16 reasons why you should travel to United Arab Emirates right now

Shamil Hasanli 14 April 2021 2138 views 5 min. read
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promises to see many beauties of this wonderful country. You probably read about Dubai or the United Arab Emirates University or saw the United Arab Emirates flag. Where United Arab Emirates is located? What is the capital of the United Arab Emirates? Although the UAE is a popular travel destination among tourists, you might never hear of it and ask where the United Arab Emirates is located. The UAE is a country located on the Arabian Peninsula. dubai Interestingly, if you look at the United Arab Emirates map, you will notice that the UAE is on the eastern part of the peninsula and looks like another peninsula. From the United Arab Emirates map, you can also notice that the capital of United Arab Emirates is Abu Dhabi. When someone asks about the United Arab Emirates' capital, most people may answer that the capital of United Arab Emirates is Dubai. However, the capital of United Arab Emirates is not Dubai. Instead, Dubai is the largest and most popular city in the UAE. Other questions about your travel to United Arab Emirates can be is it safe to travel to United Arab Emirates, is it expensive to travel to United Arab Emirates. I can say that the UAE is one of the safest among Arabian countries, and you will not need to worry and ask is it safe to travel to the United Arab Emirates. About prices, most people consider this country, especially Dubai, very expensive. That is why it is normal to ask whether it is expensive to travel to the United Arab Emirates. The country is expensive, but it can seem normal for the United Arab Emirates population to buy things for hundreds of United Arab Emirates dirhams. However, during special days, such as the United Arab Emirates national day, you can find decreased prices. This post will read about 16 reasons you should travel to United Arab Emirates right now. Also, you will find answers to your questions about where United Arab Emirates is located, what the United Arab Emirates map looks like, what is the capital of United Arab Emirates, is it safe to travel to United Arab Emirates, is it expensive to travel to United Arab Emirates.

1. Stereotypes of the United Arab Emirates


Yes, most of the United Arab Emirates population is Muslim. No, no one will ask you to wear the veil. Yes, you will be able to drink alcohol in some places and wear a two-piece swimsuit at the beach with complete indifference. No, women are not confined to the home. They work and occupy positions of responsibility. Yes, the UAE government is actively campaigning to improve their living conditions in the Emirate, and more needs to be done. Yes, Dubai still operates on a patriarchal society modelled by a family that chooses the other six neighbouring emirates' leaders, the United Arab Emirates president.

2. Dubai, a cosmopolitan city

dubai night

Dubai has around 2.5 million inhabitants. 90% are foreigners. Faced with its rapid development and international aura, the government has chosen to establish a two-tier regime: the Emiratis benefit from full social protection. Their housing, health, and education costs are fully covered. Foreigners who wish to settle in Dubai, on the other hand, must be "sponsored" by a local company, which will guarantee them a job and a salary to be able to settle permanently. They can easily study at the United Arab Emirates University in Abu Dhabi. They can then benefit from the same services as the Emiratis with insurance and various costs.

3. Gigantism and excessiveness

view of dubai

In Dubai, you will see the tallest tower globally, the largest mall, the widest highways, the tallest stadiums, or the craziest attractions. Dubai city is the city of superlatives. It is also that of the future in all its complexities, so much does it seem to conceal inventiveness. Symbols of Dubai, the Burj Khalifa Tower, and the Burj al Arab Hotel are worth a look.

4. Preserved desert

dry desert

Created in 1999, enlarged in 2003, protected by the Dubai government since 2004 and by the UN since 2008, the Dubai Desert Reserve covers 225 km2. The objective is to ensure the necessary preservation of the country's natural heritage by protecting flora and fauna in the face of intensive urban development.

5. Turquoise water

turquoise water

Fine sand, turquoise water, the beaches call for relaxation. The temperature and humidity of the environment make the slightest shift an attempt at a certain time of year. The people come here to jog, swim, or relax. You can also practise many water sports here, from sailing to scuba diving, kite surfing, or water skiing for some United Arab Emirates dirham.

6. Warm welcome

jumeirah hotel

In the UAE, you are welcome. From shops to hotels and restaurants to attractions, the staff goes out of their way to offer you an unforgettable experience, with a smile as a bonus. Suddenly, you will quickly feel at ease in this country that welcomes you with open arms.

7. Activities for children

activity for children

In the UAE, there is no shortage of attractions for children. Each is more extravagant and original than the next. Where the people of Dubai spend most of their time when the weather makes even the slightest outside trip taxing, from Ski Dubai to the Sega Republic via Kidzania, the city of children, the aquatic zoo, or Ice Rink, the Olympic ice rink. So don't worry, you will easily find something to entertain your kids.

8. Infrastructure in the United Arab Emirates

dubai modern city

Dubai has quality infrastructure and makes it a point of honour to offer the best to tourists, especially families with children. At the airport, strollers are available, and families have priority at check-in. Most Dubai hotels offer a kids' club and menus suitable for children. All restaurants are equipped with high chairs.

9. Cultural destination

louvre museum

The development of Saadiyat Island, located opposite Abu Dhabi, allows the arrival of a host of new museums. Among them, those of the Louvre Abu Dhabi and the Guggenheim has already achieved worldwide fame. Other museums, each more ambitious than the next, should soon be opened on the island. Culture lovers will inevitably be delighted by the riches of the Emirates.

10. The Indian Ocean


As it seems from the United Arab Emirates map, the UAE can easily be combined with other trips to the Indian Ocean Islands. It will give you a total change of scenery. Imagine starting your journey with a cultural trip to Abu Dhabi and punctuating the adventure with a lazy stay in Seychelles or the Maldives.

11. Variety of activities

golf course

The UAE is a paradise for all kinds of activities. Whatever your desires and tastes, you will inevitably find something to occupy your days. As for sport, first of all, the Emirates is famous for its many golf courses and its Formula 1 circuit. You can also practice all kinds of water activities such as kayaking, diving, or sailing. 

12. Host of events

golf tournament

Throughout the year, the UAE hosts events that are followed all over the world. Whether family, sports, or musical, they allow travellers to experience unforgettable moments as a couple or family. Among the most anticipated events, we will not miss the F1 Grand Prix, the Mubadala World Tennis Championship, the United Arab Emirates national day, or the international golf tournaments.

13. Paradise for shoppers

shopping mall

For shopping enthusiasts, travelling to the UAE also means discovering the gigantic shopping malls of the Emirate. Spacious, modern, and air-conditioned, they allow you to escape the heat and discover a world apart. Above all, in Abu Dhabi, shopping malls are friendly places where families and friends meet to have a good time together.

14. A decor of 1001 nights

amazing hotel

The UAE is full of exceptional places where luxury establishments are legion. Whether through its excursions, hotels, or amusement parks, it has only one goal: to wow its visitors. It has never ceased to amaze travellers, from perfectly manicured golf courses to luxurious shopping malls and extraordinary tourist activities.

15. Climate of the UAE

dubai sunset

The climate of the UAE is as pleasant in summer as in winter. The sun, there all year round, allows you to multiply outdoor activities and bask on superb beaches. When travelling to the UAE from December to February, the temperatures are around 24 ° C, and they are particularly pleased to try out sporting activities.

16. Beaches and deserts

dubai beach

The superb beaches of Saadiyat Island, the ocher-coloured dunes of the Liwa desert is something that you have to visit. Your stay in the UAE will be an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the heart of the Emirates' natural wonders. You can also take advantage of our excursions in Abu Dhabi to try your hand at different activities: - Hiking in the desert on foot or the back of a camel, archery, 4x4 safari in the dunes - Sailing under the United Arab Emirates flag

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