14 reasons why you should travel to Slovenia right now

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14 reasons why you should travel to Slovenia right now
Slovenia nature, mysterious caves to discover and a generous mix of fascinating history, then Slovenia is the place to go. This small country has a lot to offer, and thanks to its size, you can easily see its various beauties even during a short vacation. Slovenia is ideal for a year-round holiday with lots of skiing in winter and natural parks and beaches in summer. Still not sure? Especially for you, we have collected 14 reasons why you should travel to Slovenia right now (or when your borders open). Let's start with the base!

Where is Slovenia on the map

lake in slovenia Do you know where is Slovenia? Slovenia is located in southern and central Europe, eastern Italy, southern Austria, western Hungary and northern Croatia. It is located at the very top of the Balkan Peninsula. It is mostly landlocked but has a small stretch of coastline on the Adriatic Sea. Part of Slovenia is mountainous, with the Eastern Alps flowing in the north of the country. This part of the country is popular with skiers, and resort prices are much more reasonable than in neighboring countries such as Austria and Switzerland. Let's just say that Slovenia is perfectly located on the map!

1. Mountain hiking

mountain hiking Visitors can enjoy more than 10,000 km of designated mountain trails through Slovenia's three mountain ranges: the Julian Alps, the Karavan Alps, the Kamnik and the Savindean Alps. There are hikes suitable for all levels of ability, and you simply can't travel to Slovenia without exploring its breathtaking mountain valleys! Imagine pristine mountain landscapes with green pastures, dense forests and thunderous waterfalls. Enjoy some of the Instagrammable views of Mount Triglav, which at 2,864 m is the highest mountain in the country or take a walk on Mount Golitsa in the spring, when it is transformed by thousands and thousands of daffodils.

2. Canyoning

canyon These mountain landscapes make Slovenia one of the best places to enjoy the special charm of canyoning. This exciting adventure sport will see you gliding, jumping, swimming and leaping through natural rock formations, down streams and even over waterfalls! It is a fantastic way to experience the wild and beautiful Slovenia nature, and it is best to enjoy it with a professional local guide. This activity option is a great choice as the guides provide several different canyoning expeditions from Ljubljana and Bled and there is always something that is suitable for all levels. Friendly guides will make sure that you see some of Slovenia's hidden mountain gems within 2-3 hours. All the equipment is provided and they take your safety seriously, so you can enjoy the best holiday and come back safe and sound!

3. Wine country

wine Wine has been made in Slovenia for thousands of years, even before the arrival of the Romans, so Slovenes know how to make good wine! The reason you haven't heard of it is that most of the wine produced in Slovenia is consumed domestically. It is often made from grapes unique to the region, such as Zelen and Pinela, and most of it is considered a premium wine. The best way to experience it for yourself is a wine tour and tasting with Wine Tours Slovenia in the Vipava Valley, just an hour's drive from Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia. You will learn about the wine production process with a visit to two family estates, a tour of the facilities and vines, and most importantly you will be able to taste different types of wine produced. Tours to Slovenia also include some delicious local snacks and transfers to and from Ljubljana.

4. Lake Bled Slovenia

lake bled Considered one of the seven new wonders of the world, Lake Bled is an Alpine lake centered on a picturesque island topped by a striking church. The surrounding mountain peaks and wild forests make the island one of the most beautiful sights in Europe. Visitors can take a trip to the island on a traditional wooden wattle boat, climb the 99 steps to the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin and ring the church bell. They say that the ringing of the bell is the embodiment of your desires, and when you are surrounded by such beauty, it is hard not to believe it! Go hiking on the lake, enjoy some of the best views from the 12th-century Bled Castle on the cliff above the lake, and relax in the lake's natural hot springs. Conclusion? Bled&Slovenia is a must.

5. Ljubljana, Slovenia

capital of slovenia Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia is one of the greenest cities in Europe with 542 m2 of public green areas per capita. The center is also closed to traffic, and you are encouraged to explore the city on foot or by bike. This makes its charming old center even more fun to explore! There are some fantastic works of art to explore in the beautiful National Gallery, a fascinating history to discover in the 900-year-old castle that sits above the city, and plenty of fun, active ways to get to know the city, whether it's a bike ride or a fun river jump. During the summer months, Ljubljana is also known for its free outdoor festivals, during which artists from all over the country hold various events.

6. The Adriatic coast

adriatic coast Slovenia only has a short coastline, but it's gorgeous! Along the blue waters of the Adriatic, you will find beautiful Slovenia beaches and famous salt pans. Slovenia resorts are inseparable. Head to the stunning former Venetian port city of Piran with its magnificent medieval architecture, breathtaking sea views and truly delicious fresh fish and seafood! This is a region where you can both relax on the Slovenia beach and take part in some active adventures at sea. Nearby Portoroz is known for its spa and wellness industry and is a place to go to relax and unwind.

7. Magic caves

cave in slovenia Slovenia is home to some of the most magical caves in the world, home to towering stalagmites and stalactites, ghostly underground lakes and even little dragons! If you only have time to visit one, make sure it's the Postojna Cave. Travel to its depths on a 140-year-old train that will take you through high halls, winding corridors and glittering galleries 5 km away to the cave. You will see the country's unique elm, also known as the human fish, making their home in the dark. These strange creatures are similar to small dragons, can live up to 100 years and are the largest underground predator.

8. Fairy castles

castle in slovenia Slovenia, whose resorts are famous for beach holidays, is also full of castles from different eras, and visiting them takes you back to another era. Some of the most interesting ones have already been mentioned above, but if you want a real adventure, go to Posavier. This region is home to many fantastic castles that are currently open to the public or have been converted into hotels. Don't miss Sneznik Castle, set in an idyllic setting and a moat reflecting its gleaming white towers, Loka Castle, towering over the town of Skofja Loka and the alluring Velen Castle, where fairy tales come to life.

9. Slovenian bears

slovenia bear More than 60% of Slovenia is covered with forests, especially in the south of the country, and these wild places are rich in wildlife. These include large mammals such as the brown bear, wolves, and Eurasian lynx. About 500 brown bears have been recorded in the Notran and Nomadic forests, and this is a great opportunity to see them in the wild. If you are lucky enough to go on a guided tour with an experienced local guide, you will be able to see them in their natural habitat. Many of these excursions will tell you about bears, what they eat, where they live, and the forests themselves.

10. Easy access

airplane Slovenia is a small country that is easily accessible. You can fly directly to Ljubljana's Joze Pucnik Airport or to one of the nearby airports such as Graz, Trieste, Venice or Zagreb. There are many useful flights with budget carriers such as Easyjet, Wizzair and Transavia, as well as convenient transportation from the airport to major parts of the country. You have a large selection, which gives you more options to organize your trip. If you do not plan to fly, then make Slovenia part of your Interrail route or use Flixbus with many connections from major European cities.

11. Local residents

slovenian people Slovenia people are very friendly and hospitable. They will be happy to introduce tourists to their culture, food, traditions, as well as help you with sightseeing. The locals are very athletic and competitive, don't be surprised if they ask you for a sprint race. Try to find accommodation in a traditional farmhouse in the countryside to enjoy and experience the life of Slovenia people. The locals really speak English, so you won't have any problems communicating with them.

12. Less crowd

winter destination Unlike its Italian neighbour, Slovenia receives fewer tourists-meaning you can wander around the area without encountering a noisy crowd. There may be times when there is not a soul on the streets, especially on weekends, as locals are busy with outdoor activities. You can enjoy the Mediterranean weather and have a delicious meal sitting by the river, or enjoy a glass of wine, or soak up some sun by the sea - without tourists!

13. Prices

ski resort in slovenia Slovenia is the ratio of price and quality. It is much cheaper than its neighbors - Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Austria. The Kranjska Gora ski resort and Vogel Ski resort in the Julian Alps are much more reasonable than the Swiss ski resorts and will not burn a hole in your pocket. Travelers prefer Slovenia to other European countries, as accommodation, food and cafes are inexpensive and affordable - one of the main reasons for the love of Slovenia.

14. Slovenia nature

nature of slovenia After reading this, most other cities in the world will be envious! In 2016, Slovenia was named the "Green Capital of Europe", as well as the world's first" green " country. Slovenes are proud to maintain the cleanliness and greenery of their country. There are methane buses, electric boats and electric bicycles with lots of bike paths and tracks. Slovenia is a great country for both solo holidays and trips with family and friends. During a 4-or 5-day city break in Ljubljana or Slovenia resorts, you will be able to experience the best cozy atmosphere of the country, get acquainted with its history, sights and people, feel its relaxation and discover its hidden gems. Tours to Slovenia vary according to your preferences, but of course, the more time you spend in this paradise, the better. You can view and choose your own version at this link.

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