The best hiking trails in Ghana

The best hiking trails in Ghana

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The best hiking trails in Ghana
hiking in Ghana interesting for plenty of people. While surfing on the internet, we can see that many users ask questions about hiking trails. Considering this high demand, we decided to mention some of the best tracks in Ghana and answer the most-asked questions.  Which hiking trails are open? What websites are best for hiking trails? How to find hiking trails? Where is Ghana?

Ghana Visa

apply for ghana visa Unfortunately, visiting countries without a visa is not reachable for everyone. People who are not from one of the visa-waiver countries must obtain a visa to visit Ghana. However, where is Ghana? It is a country in West Africa, the Gulf of Guinea. The location creates suitable tourism opportunities for Ghana. More than 1.2 million people travel here, and some of them undergo the visa application process. What is the visa policy of Ghana? The visa policy of Ghana divides nationalities into three groups: ● Visa-free countries ● Nationalities eligible for visa on arrival ● Visa required countries Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are plenty of visa types. Only the applicants who fit the requirements can visit the country. Besides the purpose of the visit, visas differ because of the duration of stay and entry count. There is a single entry visa that is valid for a month. Also, there are three types of multiple-entry visas valid for 3, 6, and 12 months. You will need to pay a Ghana visa fee. It changes related to applied visa type and entry count. The charge for a single entry visa changes between 55-110 USD. On the other hand, fees for multiple entries are slightly higher, from 80 to 330 USD. After paying the payment, you will need to wait for processing time. You can fasten the process by paying some amount of extra money. What about the documentation procedure? This part also may vary depending on the applied visa type. Some of the documents that you will need are: ● Application form ● Photos ● Passport and copy of the main page ● Identity card copy ● Copy of previous visas ● Document to prove vaccination ● Booking of accommodation ● Evidence of financial means ● Health insurance ● Booking of flight ticket If you want to get more detailed information about the visa for Ghana, you can visit the services section of our website.

Mole National Park

mole national park The first place that I want to mention in the hiking trails list is Mole National Park. The park has been open since 1971 and covers a 5000 square kilometres area. There you will have a chance to meet the rich fauna of Ghana. It hosts more than 90 mammal species. Some of the animals that you will get a chance to see are buffalo, monkeys, various birds, but elephants are the most popular among them. Approximately 600 elephants are living here. So, nature lovers will admire hiking in Mole National Park. Most people say that it is the place where you can feel a safari worthy of the name.

Plains of Accra

mounds of soil If you want to experience one of the best backpacking hiking in Ghana, you should visit Accra Plains. You can see the name of that place in the list of most people who travel to Ghana. It covers more than 51 square kilometres and offers plenty of sightseeing areas for visitors. During your trip, you will see various bird types, such as ground hornbills, stone partridges, and so on. What is the best time for hiking? I advise you to go to the Plains of Accra between September-October or March-May because there are festivals during these periods, called Mgmayem (September-October) and Dipo (March-May). You can join hiking groups in Ghana to make your adventure more exciting and meet new people while wondering.

Mount Afadja

mount afadja Copyright: @etor2131 If you are looking for more adventurous hiking in Ghana, then Mountain Afadja is the destination that you want. It is 885 meters high from sea level and is located at the border of Ghana and Togo. People admire this spot because it offers breathtaking views. Also, it is home to more than 200 species. That is not all, and there are three waterfalls, caves and other interesting places to see. So, I can say that your hiking will be full of adventure. However, this track is more suitable for experienced hikers. Traveling with hiking groups in Ghana, Mountain Afadja, will be more beneficial for new beginners.

Gold Trails of Ashanti

personnel of the ghana police If you want to travel to Ghana between April and October, then you should know that one of the best places to visit during this period is Ashanti Gold Trails. The cultural experience and spectacular views characterize this trail. On your way, you will come across almost 30 towns. Here, you will get a chance to feel the pure and untouched soul of local traditions and people. Moreover, you can admire Lake Bosomtwi, which was created by an ancient crater many years ago.

Kakum National Park

kakum national park Africa has just three canopy walkaways, and one of them is in Kakum National Park. It is another location where you can enjoy the charming biosphere. It is an excellent place to pump adrenaline. While walking on a rope bridge, you will feel like you are in an Indiana Jones movie. You will be surrounded by a marvellous forest which keeps a lot of secrets inside of it. It is interesting to note that the park was created by locals, not by the government. You can reach the forest by seven rooftops. Which hiking trails are open? All of these entrances and hiking tracks are available. So, you can choose your travel route. While having a peaceful walk through the forest, you can listen to songs of birds, see plenty of endangered animals, and so on. We advise you to join guided tours and do not discover the whole forest on your own. It will be safer for you, and you can learn much priceless information about the forest and wildlife.


krobo We should say that there are more things than just Accra in Ghana. After 2-3 hours of travelling, you can reach the Krobo. It is the area that is famous for its backpacking hiking in Ghana. It is the place where you will find a gate to another world—local villages, caves on the hills, and so on. There are plenty of things to discover in Krobo. How many hours do I need? Well, believing to previous visitors, 4-6 hours is enough for hiking. Of course, if you want to stay longer, you can. Besides discovering the land, you can meet with local people by visiting villages. As you see, there are plenty of activities and secrets in Krobo. That is why come here at the earlier hours of the day.

How to find hiking trails?

computer screen We have already mentioned some of the best hiking tracks in Ghana. If you want to find more, you can get local maps when you arrive or search on the internet before the visit. What websites are best for hiking trails? There are plenty of websites that offer hiking trail tours or simply share the places suitable for hiking. Applying for tours will be more beneficial for inexperienced hikers. If you want to learn the names of tracks, you can use this website: Wikiloc. They not only share the names but also give some basics about the trail. On the other hand, if you want to learn about tours, a Viator can help you. On this website, you can see the application fees, learn about the tour route, and so on. I do not doubt that you will find a proper one for yourself because there are more than 40 available tours on that website. When deciding a place to visit or a tour to join, consider reviews of previous visitors.

How to prepare for hiking?

syringe Hiking is an exciting way of travelling, but there are some other nuances that everyone must pay attention to. First of all, you should get vaccinated before making your trip to Ghana (especially if you travel from outside Africa). Secondly, while preparing your baggage, you should consider the country you are going to visit. Ghana has a tropical climate. The temperature is generally warm in Ghana. So, take t-shirts, shirts and so on. Also, pack some top clothing for the night when it becomes cool. Another item that you will need is a portable charger. You will walk a lot and will take plenty of photos during your voyage. So, your battery may not last the whole day. Moreover, we should not forget about the shoes. Walking for hours with uncomfortable shoes can make your trip unbearable. So, bring comfortable hiking shoes with you. Finally, the last and crucial item is the first aid bag. I hope your voyage will end without facing any problem, but you should be ready for everything.

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