and 28 unique species of birds. There is also a large volcano in the park.

5. Sao Tome and Principe culture

festival in sao tome and principe The Sao Tome and Principe culture was heavily influenced by Portuguese influence. The locals are very plastic and musical: they are very fond of dancing, dancing, namely common are samba, puita, sokope, dansu-kongu and the island's inherent rhythm of dex. To leave the elements of the cultural heritage of the country as a souvenir, you must definitely buy a few souvenirs. Local craftsmen have the art of wooden round sculpture and carve amazing figures of people and animals that you can please your friends. Another unique national souvenir is a lamp made of coconut shell, which is decorated with a national ornament. Also, gift stamps, magnets with images of national symbols, caskets, masks, and even figurines of idols can be purchased as a souvenir.

6. Kitchen

seafood The local cuisine of the country is quite unusual and very tasty. It combines traditional Arabic dishes and specific national cuisine. The basis of the cuisine is made up of fish and other seafood, of which there are a lot, baked bananas, breadfruit. The most popular dishes are "Amaji" - a porridge of meat and vegetables couscous - and "Tanjiya", which is a spicy marinated beef with lemon juice and spices. For those who don't like exotic food, you can order dishes of European cuisine. Dessert consists of a variety of tropical fruits, which are very large on the island. Chocolate is also notable. Due to the presence of extensive cocoa plantations here, the country is even called a "chocolate country".

7. Security

security Sao Tome and Principe is the most criminally secure country on the African continent. You can safely walk through the alleys and parks of the city at any time of the day, even look into remote parts of the island. From the point of view of the political situation, the country is also quite safe. You will definitely not get into a shootout or be captured. The only danger is yellow fever and malaria due to the very hot and humid climate. You should be vaccinated against yellow fever and use preventive measures against malaria.

8. Surfing

surfer The warm weather and the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, not counting the rains, open up the conditions for surfing in Sao Tome and Principe all year round. But the best time for surfing is considered to be the period from June to September when it is not very hot, and it does not rain so often. On the main island of Sao Tome, motorboats are usually hired, and they visit the neighbouring islets, where there are desert surf spots. Popular among surfers are the beaches located in Sao Tome and Neves. It is very convenient here that there are waves for both beginners and experienced surfers. The island of Principe is also visited by tourists for this purpose, but there are much fewer of them here. Other small islands are also considered suitable for board riding, but they are generally uninhabited and do not have a suitable infrastructure, so athletes going here are at great risk. Given the fact that the entertainment and sports industry is at an initial stage, it is forgivable that large and international surf schools and surf camps have not yet been opened here. However, places where boards and other necessary equipment are rented are available in every city located on the coast. Training is provided by representatives of local schools or individual instructors.

9. What is the capital of Sao Tome and Principe?

sao tome The capital of Sao Tome and Principe is the city of Sao Tome, which is definitely worth a stay. The capital of Sao Tome and Principe is the cultural, educational, political, economic and transport centre of the country. This picturesque small town has enough attractions to charm the eye, namely the city boasts a Cathedral belonging to the XVI century, a Fishing Church, the Presidential Palace, the National Museum in the 400-year-old Fort of San Sebastian, Tchiloli, which is dominated by dance, music and theatre. In addition to all of the above, you will also see Portuguese colonial buildings and beautifully maintained parks and gardens.

10. Boca de Inferno

rocky sea Boca de Inferno, called a natural mystery, is in great demand among tourists. In translation, this place gives the meaning "mouth of Hell". Boca de Inferno is a mysterious place in the rocks, where a jet of seawater hits from a height and thereby creates a powerful fountain. The sight becomes wonderful when the cascade of water breaks on the black rocks.

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