The Ultimate Guide to Working Holiday Visas in New Zealand

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What is New Zealand famous for? Kiwifruit, sheep, rugby, and Haka are only some of the popularities of the country. Also, the answer to this question is the trilogy of Lord of the Rings for movie and fantasy lovers. The movie trilogy by Peter Jackson increased the fame of New Zealand. Even today, you can see advertisements about the Lord of the Rings while traveling to the country. Of course, there is much more than this. Considering that some of our readers may want to visit this mesmerizing land, we decided to talk about a New Zealand visa. This blog will be more helpful for those who want to get a New Zealand working holiday visa. In this blog, you will get answers to these questions: how much is a working holiday visa New Zealand, how long does it take to get working holiday visa New Zealand, how to get working holiday visa in New Zealand, what are working holiday visa in New Zealand requirements, and more.

New Zealand visa types

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Generally, there are many tourist places in New Zealand. When we look at the records, we can see that almost 4 million people visited New Zealand in 2019. This number increases every year. Of course, 2020 is an exception before of COVID-19 pandemic. But, tourism is not the only purpose of visitors. There are various reasons, and they get the appropriate visa type for that visa. Depending on the purpose of the visit, applicants can apply for visa types below: • Work Visas • Investor Visas • Family Visas • Visitor Visas • Retirement Visas • Student Visas • Guardian Visitor Visas • Working holiday visa New Zealand • Employees of Relocating Businesses Of course, such as in other countries, these categories have some subcategories, but today our focus is New Zealand working holiday visa.

New Zealand working holiday visa

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Working holiday visa New Zealand is an agreement between New Zealand and other countries which lets people work in the country for a maximum of a year. Additionally, if you are from the United Kingdom or Canada, the duration can be a maximum of 23 months. What is the working holiday visa in New Zealand requirements? There are several terms, and one of the most important ones is age. The applicants must be between 18-30 years to apply for a working holiday visa in New Zealand (35 years for some countries). What is the difference between this visa and a visitor visa? There are several differences, for example, the stay duration is longer on a holiday visa. Furthermore, it lets you apply only on your holidays. In which jobs can I work? You can work wherever you want, from fruit picking to hospitality work. Moreover, while you are in the country, you can study the topics related to your job.

Working holiday visa in New Zealand requirements

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Except for age, there are some other requirements, too. Conditions may vary depending on the submission country, but in general, you should pay attention to these: • Travel. The applicant should come to New Zealand within 12 months of the date your visa is given. After that, you can leave and come back to the country how many times you want until the visa expires • Entry permission. The applicant must apply for entry permission when he arrives in New Zealand. The applicant can do this by completing an arrival card. He will get it on the way to New Zealand • Ticket. You should have a travel ticket out of New Zealand • New Zealand working holiday visa proof of funds. New Zealand working holiday visa proof of funds requires to show that you have enough money to live in the country (at least NZD $7,000) • Medical insurance. While you are in the country, you should have medical insurance • Work. Do not work for more than three months for one employer, do not work for more than 12 months in total, do not get a permanent job, do not provide commercial sexual services, do not run or invest in a business that provides commercial sexual services • Study. You can study or join the training, as long as it's not for more than six months of your stay • Unfortunately, the applicant can't bring a child. If you have a partner and he (she) wants to come with you, he (she) should apply for a visa • Passport. Passport valid for at least three months after your planned departure from New Zealand • Didn't previously visit New Zealand using the working holiday visa (or been accepted for one)

Various rules for various nations

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As we mentioned above, you should be between 18-30 years to apply for a holiday work visa. On the other hand, rules change depending on the country. Citizens of the United Kingdom must be younger than 30 and can stay in the country for a maximum of 23 months. If the applicant is from France, Germany, Japan, or the United States, he must be up to 30 years old. Residents of these four countries can stay in New Zealand for a maximum of 12 months. Also, keep in mind that there is a quote for most countries. So, you should hurry up if you want to apply. For instance, 300 people from Brazil and 100 people from Turkey can apply for holiday work visas per year (age requirements are the same as others).

Eligible countries

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Can all nationalities apply for a holiday work visa? Unfortunately, not everyone can apply for a holiday work visa. There is a list of eligible countries, and there are 42 countries on that list. Age and other requirements may vary depending on the country, but the application process is the same but in general. The list is quite long, and we can't mention all of those countries here. You can check the complete list on the visa policy section of our website. As an example, we can say some countries. • Argentina • Hong Kong • Philippines • Austria • Ireland • Poland • Belgium • Israel • Portugal • Brazil • Italy • Singapore • Canada • Japan • Slovakia

Visa-free countries

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As you know, all countries have a list of visa waiver countries. It means that residents of those countries can visit the country without applying for a visa. The visa-free country list of New Zealand is quite long; there are 60 countries on that list (there are some specific requirements for some nationalities. How long is the duration of stay for visa waiver nationalities? It completely depends on your origin. There are various durations. As you know, such kinds of things are regulated with agreements between the governments. Some visa waiver is: • Andorra • Argentina • Austria • Bahrain • Belgium • Brazil • Brunei • Bulgaria • Czech Republic • Hong Kong • San Marino • Saudi Arabia  • United Arab Emirates • United Kingdom • United States of America • Vatican 

Working holiday visa processing time and the fee

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I believe that you have already found answers to some of the questions you have been looking for. Now it is time to answer one of the two main questions of our topic. Firstly, how much is a working holiday visa New Zealand? The cost of working holiday visa in New Zealand is NZ$245. You will need a valid Visa or Mastercard to finish your application. Of course, there can be slight differences from country to country. So, it will be better to check it for your country. Secondly, how long does it take to get a working holiday visa in New Zealand? In general, it takes a maximum of 20 working days from the time you successfully submit your application online. You will get an email either confirming your visa or asking for more information. You can check the cost of working holiday visa in New Zealand and other details - this link.

How to get working holiday visa in New Zealand?

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Let's imagine that you check your eligibility for the visa and check the documents and details that you will need during the application process. If you finish them, it is time to apply for a working holiday visa. Where can I realize my application? You will make the application online without leaving your home. You must have a computer, internet connection and answer the requirements. First of all, you will need to create an account for Online Services. After completing the registration, you will see the list of available working visas. You will need to find and select your country. The countries box will show if the visa is open or closed at that time. Can I continue my application? Yes, you can continue your application. You should google the same website and press login. After logging in, you will see your current visa application, and you can continue to edit. Be sure that you select Working Holiday visas from the choices.

How much money can I earn?


It entirely depends on the job that you will work in. How much is the minimum wage in New Zealand? The minimum salary is 18.90 dollars an hour in New Zealand. Of course, talented and skilled people can earn more money. So, try to find a job that is matched with your skills to gain more.

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