17 reasons why you should travel to Turkey right now

Anna Tretyakova 30 March 2021 901 views 7 min. read

Turkey is a country where, having visited once, one wants to return again. And each trip will be as interesting as the previous one. A country that combines East and West will be interesting for any tourist. Turkey resorts here are so diverse that you will have to choose for every taste and wallet. Turkey is a country of four seas and mountains, which affects the climate. High temperatures are dispelled by mountain winds, which provide a pleasant rest in a hot summer. A beach length of 7500 kilometres is a resort paradise.

1. Visa-free regime

red passport

Turkey is open to tourists. Everyone can easily spend a vacation there without wasting time on paperwork, which is fundamentally important when buying hot tours. A visa-free stay in the country without additional documents is possible for 30 days for many nationalities. But if you need a visa, you can check Turkey E-visa and Turkey visa cost on our website.

2. Direct flights to Turkey

turkish airlines

From many European countries, there are direct flights to Turkey. The schedule is very tight, and flying away in the summer season will not be difficult.

3. Long summer in Turkey

sunset in turkey

Due to its unique climate, summer in Turkey begins in April and ends in November. That with ease will allow you to warm up in the sun without having to adjust your vacation exclusively for the summer. Especially since there are fewer tourists in May, as well as in autumn.

4. The sea for all tastes

black seaBlack Sea

: The Black Sea washes Turkey from the north, the water in summer is only heated up to +24 degrees. Because of this, the Black Sea coast attracts tourists not by sea and beach, but by beautiful architectural monuments, which are many hundreds of years old. As a rule, Europeans and residents of central Turkey rest here. Provides Turkey tours to the Black Sea beaches in Kar, Rize, Samsun and Horde. Samsun is the oldest city on the Black Sea in Turkey, which is considered the city of Amazons. Holidays at this resort all year round. In winter tourists come for skiing holidays, in summer the sea and the beach. Rize - the city of tea, here you can try a variety of teas in accordance with all Turkish traditions. If you want to combine a beach vacation with sightseeing tours, you should not ask: "Where to travel in Turkey?". The choice is obvious. Here it will not be difficult to combine the pleasant with the useful. In Rize, you can relax in the coolness of the sea and visit ancient fortresses and mosques. mediterranean sea Mediterranean Sea: The Mediterranean coast is considered the Turkish Riviera. The best hotels in Turkey are located here, on the sandy beaches by the warm sea. The climate here is beautiful, tourist season from April to November. Offers Turkey tours to the Mediterranean Sea in the most popular resorts such as Antalya, Kemer, Belek, Side, Alanya. Fashionable hotels in Turkey on this coast pleasantly surprise with their service. The most popular resort on the Mediterranean Sea is Side. There are a large number of five-star hotels. Cosy Turkish streets lead to ancient architectural monuments, which will take the traveller to Ancient Rome. Belek is the most expensive resort. Beaches here are considered one of the best beaches in the world. Turkey is famous for the coast of this resort. Alanya is perfect for holidays with children and older people. Fans of hot summer know exactly where to travel in Turkey and choose a resort with the hottest but mildest climate. Here is a high-class service in hotels and many attractions for history lovers. Kemer is surrounded by mountains. A beautiful view from the hotel window is provided here. In this region, hotels in Turkey are of different price categories, which will enjoy the beautiful scenery and budget tourists. aegean sea beach Aegean Sea: Aegean beaches are a Turkish paradise. Marmaris and Bodrum are the pearls of this coast. All Turkish resorts are suitable for family holidays, but here you will find entertainment for young people and extreme lovers. Lovers of diving and windsurfing choose this place for recreation. Young people from all over Europe come to Marmaris, as life here is "live" both day and night. Bodrum is the city where one of the 7 wonders of the world, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus, is located. marmara sea Marmara Sea: Offers tours to Turkey and the coast of the Marmara Sea. But it is more popular among local residents. The region is rich in historical sights.

5. Beaches in Turkey

marmaris beach

The beaches in Turkey are diverse. You can choose to relax on the beach with sand, pebbles, and pontoon. Lovers of crystal clear water choose pebbles, for people who prefer to dive - pontoon beaches, rest with children will be interesting on the beach with sand.

6. Beautiful weather

sunset in istanbulTurkish coast

differs from other resorts in that the weather here is always sunny. Rains in summer are very rare here. The sea is always calm and warms up to 30 degrees.

7. Reasonable prices

hotelTurkish resorts

can afford a tourist with every opportunity. Service will be of high quality, even if the hotel is 3 stars. All hotels in Turkey mainly provide "all-inclusive" services, the only difference is the number of dishes at lunch (breakfast, dinner) and free drinks in the bar. Service and customer care are on the same level, whether it's a 3* or 5* hotel.

8. Turkish dishes

turkish foodTurkish people

are very hospitable, and like any good hosts, they take into account the tastes of guests. Buffet in hotels with a wide range of national and European dishes. Turkish delicacies, delicious coffee and ayran are always on the menu. Cafes and restaurants also surprise with assortment for every taste. Tourists with different food preferences are guaranteed to enjoy their meal and to choose their favourite Turkish dishes or try something new.

9. Turkey tourist attractions

turkey architecture

Where to travel in Turkey and how to spend time for lovers of cultural heritage is not a question. Turkey is rich sights. You can visit architectural monuments, museums and other Turkey tourist attractions. Such excursions will diversify your vacation and leave a pleasant experience.

10. Shopping in Turkey


Many tourists come to resorts in Turkey to not only relax but also to spend time shopping. A large range of goods can be purchased at a fairly low price. Here you can buy leather goods and fur, famous jeans of Turkish quality and prices will pleasantly surprise. In provincial cities, there is a popular traditional product. Thus, from Kutahya, tourists bring porcelain, from Rize delicious tea of different varieties, from Adana quality things made of 100% cotton. It is not necessary to go to Istanbul to visit the famous markets of Turkey. For the convenience of tourists, every resort region has shopping centres and markets.

11. Turkish baths

turkish bathHamam

is a Turkish bath, after a visit, which will remain pleasant memories. The name of the bathhouse in Arabic means "spreading warmth". And in fact, the warmth comes from everywhere. The room of the hammam is made of stone, tiles, and marble, with an oriental interior. The sauna is heated by the floor, walls, and stone sunbeds. During the procedure, water is poured on the floor, which causes evaporation, and there is a slight smoke of steam. Turkish baths have the highest humidity, but there is no such heat as in Finnish or Russian baths. The temperature can rise up to 50 degrees but is balanced by humidity, and the time spent here is easily handled by man. The bathing procedure is very pleasant. First, you need to warm up on the stone beds for about 20 minutes. It is said that lying on the stomach can warm the internal organs, which is good for the body. Once the body is warmed up, the bath attendant makes a pleasant massage-pilling with a special mitten, it is not accepted to wash oneself here. After the massage, the body is wrapped with pleasant foam and washed with water from the bowls. Such a bath relaxes and relaxes, a person gets a "full high" from the procedure. By the way, the word "high" also comes from Arabic, which means relaxation.

12. UNESCO World Heritage Sites

hot air ballooning

18 sights of Turkey are included in the UNESCO list by different criteria. 8 sights are considered masterpieces created by man, 2 places are considered a natural phenomenon. And 78 more sites became candidates for inclusion in the World Heritage List in 2018. One of these Turkey tourist attractions is Cappadocia in Göreme National Park. This unique place, with an amazing landscape, appeared 60 million years ago. Striking poles in the form of mushrooms, pyramids, and a canyon with undulating slopes created by nature itself. The polished stones with water and wind seem fabulous. Pamukkale is another phenomenon of nature. The earth here is covered with travertine, which reminds us of a blooming cotton field. In Arabic, the name of the attraction is translated as "cotton castle". The slope of the mountain consists of snow-white terraces filled with thermal water. The view here is simply stunning. The main attraction is the Cleopatra pool, where the queen herself bathed to stay young.

13. Family vacation

children with father

Rest with children in Turkey is possible in any part of the country. Comfortable conditions, entertainment with animators, play areas, and children's pools are available in all Turkey hotels. Each region has water parks and dolphinariums, which will diversify your vacation with a baby.

14. Active Recreation

kekova island

The Turkish coast is a paradise for lovers of active and extreme recreation. Extreme players can tickle their nerves at rafting, diving, paragliding, and parachuting. Lovers of a calmer holiday can also find entertainment to their liking: golf, yachting, horseback riding.

15. Turkey nightlife

people having fun at night club

For people who prefer not only quality rest during the day but also fun at night, Turkey is the right place to combine everything. Here is a sea of various nightclubs, discos and bars, which work until dawn. 

16. Ski resorts in Turkey

ski resort

Every year ski resorts in Turkey are becoming more popular. And now tourists come not only in summer but also in winter. Due to the continental climate, mountain slopes with comfortable slopes are covered with a layer of snow 3 meters high. Rest here is much cheaper than at other ski resorts. A big plus is that the system "all-inclusive" also applies to winter holidays.

17. Therapeutic sources in Turkey


Turkey is famous for its healing resorts and occupies a significant place in the world for recovery recreation. Thermal springs with water temperature from 20 to 110 degrees Celsius are accumulated from 2 litres to 500 per second. Turkish springs are suitable for the treatment and prevention of many diseases. Turkey offers combined tours when tourists can have a rest at sea and recover from the springs. For example, Antalya - Pamukkale or Bodrum-Marmaris-Pamukale tour. At health resorts in hotels, you may undergo recovery procedures: massage, mud masks and wraps, and swim in the pool with thermal water. There are still many reasons to visit Turkey. But the main thing is that if you want to combine quality and exciting vacation, you should definitely choose Turkish resorts.

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