10 reasons why you must visit Sarajevo

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10 reasons why you must visit Sarajevo

Sarajevo is the largest city and capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. You can find a blend of oriental and western culture, cheerful people, and great cuisine in this city. These might be enough reasons to visit Sarajevo, but you will see much more when you travel to Sarajevo. There are several historical places to visit Sarajevo, which resembles the great history of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of the location where is Sarajevo, Balkans, is the doorway between European and Eastern civilization, in the city, you will have the influences of both in all spheres. In case you have not already decided to travel to Sarajevo, you will find the ten most important reasons you should visit Sarajevo and the interesting questions about the city, such as Sarajevo, which places to visit Sarajevo, etc.

Where is Sarajevo?

map of sarajevo

Sarajevo is located in Southeast Europe's heart and is a great starting point for touring the entire region. It has always been one of the biggest tourist attractions in the Balkans, thanks to its unique combination of east and west, which is noticeable both through buildings and art and through the population's spirit. Besides being the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo is also the country's biggest city, with more than 270.000 population.

The city has a peculiar and unique beauty that admires its visitors and brings a reason to visit Sarajevo again. Among the places to visit Sarajevo, I can strongly recommend seeing the following and taste the country's delicious cuisine.

1. The old city

sarajevo city center

The heart of every capital is the old part of it, and when it comes to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that is remarkably vibrant and picturesque in Sarajevo. Bascarsija, the oldest part of the city, consists of a system of tight streets, in which you can feel the full oriental aptitude. You can see various craftsmanship shops of copper masters, fabulous carpet sellers, and delicious candy shops. Your sights and remembrance will be full of hand-carved foods, bright street lamps, and tasty rahatlokum, and you will enjoy fresh-baked kababs. The most prominent buildings in the old city are unquestionably the frame-built Sebilj fountain and mosques such as Bascarsija, and Qazi Horsrovbag, which are the best places to visit in Sarajevo. There is also a beautiful spring in front of the mosque, and a short distance, there is an old clock tower from which a magical light appears in the evening.

2. The City Hall and The Latin Bridge

city hall

The City Hall is the most well-known structure in the city and a masterpiece of construction. It was constructed in 1894 as a mosque. The shooting of the Austro-Hungarian heir had occurred in 1914, just after his arrival to the hall. City Hall is one of the most beautiful and representative buildings from the Austro-Hungarian period, was also under attack during the aggression in the period 1993-1995. Today, the renovated town hall hosts numerous ceremonial occasions at the state and city level to promote events in culture, arts, and economy. It is famous as one of the most beautiful places for the photo sessions, and many married couples, the graduates are proud of their photos in the heart of the City Hall.

3. The Latin Bridge

latin bridge

Similar to nearly all other cities in Europe, it is on the banks of a river. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina is on the Miljacka river banks, and the city has many wonderful bridges.

Among these bridges, The Latin Bridge is exciting because of the history of the city. The bridge has a unique view and an astonishing style of architecture. The bridge was a connection between separated parts of the city during the wars when various ethnic groups hated each other. Besides this bridge, there are several other bridges over the river, which are among the most interesting and best places to visit in Sarajevo.

4. The Spasa Tunnel

tunel spasa

Although Sarajevo spreads irresistible energy, an unavoidable detail of its history is, of course, the war that marked both the city itself and its inhabitants. The Spasa Tunnel was built during Sarajevo's siege in 1993 and connected two territories under the control of the Army of RBIH. It was top-secret because it sent food, cigarettes, and drinks to a city that was separate from the rest of the world at the time. Today, the site houses a museum with exhibits of war paintings, pieces of military equipment, and uniforms. In any case, it is an important part of Sarajevo's history, which gives a real impression of the war days, and you can not miss this place during your travel to Sarajevo.

5. Vrelo Bosne and Trebevicka

vrelo bosne park

It is a favourite travel destination of many tourists, which shows the other side of Sarajevo, and is full of greenery. The Bosna River source, a river that stretches through Bosnia and Herzegovina's heart, combined with its natural, untouched beauty, and many animals such as swans and ducks, put this destination at the top of the tourist attractions to visit in Sarajevo. Trebevicka cable car has operated since 1959. It was one of the symbols of the city and its pride. It provides a view of the whole Sarajevo. However, during the siege of Sarajevo, it was destroyed. It connects the city centre and the mountain Trebevic - one of Sarajevo's favourite resorts and offers an unforgettable view of the entire city.

6. Zuta Tabija and the National Museum

zuta tabija

It is a small fortress built of roughly hewn stone; today is one of the main attractions for tourists in the whole country. It offers a stunning view of Sarajevo from a different perspective and is one of the favourite lookouts. The fortress has a combination of interesting history and traditions, such as the Ramadan cannon shooting from there, which is still celebrated during the Ramadan Holiday of Muslims, puts it on the list of the best places to visit in Sarajevo. It is impossible to visit one city without visiting a museum that depicts history. Founded back in 1888, it is the oldest modern cultural and scientific institution of its Western-type.

7. Cuisine

rolled burek

The morning in Sarajevo begins with traditional Bosnian coffee, which is served in small copper pots, called a cezve. Along with lunch, there is a selection of wines grown in the country's vineyards from authentic grape varieties, such as Zilavka and Blatina, and the evening entertainment is almost unthinkable without Sarajevo beer in the city pubs, of which the oldest one has been operating since 1888. Traditional food is delicious and is of organic origin. Among the restaurants of Sarajevo, Cevabdzinice offers cevapcici, and grilled meat rolls served in flatbread, Ascinice, a rich selection of traditional cooked dishes, and in Buregdzinica, you can choose one of the tastiest Bosnian pies.

8. People

couple looking at the sarajevos

Suppose people make the beauty of a city. In that case, Sarajevo is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Because what Sarajevo is widely popular for is the hospitality and pleasantness of its inhabitants, who will do their best to make the traveller's stay in their city special. Whether you need the recommendation to go out or are lost and need directions, do not hesitate to contact passers-by, waiters, or traders and ask them for what interests you. You will often get an interesting story with the answer, so do not be surprised if you come to Sarajevo as a tourist and leave Sarajevo as a Sarajevan.

9. The history of Sarajevo

catholic church

Sarajevo is the perfect connection between Europe and the East. In the city, you can feel the spirit and influences of the Byzantine and Ottoman empires of the east and the influences of the Hungarian, Venetian, and Roman empires. The city walls hide a multitude of fascinating stories from centuries. In the last 100 years alone, the city has changed six countries and has witnessed a city's most prolonged siege in modern history. The rich history of the city and the centuries-old border of the two great empires have led to the mixing of two religions, that is why Sarajevo is an unusual combination of two cultures of East and West that in many ways fit perfectly together. A short trip to Sarajevo is enough to see the most important religious editions of the world's three monotheistic religions in the Orthodox and Catholic Churches, synagogues, and mosques.

10. A reliable city


Although the scars of war are still apparent throughout the city, Sarajevo is today one of Europe's safest capitals. There are no neighborhoods to avoid, but I always recommend that you stick to the lighted streets in the evening. I also advise you to beware of pickpockets, especially in public transport, and not carry your wallets in your back pockets or backpacks. If you arrive by car, I recommend that you park in one of the supervised parking lots, and to be careful when going to nature - some areas are still mined. However, if you arm yourself with common sense in Sarajevo, you should not encounter any inconvenience.

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