The best travel podcasts for travel lovers

Gular Aghayeva22 May 20201483 views2 min. read
The best travel podcasts for travel lovers

Making travel plans improves not only with the lessons drawn from our own experiences but also with the experiences of others. There are many platforms to share our travel experiences and learn from others. Let me introduce my favourite podcasts about travel to you.

What are the best travel podcasts?

Here are some of the best travel podcasts I've listened to about travelling:

Women Who Travel - a collection of travel experiences of woman travellers, famous journalists, photographers and their precious advice and opinions on dining and wining in travelling. You can see an interview with The Atlas of Beauty too.

 woman who travels.jpg

The Thought Card - my favourite! Instructs you on the weakest spot of the travelling. Right you are, the budget! You hit the bull's eyes. It highlights crucial points on budget planning for different countries and for achieving any budget goal by various means. You may even join "5 days challenge" to budget a target cost of your dream travel. I did appreciate one of the best travel podcasts "The Practical Tips for Saving Money in Iceland" when I planned to travel to one of the most unaffordable countries - Iceland.

colorado map

Zero to Travel - thanks to the best travel podcast "How to Overcome Travel Anxiety and Fear of Flying" on this channel, I have learned that "EasyJet" low-cost airline hosts webinars to overcome the fear of flying. Webinars are free, and I have joined this webinar only to unleash my curiosity: Gosh, you got me wrong! I am not afraid of flying. I am just a curious cat.

crazy girl traveler

The Trip that Changed Me - if you thirst for interesting people's gripping interviews and experiences, subscribe promptly to this channel.

traveler boys

The Travel Diaries - I'm sure you will enjoy conversations of travel journalists, travel project managers, and best-selling book authors on incredible "business trips." For example, you must listen to this one of the best podcasts for travel of my favourite traveller Tony Wheeler who is the creator of the "Lonely Planet" project, and he came up with this idea of his during a "hippie trail" trip.


Perhaps, I too should create podcasts for travel. I need to pick your brains to start it. Feel free to write to me. We can do it together.

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