Reasons to visit Bonaire

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Reasons to visit Bonaire
Bonaire can be translated as "good air". It ranks second in size among the Netherlands Antilles, which is located 80 km from the Venezuelan coast. Beautiful seascapes, a clean and picturesque coastline, a rich underwater world, and many cosy fishing villages are the main places to visit. A lot of people are eager to know all about Bonaire. That's why in today's article you will learn all about Bonaire: where is Bonaire in the Caribbean, what to do in Bonaire, places to visit in Bonaire, reasons why to visit Bonaire, and much more information about this island, including how to get to Bonaire and when to visit Bonaire. After it, you can courageously travel to Bonaire. So, where is Bonaire in the Caribbean? Bonaire Island is located in the southern Caribbean, near Aruba and Curacao. It belongs to the ABC group of islands - according to the first letters of their names. kralendijk After getting to know the answer to the question "Where is Bonaire in the Caribbean", you are probably thinking about how to get to Bonaire? There are no direct flights to Bonaire from Russia and the CIS countries. The easiest option is to fly via Amsterdam. The KLM airline operates direct non-stop flights to Bonaire 5 times a week. Flight duration from Amsterdam is about 9 hours. Besides, American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and Delta Airlines operate weekly flights to Bonaire from major US cities. If you are still worrying about how to get to Bonaire, you can also approach tourism agencies and get information about your country. Located on the shores of a picturesque harbour on the west coast of the island, Kralendijk (literally translated as "Coral Dam") is the commercial centre of Bonaire and its main port. In this article, you will also get information about things to do when you visit Bonaire Kralendijk. What are the reasons to visit Bonaire, and what are the things to do when you visit Bonaire Kralendijk?

1. There are a huge number of places to visit in Bonaire!

underwater Most people who travel to Bonaire are divers and fans of water sports; it will also be interesting for hikers here. The best places to dive are Angel City Reef, home to the Hilma Hooker wreck, and Alice in Wonderland Reef.  Salt mining began on the island more than three hundred years ago; today, the Cargill Salt plant is located in its southern part. The road leading to the factory passes through the company's unusual turquoise and pink waters, which are also considered important local tourist attractions. Among the natural attractions is Washington Slagbai Park, which was opened in 1969. You can get acquainted with the underwater world's inhabitants during an excursion to the Marine Park, a part of the territory of which is specially allocated for scuba diving. You can find attractive snow-white beaches in any part of the island, so tourists successfully combine walks in remarkable places with a serene vacation on the coast. kralendijk There are a lot of places to visit in Bonaire, and one of them is Kralendijk. It is the island's capital; it is here that travellers will find the most interesting entertainment and attractions here. The city has preserved beautiful buildings from colonial times, which will be interesting to explore while walking. Today's historic buildings, restaurants, and shops, while Fort Orange is considered the main historical landmark of the capital. Now the building of the old fort houses various government offices; next to it, you can see an old lighthouse. Near the fort is the Bonaire Museum, which will acquaint visitors with the most interesting events in the history of the island. As it is the capital of Bonaire, there are a lot of things to do when you visit Bonaire Kralendijk, enjoy it. Seen from the sea as just a small group of low-rise buildings painted in soft pastel colours, it nonetheless contains most of the island's government offices, as well as shops, hotels, restaurants, and bars.

2. Bonaire beaches

wave Certainly, there are many reasons to visit Bonaire, but the main of them is the Bonaire beaches. They can be considered the best places in Bonaire. If you visit Bonaire, we strongly advise you to see these beaches even if you don't like to swim. Almost all the Bonaire beaches are sandy; Playa Chikitu is the most beautiful and popular beach among tourists. It is located on the territory of a fabulously beautiful nature reserve. The only drawback of the beach is quite tangible coastal currents. High waves will surely delight surfers, and sunbathers surrounded by tropical plants will be captivated by the beach's beauty. No less attractive among Bonaire beaches is the sandy Playa Funchi beach, which has a picturesque bottom among its main advantages. Here you can go snorkelling, and there are places suitable for scuba diving a short distance from the coast. A real, local attraction is Boca Slagbai Beach, one of the few rocky beaches in Bonaire. Near this part of the coast, there are beautiful houses that were built more than one and a half hundred years ago. The beach is characterized by a calm atmosphere, where you can have a great rest with children and comfortably sunbathe in a secluded atmosphere.

3. What is the best time to travel to Bonaire?

white yatch Are you thinking about when to visit Bonaire?  The best time to travel to Bonaire is between May and October when there are fewer crowds and bargain hotel rates than the famous winter season. If you're thinking about a winter getaway, know that November through April covers the island's peak season, during which the 80-degree climate yields packed hotels and higher prices. What if you don't care about it you don't need to think about when to visit Bonaire and what is the best time to travel to Bonaire. The beauty of the best places in Bonaire will remain the same despite the weather and you will be happy no matter when you visit Bonaire.

4. What to do in Bonaire?

bonaire beach The Caribbean Sea keeps its main beauty in secret, and not everyone who travels to Bonaire is allowed to see them. However, it is worth equipping yourself with diving equipment and lowering it to the depth, as you can see in all its glory all the Antilles' secret attractions. Various reefs, all kinds of corals, colourful algae and fauna, including turtles, sharks, barracuda, and whales can be found here. All this can be seen with your own eyes and in natural conditions, under the supervision of an experienced diver. On the territory of each island, there are several diving clubs and many places for diving. In addition to the beauty of the sea, you can also see human-made structures - sunken ships that rest at the bottom. After examining the underwater nature, you can start observing the terrestrial nature, and here the Antilles also have something to surprise. Most of them are of volcanic origin, which means there are hills and interesting mountain routes. The highest point of all the islands is located on Sabo - Mount Scenery is 862 meters above sea level. Several trekking routes are laid to the top of the mountain at once. One of them is one of the most popular excursions, which lasts exactly 1064 years. During this walk, you can enjoy the amazing vegetation, among which there are both traditional plants for this region and pseudo-alpine meadows. It is still unknown where they came from, but among the locals, there is an opinion that they appeared themselves because the French lived here for a long time. We are sure you will not spend much time on what to do in Bonaire, because it is too many things to do.

5. What cities travel to Bonaire?

capital of bonaire You are probably thinking about what cities travel to Bonaire because there are many cities you can travel to. The oldest and one of the best places in Bonaire on the island is Rincon, founded by Spanish colonialists at the beginning of the 16th century. Today on the town's territory, you can see very beautiful old buildings, made in the traditional Dutch style. The city has a unique atmosphere of past years. A walk along its winding streets can be an interesting excursion and give a lot of impressions. It is noteworthy that in Rincon, there is only one payphone and only one gas station. They are also ranked among curious objects. bonaire coast Not far from the western coast of the island is the beautiful islet of Klein Bonaire, which is also one of the local attractions. Several centuries ago, slaves lived here; their dilapidated huts remind guests of distant times. For a long time, the island was privately owned and became available for free visits only in 1999. In addition to ancient huts, the island is attractive for its unique nature; it is a real paradise that civilization has not touched. Apart from this article, you can also search on the internet and decide what cities travel to Bonaire. We hope that we were able to provide you with all about Bonaire. Be decisive and visit Bonaire, this beautiful island which can give you a lot of unforgettable memories. 

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