16 reasons why you should travel to Taiwan right now

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16 reasons why you should travel to Taiwan right now
Taiwan is the most famous country for its industry, tourism, safety, and other properties. In this blog, we will answer questions like "where is Taiwan?", "When is the best time to travel to Taiwan?" "What language is spoken in Taiwan?" Moreover, you will get other interesting information about this country: "Taiwan flag," time in Taiwan," "Taiwan currency," "Taiwan population," "Taiwan weather." Let's start with the question:" Where is Taiwan?"

Where is Taiwan?

people sitting on the floor Taiwan is a self-governing island. It is located in East Asia. Japan, Philippines are neighbors of Taiwan. Officially Taiwan is a part of the China Republic. However, the Taiwanese deny this fact. They claim they are not a part of China. Although it is a tiny country, the Taiwan population is 27 million.

What language is spoken in Taiwan?

tour Taiwanese Mandarin is the Official Language of Taiwan. Although most teenagers know the English language, it can be a little bit of a problem to find English-speaking people. They can also be shy to speak English, but we think that you can deal with this problem. Now, you know, "What language is spoken in Taiwan?"

Taiwan flag and Taiwan currency

flag The Taiwan flag consists of a red background, a blue square on the background's up-left side, and white sun on the blue square. It is referred to as "white sun, blue sky, wholly red earth" Taiwan currency is Taiwan Dollar. 29 Taiwan Dollar= 1 US Dollar. Time in Taiwan is 7 hours ahead of UTC.

When is the best time to travel to Taiwan?

spring You can travel to Taiwan all of the time of the year, because of Taiwan Weather. In order to avoid Typhoons, it is not recommended to go to Taiwan in the summer. Spring can be your favorite time here. A fantastic view of cherry blossoms will create magical content for your Instagram. Taiwan weather is pretty lovely, as is every tropical climate. (30-31 C) 16 reasons why you should travel to Taiwan now:

1. Visa-free travel

document Many countries are eligible for visa-free entry for 90 days. We recommend you to check visa requirements for your nationality to avoid complications. Be sure that your passport is valid for at least six months. If you are Japanese, three months are enough to get a visa. It is necessary to have a proof back ticket that you will turn from Taiwan. You can get a Taiwan visa for free from the airport. Requirement documents are only one passport photo and a back ticket. 

2. Safe travel

man We can say that it's as safe as European countries, even for female travelers. Travelers say that they have never experienced any theft or violence in Taiwan. If you forget your handbag or any valuable thing, they will try to find you and give it back.

3. Small and Comfy Hostels

hostel If you travel with a lover, you will like the small hostels of Taiwan. There are the cleanest hostels in the world. Moreover, the prices are very low compared to European countries. Mostly, everything you need will be provided. Tea, shampoo, shower gel includes the price. They speak English great; even they recommend beautiful places to visit.

4. Taipei 101

taipei Another reason and destination are for view lovers. It is exciting to be on top of the second-highest building in the world, isn't it? Well, then add this location to your "to-do list." We also have to talk about a hundred shops and brands which attract visitors. The skyscraper center is also known as Taiwan World Finance Center.

5. Hiking mountains

mountains The most beautiful reason why you should travel is hiking to the mountains in Taiwan. There are several trails for hikers, which are very quickly paved. The highest peak is Yushan in Taiwan. This peak will make you full of impressions with its beauty. Another beauty of Taiwan is Taichung Mountain, which is the second-tallest peak. If you search for a panoramic view, then Elephant Mountain will be the right choice for your hiking. Four Beasts is also for view lovers because it offers the best view of Taipei. What is the best time to travel to Taiwan? Now!

6. Festivals in Taiwan

festival The Chinese New Year is the oldest festival in Taiwan. It is one of the colorful spring festivals in Taiwan.  Taiwan Lantern Festival is also a colorful festival in Taiwan. The Tourism Bureau is holding this festival to attract visitors. Carrying hand lanterns is the main aim of the festival. Lantern displays and art folks are favorites of visitors.

7. Taipei & Kaohsiung Lantern Festival

festival clothes This festival is held at the Taipei Expo for several days. There are so many types of lanterns: electrical lanterns, traditional lanterns, and electromechanical lanterns. Musical performances are another color of the festival.

8. Wildlife of Taiwan

deer Another reason will be for nature lovers. It is easy to meet the wildlife of Taiwan when you go outside of Taiwan. There are too many types of fauna. Birds, butterflies, Formosa rock monkeys, dragonflies will amaze you. Remind that monkeys can be dangerous for you. So try to be avoiding them. Generally, watching wildlife is better than touching and disturbing them. Do not try to give them any food and approach with the camera.

9. Surfing Beaches for lovers

surfing Have you ever heard about Taiwan surf beaches? If not, then you will be surprised. It is impossible to think of a tropical country without beaches. Crystal clear beaches are one of the reasons for Taiwan's visitors. Taiwan is the most popular with its surfing beaches. Each year a million tourists flock to surf on the beaches of Taiwan. An annual surf competition is held every year in Taiwan. It attracts even competitors from Hawaii. This competition is held every year in November, and it is worth it to be there. 

10. Local food

local food Of course, if we are talking about the East, it's necessary to emphasize that local tasting food will be a great experience. The variety of food will surprise you. Even Taiwan has some food, which is the best food in the whole world. Soy milk and egg pancakes come for Taiwan cuisine. Ice cream in Taiwan is also one of the best foods in the world. Beef noodles, bubble tea, pineapple cake, stinky tofu, and sweet potato are specials of Taiwan cuisine. It is not only tasty but also cheap.

11. Sun Moon Lake

lake Sun Moon Lake is another favorite place for visitors. The lake is the largest freshwater lake, and it is also part of the national landscape region. The most famous region is the destination of Chinese Tours'. That's why it will be too busy most of the time. If you do not like to be a part of the crowd, you can rent a bike and go to the lake's quieter parts. You could also choose another option. Taking a boat tour is also great.

12. Trying Afternoon Tea

traditional tea For a quality time, the Taiwanese have made "afternoon tea." It is like afternoon brunch. It was created for the people who want to spend time more comfy, interesting with friends. Relaxing time will be decorated with Taiwanese's' lovely desserts, tasty snacks, and delicious tea. You could taste several tastes of Taiwan at the same time. Amazing and delightful time with friends can be another reason, right?

13. Hot Springs of Taiwan

cherry blossom If you decide to travel to Taiwan, you will probably meet with information about Taiwan's hot springs. As you know, Taiwan is one of the hot spring countries. The last day of your trip can be a relaxing day for you. So all you need is to decide which resort to go to. Guanziling, The King's Garden Villa, Guan-Zih-Ling Toong Mao Spa Resort, Beitou can be some of them.

14. Easy Transport for Visitors

transport The circular train route sounds great! Yes, there is a train route that follows the whole country. There are English known people at nearly all the stations. Even if they don't know English, it is enough to write down your Mandarin language destination. So when you see English, known people try to make them write your destination in Mandarin. If you want to go to small villages or towns, there are always frequent bus routes there.

15. Visiting Night Markets

night market As you know, many east countries are making night markets. For most colorful travel, it is another reason. Imagine, traditional entertainment, colorful lanterns, tasty local foods, snacks will wait for you. Even you can buy souvenirs as gifts for your dreams or memories for yourself. Jiantan night market is one of the best night markets in Taiwan.

16. Temples for visit

temple There are nearly 15 000 temples in Taiwan. Buddhism and Taoism are the main religions. Many of those temples are included in the UNESCO heritage. 

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