10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Venezuela right now

Punhan Shukurov28 October 20203729 views8 min. read
10 reasons why you should and should not travel to Venezuela right now
Venezuela has attracted huge attention from global media because of its domestic economic and political problems. Millions of people are interested in this Latin American country. People not only discuss social and political issues but also want to travel to Venezuela after the social unrest settles. There are several questions about Venezuela that need to be answered. Where is Venezuela? Bordering Colombia, Brazil, Guyana, and the Atlantic Ocean, Venezuela is located in the northern part of the South American continent. Also, small Venezuelan islands are located on the Caribbean Sea.  venezuela sunset What is the capital of Venezuela? The city of Caracas is the capital and the largest city in Venezuela. What does the Venezuela flag mean? The red colour of the Venezuela flag represents courage. The blue colour of the Venezuela flag honours the historical independence of Venezuela from Spain. Many travellers also want to know what Venezuela currency is. The Venezuelan bolivar is the official Venezuela currency. According to the latest statistics, Venezuela population is almost 30 million. How to travel to Venezuela? You can fly to Venezuela from many airports in Latin American cities. Also, flights are available from the US several times per week. Is it safe to travel to Venezuela? In this blog, we will address the question of is it safe to travel to Venezuela and discuss the reasons why you should and should not travel to this Latin American country. We will also list several places to visit in Venezuela.

1. Beware of social unrest

venezuela buildings There has been widespread social unrest in Venezuela for several years. People widely protest against the political leadership. Therefore, many streets in major Venezuelan cities are crowded and noisy. The violent confrontation of police and the local population may cause dangers to other people in the cities. Tourists should be very careful while walking in cities and stay away from crowded protests. Is it safe to travel to Venezuela during times of social unrest? Well, you need to choose safe cities for travelling where the protests are not prevalent. You can research from the recent news and consult with Venezuelan embassies in your hometown. It would be better not to choose the capital of Venezuela as a travel destination because Caracas protests can be dangerous due to the huge population. Also, as the city of Caracas is the political and economic centre of Venezuela, social unrest is especially hot there.

2. Widespread poverty

maracaibo Several years ago, the Venezuelan economy experienced hyperinflation. In other words, the Venezuelan bolivar has lost its value a lot. The price of clothes in stores, food in the supermarket, meals in restaurants, and public transit tickets has become very expensive for the Venezuela population. However, life can be affordable for foreigners who spend US dollars as the value of the dollar is still high. Also, thousands of Venezuelans lost their jobs due to the economic crisis. Nowadays, poverty is a big social problem for the government and the people of Venezuela. Tourists can easily feel the poverty in the cities. The quality of service has decreased a lot in hotels, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, entertainment centres, and other tourist attractions. Poverty has hit the tourism industry severely. Foreigners recently do not prefer visiting Venezuela due to the poor quality of life. Also, there is a shortage of food and water in supermarkets. You would hardly get great comfort while walking around Venezuelan streets. However, the backpackers and those who travel on a low budget may enjoy travel to Venezuela because, as we said earlier, the standards of life are affordable but not great.

3. Crime, scams, and burglary

policeman While travelling to Venezuela, you should also beware of crimes, burglary, and scams. The crime rates in Venezuela have risen in recent years due to unemployment. Unemployed people try to make their living by stealing things. As a tourist, you should be very careful while exploring places in Venezuela. We would recommend you not to visit suspicious streets that are away from the city centre. Also, some people try to get money from tourists through scams and fraud. You should be very careful about scams. Try to avoid talking to people that you do not know and look suspicious. The best way to be safe is to travel with groups of other foreigners. Also, local tourism agencies and hotels offer guidance services. It is worth paying for guidance as your safety will be guaranteed. However, many famous places in Venezuela are totally safe. You can conveniently walk around the streets in well-known travel destinations. The police guarantee the safety of famous places in Venezuela. You can also learn the contact information of the police before travelling to Venezuelan towns. It is possible to ensure safety during your time in Venezuela.

4. Many positive things to discover

mountains Although there is social unrest, political protests, economic crisis, poverty, and high crime rates in Venezuela, you can still explore many positive things about this Latin American country. There are many iconic, fascinating, and picturesque places to visit in Venezuela. This magnificent country is located on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. Venezuela is home to fine beaches, wild forests, astounding mountains, lakes, rivers, unique fauna, and colourful flora. Thanks to its countless natural treasures, Venezuela has enormous tourism potential. Venezuelan culture, cuisine, language, and street art have attracted millions of tourists worldwide. Also, Venezuelan towns feature ancient Spanish architecture, iconic streets, and modern infrastructure. Lots of places in Venezuela are worth visiting and explore. Let's look through the list of amazing places to visit in Venezuela.

5. The world's highest waterfall

angel falls Angel Falls, also known as the world's highest waterfall, is located in Venezuela. The magnificent waterfall drops from almost a kilometre of height at a very fast pace. While hiking through the wild jungles of Canaima National Park, you will see Angel Falls from far away. The world's highest waterfall is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the most famous places in Venezuela. There are also beaches near the waterfall with pristine white sands. The Caribbean climate creates perfect conditions for relaxing on beaches. You will feel the wilderness of the Caribbean and Latin American exotic nature at its best during your time in the Angel Falls area.

6. Roraima Mountain, the giant flat-topped mountain

roraima mountain Adventure lovers enjoy visiting wild and picturesque Roraima Mountain. This fascinating place is the favourite destination for the Venezuela population, especially for those who love wild nature adventures. Roraima Mountain and its surroundings are a must-visit for backpackers and hiking enthusiasts. Hiking up to the Roraima Mountain through wild Mediterranean forests is the most exciting tourist activity in Venezuela. You will need some instructions before hiking. The hotels and local tourism agencies offer hiking clothes and shoes that will make your hiking trip smooth, safe, and comfortable. The Roraima Mountain landscape features unique rocks, thick forests, light-green Mediterranean bushes, meadows, and endemic mountain animals. Roraima Mountain is one of the unique places in Venezuela where you can explore wildlife at its best.

7. Tropical lowland grasslands, Orinoco Delta

orinoco river The surroundings of the Orinoco River is home to a fascinating landscape, flora, and fauna. Orinoco Delta is a must-visit spot during your travel to Venezuela. The unique animal species such as piranha, macaw, Orinoco monkey, crocodile, etc., will amaze you during the trip around Orinoco Delta. The colourful birds walking on light-green meadows look marvellous. Exploring the Orinoco Delta during the sunset will be a surreal experience for you.

8. National Pantheon of Venezuela

national pantheon The National Pantheon is a sacred shrine located in the capital of Venezuela. Its history dates back to the early 19th century when the Venezuelan government decided to build a new shrine after the earthquake. The National Pantheon is one of the most famous religious spots in the country. The white marble of the Pantheon features great ornaments drawn by very talented professional architects and painters. The National Pantheon, where you can capture a lot of Instagrammable moments, is pretty picturesque. You will have a great time while exploring the surroundings and the interior of the shrine.

9. Morrocoy National Park

morrocoy national park Many small cays and islets in the Caribbean are among the most valuable natural treasures of Venezuela. Morrocoy National Park is home to coral reefs, sandy beaches, and crystal clear water. Marine turtles, tropical fish species, dolphins, flamingos, pelicans, and egrets are unique fauna species typical of the National Park. The Morrocoy National Park area is perfect for a family vacation and beach trips. The Park area is preserved by the Venezuelan government, thanks to its great tourism potential.

10. Unique Venezuelan fruits, meals, and beverages

fruits You can taste blackberry jam fruit, banana passionfruit, tonka beans, and peanut butter fruit that are unique to Venezuelan nature. These fruits can be easily found in Venezuelan markets for very affordable prices. Venezuela is also home to amazing dishes featuring a mixture of modern Venezuelan and ancient Spanish cuisine. Empanadas, arepas, tequenos, hallaca, cachapa, perico, and others are the most delicious meals you can taste in Venezuela. Moreover, you can try beverages such as cocada, batido, and chicha, typical of Caribbean Venezuela. Cocada holds a special place among Venezuelan drinks, which is a delicious milkshake made of coconut milk.

A quick recap

venezuela In this blog, we have listed the reasons why you should and should not consider travelling to Venezuela. We answered the following questions: Where is Venezuela? How to travel to Venezuela? What is Venezuela currency? Although it has some political, economic, and social problems, Venezuela is a great tourist destination. After finding out where is Venezuela and how to travel to Venezuela, you can arrange a perfect summer vacation on the marvellous coasts of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

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