Best things to do in United States Minor Outlying Islands

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The world is full of adventurous places to discover and go on an exploration. The United States is one of those which can provide a great opportunity for adventure lovers to discover its hidden desert island treasures. If you're looking for the best travel things to do in the United States Minor Outlying Islands, then this blog is just for you.

Let's know more about US Minor Outlying Islands 

island night

Firstly, what are the United States Minor Outlying Islands? It is a unit of nine small islands and atolls. If we look at United States Minor Outlying Islands map, it is easy to see that 8 of islands; Baker, Jarvis, and Howland islands, Midway, Johnston, Palmyra, and Wake Atolls, and Kingman Reef, are located in the Pacific Ocean while Navassa Island is situated in the Caribbean Sea. The time in United States Minor Outlying Islands is different on each island and atoll; but, the time zone is UTC +13:00. These islands are inhabited, and the United States Minor Outlying Islands population mostly consists of the military, educational or scientific personnel. The United States Minor Outlying Islands are a great scientific research zone of wildlife. If these islands are small and inhabited, what are the United States Minor Outlying Islands famous for? People are going on cruise vacations around the U.S. visit these islands as a part of their expedition, mostly for beautiful nature and ocean water entertainment. Some of these islands have also witnessed and were a battlefield of World War II; so, it's an excellent place to visit for history lovers. Again, as the United States Minor Outlying Islands population is militarians and scholars, the most spoken language is English, and the currency is USD.  Besides, the ocean and sea waters surrounding the island, hurricanes and monsoon are prevalent in winter and autumn. The best travelable time in United States Minor Outlying Islands is spring and summer.  In the United States Minor Outlying Islands map, you can see no land connections or roads among the islands

Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument


İf you have a curious spirit and like to discover the most intriguing and unknown worlds, then nail down the Marine National Monument. The seven islands and atolls form this glorious Marine Monument collect the world's most unique marine inhabitants, like hawksbill turtles, Napoleon grasses, coconut crabs, giant clams, and hundreds of species that are at the edge of extinction. The Marine National Monument serves as an exodus ship not only for rare animal and coral reefs but also for underwater world wanderers. So, if you aim to go on adventure travel, all of these praises prove these lands as a perfect choice. Moreover, the Marine National Monument has one of the purest ocean water environments on the planet. Exploring this aquatic planet of the most beautiful and extraordinary residents and experiencing the ocean's healing power would be among the exciting travel things to do.  The Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument is mostly open for scientists and researchers. Every adventurer longs for an unknown world far from the usual; hence, every adventurer is a researcher. So, do not hesitate to go on adventure travel to this bountiful kingdom of the ocean. Mother nature grants its beauty thoroughly to the Marine National Monument. That is why you should not miss the chance to discover all the glory of the Pacific Ocean. 

Exploring Ocean and Sea Waters

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Water entertainments are the first things that come to mind when we talk about islands. All of these remote and uninhabited lands provide great scope for stranger things enthusiasts.  While travelling to the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands, it will be great to be equipped with some swimfins, diving masks, snorkels ( a breathing tube), and maybe a breathing apparatus because some of the best travel things to do on these islands are snorkelling and scuba diving. Looking at the United States Minor Outlying Islands map is enough to understand why these islands are so popular among cruise travellers and called "heaven for scuba divers". The deep blue ocean gown embellished with rich underwater residents is  for adventure travel lovers!  However, do be careful not to travel the ocean waters around Johnston Atoll. This island is under the military association, and it is not legal to enter its ocean space.

Countless Beaches


What else can give the greatest pleasure on islands if not clean sandy beaches?! Nature granted each island in the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands group a unique beauty and glory. So, one of the best travel things to do on these islands is to enjoy the beaches.  You may feel like a Robinson Crusoe, lounging on the golden sands of these spectacular beaches, watching ocean waves licking shores, making a drink from coconuts and feel entirely disconnected from the whole world in one of these inhabited islands. Summer would be the best travel time in United States Minor Outlying Islands beaches.  

Enjoy Wildlife 

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If you are looking for adventure travel, one of the stranger things to do in the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands is to take maximum advantage of wildlife here. As these islands are off the beaten track, the fauna is beyond belief! The birds, tortoises, dolphins, whales, monk seals, sharks and numerous kinds of rays, and seabirds- all what are the United States Minor Outlying Islands famous for. Swimming with dolphins and catching some reef fishes, observing birds is the best thing to do on these exotic islands.  If you travel in summer, you can watch a huge array of sea birds, like albatross. You will likely be able to see the flock of birds laying their eggs, as well. Of course, there are other wild animals; so, it is better to be aware of the danger when you travel. Some species of these animals are at the edge of extinction, and the government tries to protect them in every possible way. We should be sensitive enough not to hurt any of them. 

World War II Leftovers


Besides having beautiful natural sightseeings and wildlife, the U.S. Minor Outlying Islands have historical monuments worth seeing.  These islands were a part of World War II and the main battlefield between the United States and Japan. They still hold some of its memories. Ever heard of the Battle of Midway between the Imperial Japanese Navy and the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater? The Midway Atoll, located in the Pacific, is the exact place where this battle took place. In this atoll, there is an old naval barrack which now serves tourists as a hotel. Here you can see military personnel, which form most of the United States Minor Outlying Islands population.  You can see the 98 Rock in the Wake Atoll, as well. The sad story of 98 prisoners of the U.S. is worth knowing and seeing. During the Second World War, the U.S. sent 98 prisoners, some of them were civilians, to Wake Atolls. While Japanese soldiers were beheading them, one of the prisoners managed to chisel down the words "98 U.S. PW 5-10-43" on a stone. This stone is still on the island, and you can notice these words on it.  Also, you can come across some impressive shipwrecks from World War II on Baker Island

Outing in a Ghost Island

ghost toys

Do you like ghost things? The abandoned Jarvis Island may be just the place to do some stranger things for ghost things lovers. Between the 1800s and 1900s, this island had its citizens. During World War II, both the U.S. and the Japanese shelled Jarvis Island. Nowadays, this land is not habitable by humans because there is no drinkable water, plant, harbour, and it has a lack of rain and a harsh equatorial climate. The only hint of life here is a lonely grave of a man once abandoned here and then committed suicide.  The old, lonely lighthouse, dark blue ocean waters, an excessive amount of birds will make you feel like you are in a ghost movie, or at least you will be able to take some great Instagram photos.  Jarvis Island is a kingdom of seabirds and shorebirds, and thanks to the absurd amount of these residents, it is the main guano provider in the United States. Besides, it's a home for some of the endangered sea turtle species. Again, if you are traveling to this abandoned island, strictly follow the U.S. Wildlife Refuge laws and acts. Overall, United States Minor Outlying Islands is a shelter for extremely beautiful and endangered animals, birds, and plants. The Pacific Ocean holds its borders and grants sandy beaches. Even if there is no population, except the military and scientific community, it can open a mysterious fortune for the one who looks for it. Hope you can plan your trip according to our blog post and enjoy it later!

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