10 reasons why you should travel to Sint Maarten right now

10 reasons why you should travel to Sint Maarten right now

Arati Kulkarni30 December 20201243 views9 min. read
10 reasons why you should travel to Sint Maarten right now

The loss of freedom when it comes to roaming in rare places and traveling to the islands you have never been before badly struck at our hearts. Thanks to the lockdown caused by Coronavirus

Yet, some places have been untouched by the deadly-spread Coronavirus. One of them being Sint Maarten. Have you ever heard of this magnificent island placed in the Caribbean Sea? Maybe you heard it in the movie- Pirates of the Caribbean Sea. Jokes apart, let us look at why Sint Maarten safe to travel to now? 

Statistics of Sint Maarten as of 30.10.2020:

Confirmed cases- 805

Recovered cases- 730

Compared to the whole world:

Confirmed cases- 45 million

Recovered cases- 33 million

Let us jump to the question running over your head- where is Sint Maarten? Two-thirds of Sint Maarten lies in France, and one-third lies in the Netherlands. A land border separates the two of them. You will not find any rivers on the island, just too many dry gullies. 

From all the Caribbean destinations, Sint Maarten stands apart for being virtually-pleasing. Although governed by two separate nations, there are no border gates to mark the separation. The Dutch vibe of the Netherlands is different from the French vibe of France. The residents of Sint Maarten belong to 70 countries. Imagine an island where people from different cultures, backgrounds, and mindsets share happiness, joy, and livelihood. 

The people in the USA prefer Sint Maarten over other places for the cheaper rates it offers. From staying for ten days to wanting to spend a year, you will fall in the magic of Sint Maarten. 

The kind of people who love to travel to Sint Maarten is an ordinary married couple. All they want is some alone time at the beach wearing the suntan and having a cold coffee. 

The best part about the weather of Sint Maarten is that you can stare at the overwater horizon for hours together without blinking.

Your travel to Sint Maarten revolves around hiking trails that give access to the dry forest covering tops and slopes. Are you excited to embark on the journey to heaven?

Before you are there, you need to know something about the Sint Maarten airport or Princess Juliana International Airport. Back in 2017, Hurricane Irma struck the Sint Maarten island, and the airport suffered significant damage due to it. One year later, a provision of temporary services to the people traveling to and from the island came into being. 
It is time we moved to the next question creating havoc in your mind- What to do in Sint Maarten?

Here are ten best reasons to make you rush your travel to Sint Maarten right now:

1. For the Mesmerizing View from Fort Louis

a view towards the summit of fort louis

Your travel to Sint Maarten must include one of the hugest forts on the island, Louis. Here you will see rusting cannons from the major European powers of the Caribbean. One of the ideal things to do in Sint Maarten is to enjoy the panoramic view across the Marigot harbor and the hills above Bellevue covering the deep-blue ocean. 

2. Hiking at Pic Paradis

pic paradis

Copyright: @tomdallas

Your travel to Sint Maarten should consist of a breathtaking hike through the Sint Maarten backcountry. Witness glowering whitewashed homes and sparkling beaches of Orient Bay at Pic Paradis. On the south of Pic Paradis lie the French Quarter of Orleans and the brackish lagoons that engulf Philipsburg. Sint Maarten weather is comfortable enough to let you go to the top via the Careta Ravine and the banks of pretty Hope Lake. 

3. Go Awe-staring at Parrotte Ville Bird Park

Your common worry of what to do in Sint Maarten will not last long. Parrotte Ville Bird Park comes to your rescue. Here you get to witness hundreds of tropical birds. To look at a bird closely, you get a cup of bird feed to tempt birds to march towards you. One of the best things to do in Sint Maarten is bird-watching at Bird Park. 

4. Say Hello to Loterie Farm


Copyright: @loteriefarm

Is Sint Maarten safe to travel to now? Yes, if you cannot wait to see 100 acres of lush foliage of Loterie Farm. What more could you want in the Pandemic situation except for lots of pure oxygen? This serene nature sanctuary offers many hiking trails, zip line adventures, or suspended bridges over the beautiful green oasis canopy of mango, guava-berry, and mahogany trees. Apart from that, you soothe your taste buds, there is a cafe. 

5. Taste the Scrumptious Booze at the Topper’s Rhum

taste the scrumptious booze at the topper rhum

Copyright: @toppersrhum

No doubt about the fact that the Sint Maarten hotels will try to offer you alcohol, but there is nothing like the Topper’s Rhum. Here, your travel to Sint Maarten will seem fruitful. You get to taste about 50 different flavors with weird combinations like Bacon with Maple Syrup, Jalapeno with Lime, and Banana with Vanilla. 

6. Relax at Cupecoy Beach

beautiful cupecoy beach on sint maarten caribbean

At the southwest tip of Sint Maarten, you find Cupecoy Bay giving a home to three beaches under the limestone cliffs. One of the best things to do in Sint Maarten is walking along the shore of Cupecoy beach with a cold beer in your hand. The dramatic sunset view it showcases can go missing if you are too homely in one of the Sint Maarten hotels. Do not worry about parking your vehicle as there are paid parking lots at the adjacent Cupecoy and Sapphire beach clubs. 

7. For the Sake of Remarkable Sint Maarten Weather

saint maarten

The best time to plan your travel to Sint Maarten is between January to March. The rainy season lasts from May to October in Sint Maarteen. The maximum temperatures of Sint Maarten weather range between 84* to 90* F. During the summers of Sint Maarten, you get to witness wet weather. The moment you enter the Sint Maarten airport; you get to feel the beautiful weather of the Caribbean.

8. If You Love Bargaining While You Shop

the island is a major center for tourism duty free shopping and sailing regattas

The whole travel to Sint Maarten is duty-free. Here you find the best prices at great bargaining rates on clothes, cosmetics, electronics, food, and jewelry. Low on income? But want to shop always? Then you must know where is, Sint Maarten placed. Shopping becomes an entertaining event altogether in the Sint Maarten weather. Make sure the Sint Maarten hotels you check-in know the best shops and stores to get all the amazing things you wish to have. The best part about shopping in Sint Maarten is it offers tax-free prices. 

9. Friendliness is in the Sint Maarten Weather

tourists at dr wathey pier on the dutch side of st maarten

One of the best things to do in Sint Maarten is seeing a lot of smiling faces around regardless of their nationalities. There are about 120 nationalities in Sint Maarten. The helpful people of Sint Maarten are cheerful and happy to help you. You do not have to worry about your travel to Sint Maarten if you have such lovely people around you. The moment you enter one of the Sint Maarten hotels, you get a warm reception. 

10. To Discover Sint Maarten Museum

canon on fort amsterdam in st maarten

Travel to Sint Maarten Museum to know about the history of the Dutch side of the island. There are plenty of exhibitions that focus on indigenous cultures, geology, and colonial history. Sites like Fort Amsterdam, the first Dutch fort built in the Caribbean in 1631, and Fort Willem I by the English in 1801 might interest you. They come under one of the best things to do in Sint Maarten.    


nikon corparation nikon d7000.jpg

Now that you know where is, Sint Maarten, let us know what to do in Sint Maarten. Apart from the places in your questionnaire of what to do in Sint Maarten, there are many other places. Places like Aqua Mania Adventures, Butterfly Farm, Sint Maarten Zoological and Botanical Garden, The American Cup Yacht Racing, Atlantis World Casino, KLM flies in on Maho Beach and the tropical beauty of Mullet Bay. 

The Sint Maarten airport welcomes you with a few strict guidelines to follow. These guidelines are general to the current Pandemic situation. 

Wait a minute, are you still wondering if Sint Maarten safe to travel to now

Here are some ways in which you can protect yourself and others around you:

  • Stay at about two arm lengths from strangers.
  • In public, wear a mask to cover your nose and mouth.
  • Avoid contact with someone who is sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Do not travel if you are feeling sick.
  • Wash your hands often.
  • Keep a hand sanitizer with yourself wherever you go.

Some of the Sint Maarten hotels are sea-facing. Wouldn't you enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee early in the morning looking at the sea from your hotel stay? With the view, the Sint Maarten weather is pleasant too. Some of the ideal things to do in Sint Maarten is snorkel, swim, or sunbathe in the clear waters of the island. Have a fun-filled trip! Even in times of Coronavirus.

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