Reasons to visit United States Minor Outlying Islands

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Reasons to visit United States Minor Outlying Islands
What are the United States Minor Outlying Islands? It is quite normal to ask what are the United States Minor Outlying Islands, as they are not very popular, but a perfect tourism destination for adventure travelers and ocean lovers. If you look at the United States Minor Outlying Islands map, you will see that these are spreading small atolls and reefs in the Pacific Ocean, such as Midway Island, grouped as the United States Minor Outlying Islands. They offer too many stranger things to do, and you will have a great time in the United States Minor Outlying Islands. The United States Minor Outlying Islands population is tiny so that the United States Minor Outlying Islands population is approximately 300. Still, you will find enough exciting travel things to do. In this post, you will find reasons to travel to the United States Minor Outlying Islands, learn how to make adventure travel, and have a good time in the United States Minor Outlying Islands. Also, you find answers to your questions, such as what to know about the United States Minor Outlying Islands map, what is the United States Minor Outlying Islands population, how to spend a perfect time in United States Minor Outlying Islands, where does the Midway Island belong to, what stranger things and travel things to do in these islands, etc.  navarra island The cobbled adventurer can feel like a pirate exploring the deserted island of Navassa. Located on the Jamaican Canal near Haiti and Cuba, this central park-sized enclave has no pier or port. Access is highly restricted and requires a special permit issued by the United States Military and the United States Animal Protection Service. Although the island officially has no inhabitants, some Haitian fishermen can occasionally be found docking or camping by your side. 

The protected area of the Phoenix Islands

wave Suppose you want to take an excursion to the Phoenix Islands' protected area, near Kiribati. In that case, you should know that it is one of the favorite tourist destinations among tourists who visit this country since it was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. The tours in the Phoenix Islands' protected area usually consist of a guided and narrated in which disclose the history of the place and data of interest for attendees, as it is a protected area by the PIPA since it is composed of one of the largest coral ecosystems. Likewise, it also houses some extinct volcanoes and more than 800 species of marine fauna among its underwater habitats.

Palmyra Atoll

line island For anyone who still does not know this tiny paradise, today I want you to know it. The tiny atoll of Palmyra also deserves and much more than a place in my blog. This atoll is about 12 square kilometers in area. It is consolidated as one of the awesome places globally because man has not been able to do much in it is preserved intact. Where? We moved to the central part of the Pacific Ocean, just in what we know with the Equatorial Sporades or the Line Islands, that is, an archipelago located south of the Hawaiian Islands and north of the islands. In this atoll, you find a vast reef, two lagoons, some fifty islets composed of sand, rocks, reefs, and a lot of vegetation in which coconut trees stand out. I suppose that now you will continue wondering what it is that makes it special or curious. Palmyra Atoll is popularly known as the "cursed island", since around it, many stories of pirates, tragic deaths, and buried treasures revolve. People are full of superstition, but others, for example, like me, these stranger things attract our attention. Although several roads and carriageways were built in a deplorable state during the Second World War, there is absolutely nothing on this island. Also, there is a runway of about 2 kilometers, although it also needs, obviously, many improvements.

Tropical Paradise

tropical island Like any island, this one has beaches with bright white sand, palm trees, and enchanting vegetation, several sandbanks surrounded by a blue lagoon, and a reef that is most similar to an aquarium, where it is possible to swim to find all marine life. That is in the famous reefs. It is also possible to visit several islets near the place, although many of these are difficult to access due to the extensive vegetation that exists on them. This natural tropical island is uninhabited, and it is somewhat challenging to reach it because it takes long hours to navigate to get there, although the good thing is that since there is no wildlife in the Instagrammable place, people can stay there for a few days. Yes, take enough food and forget about technology. sunset However, living in this place is undoubtedly easy for natural life lovers since we can only find nature in its maximum splendor. You should note that the area has been protected for several years. Thus, it is considered a natural reserve, so before visiting the place, you have to know certain rules, which can be consulted in the tourism center closest to the islands. There is an extensive reef under the sea, two lagoons with crystalline waters, about fifty islets, several coconut palms, and an infinity of non-wild marine life, so it is possible to observe it if you go with the necessary equipment, which can provide it. The closest tourism group. So, suppose you are looking for a quiet place with a lot of vegetation. In that case, marine life that does not have a human footprint or buildings around it can be accessed; you should visit the Palmyra Atoll, which is, as we said, north of Hawaii, islands that are also worthy of admiration. However, it is even more so those that we have just named in this article. However, I must emphasize that this place's time zone does not coincide with that of the Hawaiian islands since dusk and dawn a very different time.

Deep Paradise

boat tour The Phoenix Islands are made up of 8 atolls and two submerged corals. The group is also geographically connected to the Baker and Howland Islands, two unincorporated US territories. An atoll is nothing more than the cone of an emerged volcano, so they are usually accompanied by other volcanoes whose cone is completely submerged. In the case of Fénix, fourteen other volcanoes are not in sight and are exclusively a refuge for marine life. Only 28 square kilometers are above the sea, so the total practice of the reserve is marine. Around the Phoenix, the graves are up to 6,000 meters. The largest island and also the only inhabited one is that of Kanton. It measures nine square kilometers and protects a lagoon of forty. Its base is bare coral covered with vegetation, including some trees. Enderbury is next in size, and its shape is very different, as its inner lagoon is much smaller than the extent of the island. Few islands, other than Kanton, have been inhabited. It is why the Phoenix maintains nature in an almost pristine state, and you will find many interesting travel things to do here.

Midway Island

midway island Many islands claim this obviousness, but some are. Midway is a small piece of land halfway between California and Asia, five degrees north of the Tropic of Cancer. Coral reef of more than 24 kilometers in length gives rise to a circular atoll, almost touching the International Line of the Change of Date as its name suggests halfway between Honolulu -2086 km and Wake Island, another lonely one, which is 2,400 km away. It is a small group from Micronesia. It is made up of the Sand and Eastern islands, together with some neighboring atolls they total 5.2 km², barely 500 people inhabit it permanently, most of the US military or public officials. But, it is a perfect destination for adventure travel. They were discovered by the Royal Navy, specifically Captain Brooks of the "Gambia" in 1859. Annexed by the Americans in 1867, they occupied it in 1903 for the construction of the trans-Pacific submarine cable link station that turned Midway into one of the hot spots in world radio traffic, but especially between Asia and the United States. This point was called to play an important role in intercontinental communications and not only as an ornithological paradise.

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