10 things I wish I knew before going to Chad

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Chad
Where is Chad? The Republic of Chad is one of the landlocked countries found in Africa. This country is located among many African countries such as Niger, Sudan, Libya, Nigeria, Cameroon, and the Central African Republic. The name of the country “Chad” originated from the name lake Chad. This lake is the biggest wetland in The Republic of Chad. The largest city, which is also the capital city, is N’Djamena. There are lots of interesting things about Chad Africa. The country has more than 200 linguistic and ethnic groups. However, the official languages are French and Arabic. In 1920, The Republic of Chad was colonized by France and in 1960, got its independence. A civil war broke out after it. Different coups followed this. Different cases of political violence led to a high level of corruption and poverty. Is it safe to travel to Chad is one of the questions people ask because of this. From this article, you will get to know some facts about Chad and other interesting things about Chad Africa. This will help you to make good travelling decisions.

1. Staple Chadian cuisine 

chad food Chadian cuisine is one of the basic needs and as such something to consider before travelling to Chad. The staple food in the country is grains. Some of the grains include millet, sorghum, and rice. The food most people in the country eat each day contains grains. You should be ready for this if you are coming as a tourist or for business. Boule, which is one of the common dishes in the Republic of Chad, is made from millet or sorghum. It has the look of porridge. A greater number of Chad people practice subsistence farming and this is why grains are the common staple food in the country.

2. Three Climatic Regions 

Nature of Chad One of the facts about Chad that you should know is the three climatic regions. The Sahara desert covers the northern part of the country. This Sahara desert is not only the hottest, but it also has a sparse population. You should be aware of this region if you are going to the country. The Sahel belt covers all the central region of the country. The Sahel belt stretches from the neighbouring country, Senegal to Egypt. It is at this point that the southern tropical climate meets the desert. Farming is supported in southern Chad because of the tropical climate. This made it the most populated region in the country. It is a good place to settle when you visit the Republic of Chad.

3. How safe is Chad? 

Security Is it safe to travel to Chad as earlier stated is one of the common questions travellers ask. The country is a dangerous place to visit. Many things contribute to its insecurity, such as violent crime, terrorism, unrest, and kidnapping. This does not mean you can’t visit the country. However, make sure to seek professional security guides. The militant group known as Boko Haram plays a role in making Chad an unsafe place to be. You must use every available personal security measures and be alert at all times while in the country. Kidnapping is a common risk in remote places. Aid workers are usually the target. You should not forget to avoid public gatherings as any protest can become violent in a few minutes. Carjacking and robbery are common violent crimes in the country. Both of them are increasing on a daily basis. Some local forces in the country and Chad people who pose as police may want to extort money from you. They do this to foreigners so you must avoid carrying huge amounts of money. Do not travel at night and for no reason, walk around the capital of Chad, N’Djamena.

4. Health in Chad

health in Chad Just like in most countries of the world currently, COVID-19 is a risk in the country. Another common ailment found in Chad is yellow fever. Make sure you get yourself vaccinated before you come. You should also come with anti-malaria drugs as malaria is a widespread disease in the country each year. Other diseases caused by insects are African sleeping sickness and filariasis. You should come with insect repellent and make sure where you will stay is insect-proof. There is a high spread of HIV/Aids in the Republic of Chad. You must be careful of any risky activities. Drink only bottled or boiled water while in the country. This is because of foodborne, waterborne, and infectious diseases like rabies, cholera, typhoid, and tuberculosis. Avoid eating any undercooked or raw food despite how much you love it. Get urgent medical assistance if an animal scratches or bites you. Apart from the private hospital in N’Djamena that has international standard facilities, other medical centres have poor facilities. Do not come to this country without your travel insurance. It should have your medical evacuation covered.

5. How to travel to Chad?

sony camera The government of the country declared a health emergency and introduction of new health measures you must keep. Wearing a face mask is a must when you are outdoors. There is a resumption of limited commercial flights in and out of N’Djamena airport. You will need to provide a negative COVID-19 test certificate that is less than 3 days old of your arrival in the country. You should go with the certificate of your yellow fever vaccination to enter the country. The official currency of the Republic of Chad is Central African CFA Franc. Euro and US dollars are also accepted. The country is a major cash economy. This means you will do more cash transactions than credit cards or cheque. However, some hotels in the capital city, N’Djamena, accept transactions done with credit cards or cheques. It is dangerous to travel in the country. This is as a result of flooding, crime, and other hazardous activities. This is one of the facts about Chad you should not forget. If you must travel by road, look for a reliable travelling company and hire a driver or car.

6. The National Symbols Of Chad

lion One of the interesting things about Chad Africa is having goat and lion as their national symbols. These two animals have what they represent. While the lion is a symbol of the southern part of the country, the goat stands for northern Chad. You will see these symbols on the country’s coat of arms. They face each other but separated with a shield coloured with blue and yellow. This shield has a red sun above it. The national motto of the country “Unite, Travail, and Progres” in English means “Unity, Work, and Progress”.

7. Sports in Chad

camels Every country is known for one sport or the other. One of the interesting things about Chad Africa is its popular sport. Camel racing is a well-known sport in The Tibesti Mountains. These mountains are a settlement for the tribe of Toubou. If you want to witness this when you are in Chad, visit the mountain people  (Toubou tribe). It is more fun and interesting during the competition season. Different village champions are selected from this sport. You will likely see other tourists participating in this camel racing sport.

8. Rich country and poor people

poor people The Republic of Chad is among the poorest countries not just in Africa but the world at large. There are different political instabilities the country faced since it got its independence. Presently, the country is fighting terrorism which is connected to ISIS and al Qaeda with the help of French troops. The health and education system is poor. These are results of poor management, corruption, and poor governance. However, the country is blessed with natural resources like gold, oil, and uranium. Potential investors have turned away from the country because of the poor business environment and infrastructure. Is it safe to travel to Chad is a common question investors ask too. Nobody wants to invest in a country that is not secured.

9. The Kakaki Instrument 

chad music The Republic of Chad is known for kakaki. It is a musical instrument that when you master, it attracts respect to you. It consists of a long metal trumpet. You will see it often at different traditional ceremonies. The Hausa people in Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, and Ghana are known for kakaki.

10. Chad Laws

pen You should not think of using or carrying any illegal drug. If you are caught, severe punishment will be given to you. Dressing and behaving discreetly is a must as the country is mostly populated with Muslims. Don’t leave your place of stay without your identification. This will save you from police stress and cases. It is common for tourists to snap pictures in a new country they visit. They do this for memory sake and to share with their loved ones. You must be careful in snapping pictures when you are in the Republic of Chad. Before you start taking pictures, get a government permit. Although you have a government permit, don’t take any pictures of police assets, government buildings, military assets, and personnel, and airports. This is considered illegal. Same-sex acts are illegal, and such a relationship is not widely accepted. You should avoid the display of affection in public places.

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