17 reasons why you should travel to Spain right now

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17 reasons why you should travel to Spain right now
places to visit. This European corner knows how to make everyone fall in love with itself - it has everything for a varied and luxurious holiday. Majestic fortresses, ancient architecture, wide embankments, national Spanish dishes... These are just a few reasons why you should travel to Spain. In this article, we will tell you about the whole 17 unique ideas to organize a trip to this paradise. Attention, attention, Spain is speaking! Sails up!

1. Climate of Spain

sunset Let's start our selection with the climate of Spain features. Let's not conceal that Spain is located on the world map quite successfully. It has captured the most pleasant and warm places with its territories, leading by the number of days when the streets are filled with hot sunlight. You have to admit that sometimes it is so lacking in our windy and overcast edges. Of course, Spain is perfect for holidays at any time of year, but it's in the middle of the beach season - all nature is full of warmth and exceptionally beautiful. This is a great excuse to postpone the upcoming business and take a couple of tickets to the country of unforgettable adventures.

2. Barcelona and Gaudi's masterpieces

parc guell gaudi No matter how attractive Spain is, this place on the world map should be visited first of all! Let's not talk long about the advantages of this metropolis - the rapid and active rhythm of this city, many shops and places for recreation will already give you the answer to where to travel in Spain for the first time in Spain. And that's not all! The main highlight of Barcelona is the architecture and buildings designed by Antoni Gaudi. The most famous and striking building is the Cathedral of the Sagrada Familia, which has not been completed to date! But despite this, it inspires with its scale and the number of details of absolutely everyone. It is possible to walk around the building for hours from different sides and look at the figures and drawings, many of which are united by plot lines. Just imagine, if the appearance is so fascinating, what to expect when you are inside! Intrigued? Quickly take a ticket to this city full of fun and positive emotions.

3. Beaches in Spain

spain beach Spain is a country where many people are planning a trip for the first time, and it is the beaches that are one of the leading reasons to do this for you. Several hundred beaches are located along a coastline that is over 5,000 kilometres long! And there is an option that you will find to suit your taste. These can be small beaches in Spain that are usually not crowded with tourists, or there can be wide sandy beaches dotted with various cafes and national Spanish cuisine. There are also beaches that specialized in extreme sports. Of course, the diversity is enormous, but there is something that unites them - beauty, scenic beauty and environmental cleanliness.

4. Camp Nou Stadium

camp nou stadium This place should be visited by anyone who decides to spend their holidays in Spain. Even if you have not watched a single football match, a tour of this majestic structure will help you get closer to this sport and the history of FC Barcelona. Camp Nou is one of the largest stadiums in Europe and has around 100,000 true football fans. Also, the stadium often hosts various concerts of world performers, their most outstanding being Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra!

5. Spanish-style bullfighting

bullfighting This spectacle is undoubtedly not for the faint of heart, but we sincerely advise you to dare to watch this fascinating action! Traditional Spanish bullfighting is a fiercely muscular bull and a skilled and brave bullfighter who easily wraps the animal around his finger. Moreover, many bullfights are now carried out according to stricter rules, and the likelihood of seeing blood and abuse of bulls is minimized.

6. Old Toledo

toledo This city is one of the oldest settlements in Spain. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it has long been inhabited by people who attributed themselves to different religious beliefs, and this has contributed to the formation of a distinctive, diverse culture. Toledo is an incredible architectural work, which has been preserved in its original form and delight residents and tourists for several centuries. This city will be particularly appealing to those interested in exploring the history of Spain. Ancient narrow streets, authentic buildings and cathedrals of indescribable beauty will help you immerse yourself in it.

7. The Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela

cathedral in spain Another bright building that is part of the sights of Spain is the Cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. This is the largest and oldest Catholic building, visiting which one cannot help but feel the spirit and history of Spain. The structure is very similar to a French "brother", and when you are here, you might think that you are in the Cathedral of Our Lady of Paris. The construction of the same vast and impressive size and shipped various decorative objects: small statuettes, elements in the Baroque style, openwork decorations and much more.

8. Shopping in Spain

shopping Usually, when tourists discover Spain, their purchases are limited to a typical program minimum - souvenirs with sights, Jamon, and olive oil. Of course, this is not to be left out, but we want to expand this list and emphasize your view of what many people think is insignificant. As you travel around different parts of Spain, pay attention to locally made clothing, shoes and cosmetics. Their value for money will surprise you and will not leave you indifferent. A pleasant bonus will be that most sales fall during the period of tourist holidays in Spain, which is now in full swing. The opportunity to buy a lot of designer items at an excellent price is a great reason to organize a trip to Spain.

9. Pueblos Blancos

pueblos blancos This historic place was in a state of wild decline only recently, but at the last moment, the inhabitants dared to make a decisive contribution to its revival. We are sure that alone this fact already makes Pueblos Blancos a worthy town to visit! This completely renovated settlement offers all the conditions for a comfortable holiday for tourists: white stone buildings, authentic quays and treasured churches. The chance to plunge into this medieval charm can not leave anyone indifferent, so everyone should visit Pueblos Blancos!

10. National Spanish cuisine

spanish cuisine If you still don't know where to travel in Spain for the first time, now we will convince you that it must be Spain. Of course, all people are different, and it's hard to please everyone, but this strange sunny country skilfully does it year after year, treating guests to first-class local food and drinks. The wines of Spain are as good as Italian and French "fellow" and can please everyone, thanks to its rich palette of flavours. It is tough to choose words to describe their extraordinary tart taste, so we advise you to visit Spain to discover these flavours for yourself. Besides, Spain is known for the following delicacies - ham and olive oil, without which no tourist leaves. And when it comes to traditional Spanish dishes, there's a wide variety of them. Still, the most famous ones are the delicious tapas, aromatic gazpacho and rich paella - a top that's worth tasting for everyone!

11. The amusement park of PortAventura

amusement park There is no doubt that what Spain is truly rich in is its attractions. And PortAventura is a whole world that hides near the Costa Daurada. It is a fantastic opportunity to spend an unforgettable day, both for the thrill-seeker and the one who wants to swim in the hot sun on the beach. The park is divided into six unique zones, decorated in different thematic styles. You have the chance to visit "China" and experience the dizzying sensation of a dead loop slide, then go to "Mediterranean" and ride the fastest roller coaster in Europe, and then refresh yourself on the water rides in the "Wild West". Even though many slides are prohibited for children, they have the opportunity to visit the fairytale by stopping at "Sesame Street". And that's just part of the stations on your upcoming journey! Knowing everyone else is a great reason to go to PortAventura in Spain!

12. Fortress of the Alhambra

alhambra castle Architectural monuments and beautiful natural views are what Spain boasts. The sights of this country can satisfy different tourist interests. But the Alhambra Fortress must inspire and inspire everyone. The stone structure has been faithfully serving the Spanish lands since medieval times. Here you can enjoy the fabulous views of the picturesque garden, which stretches throughout the fortress, as well as on the Sierra Nevada. You will be pleasantly surprised by the interior decoration: fancy decorative details and extraordinary architecture will not leave you indifferent.

13. Fabulous Valencia

valencia If in Russia is Moscow, then in Spain - Valencia! This city can easily be considered a business card in Spain because it stands out unusually. Valencia will be loved by many: here you can see not only a lot of Instagrammable views but also arrange an educational weekend, visiting many monuments, each of which has a unique history. Sightseeing, where it is worth visiting quite a lot and to have time to see everything, you need a well-thought-out plan. Anyway, this is a great reason to come here!

14. Nightlife in Spain

night bars street The night is a time when Spain will open up to you on the other side. An essential feature of this country is its large meals, so it's no surprise that at 10 pm the restaurants will be full of diners. But then comes the traditional "march" - hiking in cafes and bars in search of the noisiest discos. Interestingly, very often, the "march" lasts until 5-6 am, though many people get up for work in the morning. Nightlife in Spain is an excellent opportunity to feel the Spanish spirit and mentality, so alive, cheerful and unique!

15. The Picos de Europa National Park

cable car Wherever you point to the world map, nature is unique and beautiful everywhere. But Spain is different in that it has learned to appreciate it and also to show the best places around it. You should visit the Parque Picos de Europa to see for yourself. The stunning mountain scenery, combined with a carefully organized service that offers the opportunity to discover rafting and mountaineering, is a pleasant excuse to postpone your next activities and go to this beautiful place.

16. The island of Tenerife and its volcano Teide

island of tenerife Spain's location on the world map is quite unusual - it occupies not only a large part of the mainland but also some islands. Perhaps the most amazing of them in Tenerife. It's often called the Island of Eternal Spring, and for a reason. The fact is that it has unique natural conditions that are maintained by the climate belt, the ocean current and the famous Mount Teide. The volcano must be awake, and that's why Tenerife is particularly attractive. From anywhere on the island, you can enjoy the Instagrammable views and extraterrestrial beauty of nature. Also, you will undoubtedly enjoy the clean uninhabited beaches and the unusual coastline painted with volcanic rocks in bright colours.

17. Modest Seville

seville Spain has concentrated many exciting and different Spain cities, the most attractive of which we mentioned in this article. Seville is a city that is also on this list. There are a lot of different architectural objects, but the best of them is considered to be the construction of Anibal Gonzalez, who designed the main square of the city. Many architectural delights reflect every region of Spain: massive columns, colourful towers, singing fountains... The list of Seville's virtues is indeed endless. There is also the opportunity to organize a catamaran tour and see all the canals of the city, which are so similar to the Venetian ones. It's hard to argue that Seville is a bright reason to get a Spain visa and travel to Spain.

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