Top restaurants for Valentine day

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Top restaurants for Valentine day
Valentine Day ideas for restaurants. Yes, yes, I know. The travel and other bans won’t let you go there anyhow. But what you can do is - get inspired and recreate the atmosphere somewhere closer to your surroundings. How about this - instead of thinking too long about what are good restaurants for Valentine Day, just create the experience of visiting a restaurant yourself! Sounds like a nice surprise, doesn’t it? valentine day Each of us might be into a little different atmosphere in general. The same is about the expectations from the top restaurants for Valentine’s. Yet, there are a few parameters we can all agree on. A nice restaurant for Valentine Day will generally offer good food and be pleasant for the eye. Another important feature of the best Valentine restaurants is the possibility to have some privacy. Or, at least, be sure that the surroundings will not intrude on a private conversation. These are the principles I have taken into consideration looking for good restaurants for Valentine Day for this list. But those might as well be the first things to consider when you are recreating a similar experience of your own! Let’s do it; let’s find out more and get in the mood for that special day!

1. Grotta Palazzese - Polignano a Mare, Italy

waiter serving drinks The beauty of nature is hard to beat. And if you emphasize it by beautifully crafting a place for serene dining featuring exactly that...You’ve got the winner. The winner of the hearts it is! Grotta Palazzese is a restaurant created right into a limestone cave, or grotto if you insist. The view over the Adriatic Sea and the majestic feeling of cliffs encasing the restaurant are what make it especially memorable. You will see it rather often if you are researching what are good restaurants for Valentine Day. And believe me, it is not without a reason!

2. Sheesh Mahal - Udaipur, India

shees mahal You have found the one! That is if you are looking for a nice restaurant for Valentine Day in an unexpected location. A great Valentine’s treat if you are celebrating this occasion in Udaipur. The restaurant offers a world-class menu as well as the most stunning views over Lake Pichola. Dine under the stars and be mesmerized by the abundance of flavors, colors, and romance, too!

3. The River Cafe - Brooklyn, New York

river cafe Considering what are good restaurants for Valentine Day might be a tough task. There is a lot of expectations! But this one is an easy choice. A view over the nightly skyline definitely sets a particular mood, and this place does exactly that. Right out of a movie, this restaurant right next to the iconic Brooklyn Bridge has floor-to-ceiling windows to emphasize the unique location. And the food...don’t even get me started here! Saying it is marvelous would be an understatement.

4. Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi - Seattle, USA

ascend prime steak and sushi Most would not say Seattle is the most romantic city. But Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi is definitely something you wouldn’t want to miss! As for Valentine Day ideas for restaurants, this one has everything to make the night unforgettable. Sunset over the skyline of this city enjoyed alongside an amazing steak. And, of course, the company of your crush right across the table! Elegant, modern, and absolutely perfect for never-ending conversations and wine.

5. 14 Hills - London, UK

restaurant This is easily one of the best restaurants in London for Valentine Day. Some call it a dream romantic location, some claim it as the Garden of Eden. All of these titles are well earned, and let me tell you why. It is decorated with more than a thousand different plants, wooden furnishings, and 1970s inspired interiors. Soft lights and a bottle of wine - all you might want from an ideal evening with a special someone! Something other best restaurants in London for Valentine Day doesn’t have - this space turns into a vibrant social space on weekends. Cocktails, DJs, and casual dancing along with other fellow urbanites! 

6. Samabe Bali – Bali, Indonesia

samabe bali Yet another contender on my list of the best Valentine restaurants that might make your special date unforgettable. First, this resort and its beautiful restaurant are located in Bali. Dreamy, isn’t it? And offers to enjoy a special dinner on a carpet right there on the beach sand. A view over the sea and the sunset, plus delicious seafood and cocktails! If you would ask me what are the best restaurants for an uninterrupted Valentine’s make-out sesh, Samabe Bali would definitely be one of those!

7. Lycabettus Restaurant– Santorini, Greece

lycabettus restaraunt To be honest, this island will offer many good restaurants for Valentine Day. After all, the views and the culinary tradition are spectacular here! But here is a tip for spotting one of the best Valentine restaurants, among others. Lycabettus Restaurant sits right there on the edge of a cliff. The platform holds just a few tables, and their service is top-notch. Oh, the romance the Santorini produces!

8. Treepod Dining at Soneva Kiri – Koh Kood, Thailand

restaurant in koh kood If you are out of Valentine Day ideas for restaurants, this might change your perspective. Tree top restaurants are something you will rarely come across. And why not treat your second half with the most unique view and the possibility to enjoy an uninterrupted dinner out in nature!

9. Bavette’s Bar and Boeuf - Chicago, USA

bavettes bar and boeuf Dark, classy, and full of private corners - these are just a few reasons that make it one of the best restaurants in Chicago for Valentine Day. Another one is the amazing steaks on the offer. Taking into account the culinary scene, the menu in restaurants in Chicago for Valentine Day most often will feature steaks. With that said - Bavette’s is known for one of the best pieces of grilled meat in this city, and you will be happy to have chosen it for your special night. The last reason you might decide to forgo other restaurants in Chicago for Valentine Day is the absolutely wonderful, vibrant atmosphere created by live musicians!

10. Circolo Popolare - London, UK

circolo popolare Let me tell you why this is one of the best restaurants in London for Valentine Day. Stepping into this restaurant will immediately transport you to the Sicilian coast. Festoon lights, all the place covered with hundreds of plants and bottles of spirits neatly organized in the shelves on all the walls. And the best thing - it is just like an original trattoria in Italy! That means heavenly delicious food, amazing wine, and a really easy-going atmosphere. If you ask me, there is no question what are the best restaurants for Valentine’s date. Even if you choose other than Circolo Popolare, it definitely should be an Italian one! Because Italian life philosophy just calls for enjoying all the senses...perfect for a sensual beginning of the evening!

11. Enter Via Laundry - Melbourne, Australia

enter via laundry Are you and your loved one are rather social beings? And the typical scenario of “us two talking in candlelight for the whole night” is not your idea of an amazing Valentine’s date? Still on a mission to figure out what are the best restaurants for people like you? Then Enter Via Laundry will be a perfect choice! It is a restaurant that is all about sharing food and stories in an intimate environment. It is actually set up in a home-like setting and displays the magical variety of Indian cuisine. The number of seats is always very limited, and visits available only when reserved ahead! Definitely going on my list of good restaurants for Valentine Day for the unique sense of community they offer! Oh, looking at all of these places made me miss the before-pandemic life even more! We just need a little more patience, and we will be able to treat ourselves with a special night out every day of the week. But until then, just hold tight and create those special moments yourself. Especially on occasions like Valentine’s. Who knows, maybe years later you and your special person will remember this exact dinner as one of the top restaurants you have ever been to! After all, it has all the potential to make it unforgettable and especially romantic. Food that you know will be great (because you either made it yourself or order from the favorite restaurant) - check! A comfortable place for just two of you - check! And in the best-case scenario - you will have used the inspiration from this list to decorate and make your chosen location look like an especially nice restaurant for Valentine Day. Check, check, check! I will leave you to your inspirations here and go to plan my own mini-adventure for the loveliest day of the year...

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