The best hiking trails in Germany

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The best hiking trails in Germany
hiking destinations in Europe. Plenty of people from various parts of the world travel to Germany because of wandering. Besides the foreign people, the local population has a desire to hike. It is understandable because the country has marvellous nature and landscapes. While enjoying the trip, people will have a chance to catch many mesmerizing photos. If you also want to get information about hiking in Germany, you are in the right place. In this blog, you will find answers to these and more: • Where are the best hiking in Germany? • Where to buy women hiking shoes in Germany? • What are the best hiking areas in Germany?

Germany Visa

german visitor visa Firstly, I want to mention some basics about the Germany visa. Depending on the nationality, people must get a visa before travelling to Germany. Who needs a visa? Only the visa-waiver nationalities can travel to Germany without getting any permission. In general, we can divide visas to Germany into three categories: • Transit Visa. Even if you want to transit from a territory of Germany, you should get a visa, but it is not for everyone. Citizens of visa-free countries and foreigners who will not leave the international area don't need a visa. • Schengen Visa (Short-term Visa): As you know, Germany is a Schengen area country. So, people who want to make short-term visits must apply for a Schengen Visa. It allows people to stay in a country for a maximum of 90 days. Of course, you have a chance to enter other Schengen area countries, too. But, firstly, you should realize a trip to Germany. Such as in other Schengen area countries, each applicant must pay an 80 EURO application fee (there are discounts for some nationalities, children, and so on). • National Visa (Long-term Visa): It is a visa that everyone must obtain regardless of nationality. A National Visa allows you to stay in the country for more than 90 days. The main reasons for applying are working, education, and family reunion. Also, you must pay a visa application charge. The payment changes are related to the age of the applicant. It is 75 EURO for people over 17. On the other hand, younger applicants are obliged to pay just half of it, 37,5 EURO. Which documents do I need during the application process? The documentation may vary depending on the applied visa type. Generally, we can mention the documents below: • Passport • Photo • Travel insurance • Application form • Copy of ID card • Previous visas • Residence permission • Photocopies • Document to prove financial means • Documents related to marital status • Some documents for children You can get detailed information about the visa in the services section of our website.

Panoramaweg, Baden-Baden

ibacher panoramaweg Hiking and camping in Germany is an experience that everyone must try at least one time in his life. There are plenty of locations that we can mention, but hiking in Germany Black Forest has another beauty. It is the best trail for those who want to enjoy the charming beauty of Black Forest. The total length of the trail is 45 km. During your voyage, you will pass through orchards, see waterfalls, and will enjoy countless scenes. You will start and end your trip in a marvellous town in Baden-Baden. Also, most hikers advise resting after the long travel in Waldhotel Forellenhof. It is located next to Oberbeuern. Also, get a map of the area before starting your hiking in Germany Black Forest.


lueneburger Where are the best hiking in Germany? You will find one of the best hiking trails in Germany, in Lower Saxony. Heidschnuckenweg is the place where you will find some beautiful areas of Luneburg. It is between Hamburg and the residential town of Celle. This trail is an example of the best hiking areas in Germany for new beginners. The whole trail doesn't contain tough areas, and the highest point is at just 169 meters. The name of that location is Wilseder Berg. Heidschnuckenweg has 14 sections, and the length of sections change between 7-27 kilometres. You can choose to explore just some of the parts. What is the best time to visit? Most people who have visited the area advise travelling between August and mid-September.

Oberlausitzer Bergweg

oberlausitzer bergweg Copyright: @trekkpics If you are looking for mountain hiking in Germany, you should travel to Saxony, Oberlausitzer Bergweg. Oberlausitzer Bergweg is the trail that runs over Zittau Mountains and Upper Lusatia. The total length is 107 km, and it has six parts. Each stage has a length between 14-25 kilometres. As it is a mountainous area, Oberlausitzer Bergweg is more suitable for experienced hikers. While wandering, you will get a distant view of the Czech Republic, see traditional houses, ancient castles, and monastery ruins, and so on. Everyone interested in hiking trips Germany must add this location to the list.


summer walk along the rennsteig You will find another option of mountain hiking in Germany in the Thuringian Forest. The Rennsteig mountain trail is very popular among hiking fans. Data shows that more than 100000 people travel here per year. The main reason for such big popularity is the historical richness of the area. There are plenty of historical locations, some castles, and other ancient spots. Besides the marvellous examples of ancient architecture, there are deep valleys, flowering mountain plains, and other features that will make your journey unforgettable. The Rennsteig mountain trail is quite long, 170 kilometres, and has eight sections. You can start your trip in which part you want, or you can skip some of them.


wartburg castle the hochrhoner In Bavaria, you will find one of the best hiking trails in Germany. The route includes Rhon, Kreuzberg, Heidelstein, Wasserkuppe and Ellenbogen. So, observing breathtaking scenes is a guarantee. This trail is most popular among nature fans because of its rich flora and fauna. In its grassland areas, you can see some of the rare mountain thistles, orchid sorts, globe flowers, and so on. Besides, Hochrhoner is well-known for basalt lakes. Because of its extraordinary flora and fauna, Unesco named the land a biosphere reserve in 1991. How long is the trail? The total length of the Hochrhoner trail is 180 km, and it is divided into eleven stages. Each section is 10-22 kilometres in length.


road in an idyllic landscape Another location in my best hiking areas in Germany list is Altmuhltal. It is a beautiful land with a total length of 200 kilometres and 15 stages. Couples who will go on hiking trips Germany must add Altmuhltal to their list because of the romantic panoramas. Besides having mesmerizing views, the trail has cultural and historical value. During your voyage, you will pass through castles, historic towns and the heritage of Roman and Celtic civilizations. Furthermore, you will have the option of kayaking and boat trips. You can do both of them to explore the land from both perspectives.

Markischer Landweg

rowboat on the autumnal zenssee The best thing about hiking and camping in Germany is calmness and being away from all types of dirt. If you are looking for relaxing hiking in Germany, then Markischer Landweg is the perfect option for you. This hiking trail in Brandenburg includes some major natural sceneries, such as the Lower Oder Valley National Park (the only floodplain state park of Germany), the Uckermark Lakes Nature Park, and the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve. You will pass through the forest, walk on the shore of the lake and enjoy other natural features of this wonderful place. The Markischer Landweg hiking trail has ten stages, and the total length is 217 kilometres. There are two main locations to start the journey: Feldberg and Furstenberg.


woman hiking in germany Copyright: @frauno123 The last hiking trail that I want to talk about is Milseburgweg. It is one of the shortest hiking trails on our list, with 82.5 kilometres in length and four stages. This trail starts in Fulda and is followed by other attractive locations, such as Petersberg, Milseburg, and Hohen Geba. In Hohen Geba, you will have the chance to visit a small museum. For more than 30 years, this location was unreachable for tourists as it was a Soviet military area. Also, you will find many medieval structures and classic buildings.

Tips for hiking

mountaineering man In the end, I want to mention some beneficial hiking tips. First of all, regardless of the place that you visited, you must have a backpack and put some crucial items into it. Your journey will last for hours, and sometimes you may not find a clean water source. That takes a bottle of water on you. Also, you will need your phone during the journey. To not face a charging problem, take a portable charger with you. Moreover, everyone must have a first aid bag for all circumstances. Besides the items, you should wear comfortable shoes. Having uncomfortable shoes will make your trip unbearable. As you saw, almost all trails are longer than 100 kilometres. Where to buy women hiking shoes in Germany? There are plenty of shopping centres where you can find comfortable shoes for hiking. Another option is purchasing them online.

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