The best time of year to visit Finland

Tamerlan Mehdiyev06 October 20211080 views7 min. read
The best time of year to visit Finland
Finland visa if you are not from one of the visa-exempt countries. How to get a visa to Finland is a whole other story. It consists of several procedures which take time and effort to complete. Pickvisa is your best companion to go through visa procedures. By using our services, you can get your Finland visa as soon as possible. With that being said, I should inform you that the main topic of this article is a different one. In this article, we will try to answer when is the best time to visit Finland. We will look at how Finland is in different seasons of the year aside from elaborating on the best time to visit Finland. Let’s cut to the chase and get going with our topic.

Best time to visit Finland

temperate broadleaf and mixed forests You can travel to Finland year-round. However, if you ask when is the best time to visit Finland? The answer will depend on your preference. It depends on which part of Finland you want to travel to and what your expectations are. In Finland, weather contrast can be high every month. Therefore, its climate is extreme. My personal choice is to travel around spring. For me, April is the best month to visit Finland because it is when the weather is neither too cold like February and hot like august. During March and April, you can still enjoy snow and winter sports and activities like kayaking, snowmobiling, skating, etc. For some people best month to visit Finland is January. In January, the sky is mostly dark. You can feel the Christmas spirit everywhere. The weather is mostly snowy, and it makes movement, transportation a bit harder. However, you can find other fun transportation methods and activities, such as riding in a reindeer sled. It is for sure one of the best months to enjoy winter activities such as skiing, snowmobiling, etc. Finland is full of extremes. Each month has distinct features, climate. Therefore, you can engage in different activities in Finland each month.

Visit Finland in winter

reindeer You might ask why visit Finland anyway? It is not exactly as popular as some of the travel destinations in Europe such as Italy, Spain, France, etc. What traveling to Finland offers can be special. As you know, the country is located in the far north of the northern hemisphere. To be more precise, it is a Scandinavian country. What are Scandinavian countries special for? Well, the first thing that can ring a bell is the aurora or, in other words, northern lights. This magnificent, colorful light is a natural phenomenon. It displays different dynamic patterns of brilliant lights covering the sky. This phenomenon is frequently observed. You might be asking, what is the best time to visit Finland for northern lights? Although it can happen at different times of the year, the best time to visit Finland for northern lights is the winter season. In January, you can see the northern lights more often. In winter sky is dark, and when northern lights appear, it creates a marvelous dynamic show which takes observers’ breaths away. Furthermore, the whole place is covered with the snow leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the snow. In January average temperature is around -7C. It can get colder in February. Heavy snows hinder the movement. Therefore, it is advised to think about the time twice before deciding on traveling to Finland.

Visit Finland in summer

summer sunset at lake summanen For many people, the best time to visit Finland is summer. However, why visit Finland in summer? Summer in Finland is not that warm in comparison with southern or western Europe. However, during the summer, days are lengthened. The summer kicks in around June. However, it is felt more in July. You can see the sun shining all around the country. In July, the countryside parts of Finland are especially beautiful. It is time for cruises. Fishing boats sail to catch fish, people taking their summer vacations, new resorts are starting to serve people. Fins love to travel around this time of the year. The only downside of summer in Finland is the occasional heavy rainfalls. Generally, the average temperature is around 17oC. In August, things started to change a bit. The temperature drops faster than in other places. For many resorts, it is time for them to get ready for winter. But for some people, it is an excellent opportunity to travel to Finland. Prices are relatively cheaper due to fewer tourists traveling to the country. You can get great bargains around this time. What are the places to visit Finland in August? Porvoo, Helsinki, Savonlinna, Naantali are some places that are worth visiting. You can visit forests and hike in nature since in summer such areas are more available to explore due to suitable weather conditions.

How to visit Finland

shengen visa from finnish consulate Whether you visit Finland in winter or in summer, you will enjoy your travel. This is a unique country with unique nature and culture. However, how to visit Finland? What does it take to get Finland? Do I need a visa to visit Finland? These are some questions that you should ask before traveling to Finland. Since we live in a post-pandemic era, we often see restrictions to enter other countries. Aside from visa regulations, there can be health regulations on people who want to travel to Finland. If you want to know whether you need a visa to Finland, I highly recommend you to check out our “visa policy” section. There click on the country of your preference, then you will see which countries are visa-free and visa required. Supposedly, you need a visa to enter Finland, what to do now? Well, you will need to start visa procedures. You can get your visa online by using our services. Pickvisa can get your visa within the shortest time. It only takes few clicks to complete the procedure. Go ahead check out our “services” section, and there you will see our offers, prices, etc.  As for health regulations, there are some of them that travelers should obey. Travelers from all over the world who received a full course of an approved covid vaccine are welcome to enter the country. However, if you do not have a full course of an approved covid vaccine, you will need to check Finland’s covid restriction on other countries to see what it takes to visit Finland. You can enter the country from international border controls or fly to international airports in Finland such as Helsinki, Oulu, Rovaniemi, and Turku airports. How much does it cost to visit Finland? Well, it depends on various factors such as travel methods, accommodation, etc. To give you a better understanding of your budget for Finland, we can say 125 euros per day might be enough. People in most cases spend around 30 euros on meals per day, and the average hotel price for 1 bed is around 60 euros. With that being said, it still can vary depending on what you want to do in Finland and where you want to go. To sum up, in this article we tried to give a better idea of when to visit Finland. Furthermore, we tried to answer the question of how much does it cost to visit Finland?. With its advantages and disadvantages, Finland is definitely worth visiting.  

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