10 things I wish I knew before going to Bahrain

Anurag Dwivedi16 December 20206584 views6 min. read
10 things I wish I knew before going to Bahrain
where is Bahrain located? So let me tell you that Bahrain is a country of ancient civilizations situated on the Arabian Peninsula. The capital of Bahrain is Manama. There is such heritage of ancient civilizations, which you hardly see anywhere else. It is also famous for pearls. Here is an Arab state dynasty called the Khalifa family. In Bahrain, a large number of tourists gather to enjoy this country, so you should really consider applying for a Bahrain visa and plan a trip there. If we recommend you travel to Bahrain, you must be wondering: what should we know before going to this country, on which facts are necessary to pay attention, etc. Here are 10 things you should know before going to Bahrain:

1. Tourism in Bahrain

bahrain capital There are different and unique buildings to see in Bahrain. You will not be able to take your eyes from them during your Bahrain trip. There is no place more attractive in Bahrain than these:
  • Adhari Park, an amusement park.
  • Al Fateh Grand Mosque, which is located in Manama, is a cultural site.
  • Arad Fort, here you can find a good sea view.
  • King Fahd Causeway, which length is 25 km.

2. Food

vegan soup Spend your time in Bahrain for delicious food. Many food recipes in Bahrain cuisine are famous for their taste, collecting different flavours from other Arabian kitchens to reach people. When you travel to Bahrain, you should not miss a chance to eat its various local cuisines. Bahrain dishes are delicious but take into consideration that meat here is more eaten. As you know, the country is an archipelago; you will also find much delicious seafood in Bahrain cuisine. Seafood such as shrimp, fish, French fries, and roti is also the country's favourite food. Lemon, onions, and spices are also included. Biryani is also famous here.

3. Amazing nature 

palm trees Often people would like to know about the underside before travelling to any country, what is the natural beauty of it. So let me tell you that you will enjoy the changing weather and the chilly winds during the nighttime while you trip. The view of the city from the shore of the sea is breathtaking. In Bahrain, the environment changes according to time. There are some places in Bahrain on the seashore when the light is lit in the night.

4. Best horse rides 

mare horse Horse riding here is the first choice for people of all ages. This horse riding is conducted on a unique and vast ground under the supervision of experienced instructors. It is a particular sport, which is gathered in large quantities to watch. Horses are imported from foreign countries for horse riding, for which there are remarkable riders, especially Arab horses. If you want to enjoy this sport Bahrain must be first on your list of must-visit countries. Diversity of tourism activities can also be found here, such as boating, fishing, diving, horse riding, golf, etc.

5. Religious diversity

grand mosque Bahrain is an Islamic country; thus, the majority of Bahrain's citizens are Muslims. Bahrain has a plurality of Muslim Shia. It is one of the three developed countries in the Middle East with a majority of Shia, but the royal family and Bahraini Elite are Sunni. The two Muslim communities in this country are united on a few issues but disagree on others. There is also a Christian community in Bahrain. People here are very religious, so they welcome tourists wholeheartedly. If you are going to travel to Bahrain, you will find the people here very friendly, you will feel like spending more time in Bahrain.

6. Weather

view of bahrain Do you know where is Bahrain located? Bahrain is an archipelagic country surrounded by the sea, so the climate here is mild, warm in winter, and very hot in summer. The sun is abundant throughout the year. The weather remains cool from December to February and the hot season continue from April to October. March and November are not for travel season. The moderate temperature is assured, and the humidity is high; from December to February, temperatures are generally pleasant. The sun shines often, and the rains are rare and sporadic. So the weather is perfect for travelling. Sometimes, especially in January and February, cold air moves from the north, due to which there can be some cold and windy days between December and February.

7. Archaeological tours

historical fort Do most tourists want to know what to do in Bahrain? You must know about the ancient civilization when you make up your mind to visit this country; you will get a picture of some special place like Bahrain Fort, Barbar Temple, ancient villages, Saar Heritage Park, and others. It would be best to choose Qal'at al-Bahrain (Bahrain Fort) as the first destination as it has UNESCO World Heritage status. Next time go towards the Barbar Temple because these temples are one of the most notable architectural living people of the ancient world. Such ancient and historical buildings are also found in various areas of Bahrain.

8. Clothing

clothes shop Whenever we think about going somewhere, often we may forget many items during packing in haste. Therefore, we should make a checklist in advance during packing, or there may be many problems during your travel. In winter: for the day we have to keep light clothes, a good sweater for the evening and a scarf for the wind. Sometimes we choose the wrong footwear in a hurry, which causes discomfort throughout the trip.

9. Is it safe to travel to Bahrain?  

saudi border guard It is a country where Shia Muslims have the highest population, but the rulers are Sunni. It is reasonable to think, is it safe to travel to Bahrain? You should know that they sometimes take violent forms in protest. Therefore, you should be very careful with your family. Do not travel alone at all, which may cause looting. If you have any problem in the journey or like any looting with you, you must immediately give your information at a nearby police booth, increasing you from further trouble. Before travelling there, you must make a proper booking of the place for your stay. Is it safe to travel to Bahrain? This question is one of the critical questions for the government here.

10. Bahrain's art and culture

view of bahrain You might also want to know what to do in Bahrain? What to do in order to make this trip memorable? So while travelling here, you should know about art and culture. Bahrain is also known for its oldest architecture, and it comes at the right place for its architectural art, painting it out of all its common countries. Ancient art here is also worth seeing. The carvings done on the old buildings here show the oldest art here. You will find such paintings in Manama's (the capital of Bahrain) structures. Such buildings are where you can spend your time in good form, and where art is such as sculptures embroidered on metals, specially prepared pottery, the art gallery is mainly seen. I hope you will carefully read the instructions given here. Travelling to Bahrain is going to be a memorable and safe journey only if you follow all instructions here. Be ready and travel safely!

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