10 things I wish I knew before going to Comoros

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Comoros
where is Comoros. With its year-round tropical climate of around 25 degrees, it is simply the perfect destination for everyone who wants to take a vacation away from mass tourism. The relatively unknown island state is located on the east coast of Africa, northeast of Madagascar. The impressive landscape with tropical rainforests and the absolute dream beaches are an excellent reason to travel to Comoros and the coral reef that surrounds the small island. With a bit of luck, you might even spot a giant water turtle during your dive.  Find out what are the things to do in Comoros, where to travel in Comoros, and places to visit in Comoros.

1. Beautiful city to visit, Moroni 

grande comore The capital of Comoros, Moroni, is located in the south of the island of Grande Comore, and around 50,000 people live there. This old trading town was founded by Arab sailors in the 10th century and has retained a lot of flair from ancient times to this day. With its old Arab port, impressive mosques, narrow streets, and a colourful market, there is a lot to discover in this quiet, picturesque city. It is also the religious centre of the Islamic island state. A modern government building and large squares with exotic plants characterize the city centre, while the narrow streets and the hustle and bustle of the broad market square of the Volo-Volo market stand in contrast. You can find tropical fruits, exotic foods, and spices, many jewellery dealers, blacksmiths, and handicrafts made of wood, which can be purchased at low prices if the trade is successful. 

2. Mount Karthala, the highest point of Comoros

grande comore The Mount Karthala volcano on the island of Grande Comore is the highest mountain in Comoros with a height of 2360 meters. It is considered to be the most active volcano in the Union of Comoros. There were small eruptions in 2005 and 2006, but there was no explosion and only a minor eruption of lava. Since then, large parts of the volcano have been covered with ash, and the formerly bright green crater lake, which formed when the eruption in 1991, has disappeared. After the outbreak in 2005, 40,000 Komori was resettled as a precaution. Visiting this mount is one of the best things to do in Comoros.  The volcano is a scenic highlight of every Comoros trip so on your travel to Comoros, and you must include it in your bucket list. Like a royal throne, it fills the southern half of the island of Grande Comore and provides an impressive backdrop for the capital Moroni. mount karthala Travellers can climb Mount Karthala and take a look into the deep crater with a diameter of almost four kilometres, which is considered the giant volcanic crater. The view from this highest point in the Comoros Union is just as impressive. But the climb itself is breath-taking: on foot, you cross different vegetation zones and cooled lava fields, always with a beautiful view of the deep blue Indian Ocean in the distance. Yellow-clouded sulfur fumes leave the mountain in several places. This hike is not a walk; the strenuous ascent takes several hours without any shade and a huge difference in altitude. Experienced climbers manage this unique tour without any problems, as no need for past climbing experience. Several romantic mountain huts can be used as an overnight stop. It is also possible to pitch your tent at specific points. The tour to the Karthala Caldera is not a walk in the park. The 6 to 10-hour climb is a hike, not rock climbing. Arrived at the caldera ring, the view into the infinite depth of the gorge is impressive. You can also descend into the valley in several hours and walk over black dusty lava fields to another crater. You won't see red-hot lava, though.

3. Anjouan, autonomous high island

anjouan Anjouan is the second-largest island in Comoros but measures only 424 km². Most of the perfume plantations of the Comorian Union can be found there - ylang-ylang, jasmine, basil, cloves, vanilla, and many more of the fragrant kitchen and perfume ingredients are grown and handcrafted here. The island owes its nickname "Spice Island" to this fact. Characterized by severe erosion, Anjouan is today the mountainous of the three Comoros islands: rugged reliefs, steep slopes, and narrow valleys characterize the island. The highest mountain, Mont Ntrigui, is 1595 meters high and is dominated by the summit lake Dzialandze. Travellers can experience incredible craters with water basins, archipelago valleys, and diverse flora and fauna with aquatic plants and liana forests, bats, and lemurs.

4. Moheli, paradis island of Comoros

palm trees The small island of Moheli is the least developed of the three Comoros islands. At 290 square kilometres, it appears like the innocent little sister to the other two. On the other hand, travellers will find the fascinating nature of the archipelago with deep green, dense primaeval forests with rare bats, adventurous roads, remote bays with white sandy beaches, turtle beaches, and numerous spice plantations.

5. Domoni, populated place in Comoros

domoni island The tranquil town of Domoni is also worth seeing. The former royal city is one of the places when one wonders where to travel in Comoros. From the 9th century, it has well-tended streets with pretty gardens and neat houses and is still relatively wealthy by Comorian standards. The reason for the prosperity in Domoni: It is the hometown of former President Abderahmane.

6. Pomoni, the most greenest area

pomoni The Pomoni region in the south of the island, on the south side of the Ntrigui Mountain, is a popular holiday destination. The most beautiful sandy beaches of Anjouan can be found near Moya and Foumban. The remains of the first sugar factory and buildings from the colonial era can still be seen there. The region is considered the greenest area of the island and is crossed by several streams that come from Lake Dzialandze. Travellers can also visit Pomoni Lagoon, where many boats are launched.

7. Fomboni, the old and beautiful Arab city

foumbuoni On the east coast of this main Comorian island lies the old and beautiful Arab city of Fomboni with an ancient royal palace and a fortress from the 18th century. It was the former capital of the Badjini Sultanate. You can walk through the "Goba la Salama," an old, impressive city gate through which the young warriors left the city to go to war. A walk through these ports should bring good luck and a healthy return. Hence, it comes in the category when one thought of where to travel in Comoros. 

8. Ikoni, the oldest settlement

ikoni The town of Ikoni, very close to Moroni, is one of the oldest settlements on the Comorian Islands and one of the most places to visit in Comoros. It is best known to travellers due to its history in the 19th century when Malagasy pirates attacked the Comoros Islands, and women rushed down the cliffs there to avoid the pirates. In addition to the peaks of Ikoni, steeped in history, the historic city centre is also worth visiting.

9. Itsandra, Beautiful Village in Grande Comore

island of grande comore In Moroni's vicinity, there is the attractive fishing village Itsandra, which was founded in the 10th century. Numerous historical monuments, the old village square, fortress, and royal tombs are visible there and make them should be visited place in Comoros. This place is also the National Center for Crafts of the Comoros (CNAC), whose mission is to promote Comorian crafts. Not far from the village are the most beautiful beaches in Comoros.

10. Mutsamudu, second-largest city in the Comoros

beautiful beach in comoros Mutsamudu is the capital of Anjouan and the second-largest city in Comoros. The town is nestled in the north island and was founded in 1492. With its small, narrow, picturesque streets, an Islamic-Arab trade culture, old houses built in terraces, and a Portuguese citadel from the 18th century, the old town of Mutsamudu are worth seeing and a visit. There is also a deep-sea port here. Some Useful Information to Keep in Your Mind on Your travel to Comoros Is Comoros Holidays Safe? child Yes, a Comoros vacation is safe compared to many other African countries. Presently, there is no travel warning from the Federal Foreign Office. Still, the domestic political situation is not stable, so there may be demos and gatherings during your travel to Comoros that you should avoid. However, the crime rate there is relatively low. Nevertheless, as in most countries, you should take care of your valuables and money. The best things to do in Comoros is to add yourself to the crisis prevention list just in case so that you can contact us quickly in an emergency.  Since Comoros is a strongly Islamic country, you should adapt your rules of conduct and morals. That means you shouldn't wander around in cities barely dressed (neither shorts, cut-out dresses nor mini-skirts), drink alcohol in public, and women should also refrain from bathing on public beaches (especially during Ramadan month).

When Is the Best Time to Travel to Comoros?

mutsamudu The best time to travel to Comoros is the dry season, from May to October. In general, Comoros has a warm, tropical climate all year round with temperatures between 22°C (July/August) and 27°C (February/March). Even though the northwest monsoon season is from November to April and it rains a lot, January is the wettest month.

How to travel to Comoros?

beautiful comoros beach As an international citizen, you need a visa to enter Comoros. You can get it on-site at the international airport on Grande Comore. All you have to do is present your return flight tickets and prove that you have sufficient funds for your stay. This visa is then valid for 45 days, whereby a visa extension is possible. By the way, you are not allowed to import any alcohol or pornographic material into the country and weapons and drugs of any kind. There are no vaccination regulations for Comoros.

Final Words

fishing village of comoros Do you still wonder where to travel in Comoros? On Comoros, travellers can visit old fortresses, mosques, harbours, and ancient towns with an oriental look set off on multi-day hikes through the green rainforest, or climb the active volcano Karthala at 2360 meters. Black lava rocks, palm groves, spice plantations, giant tortoises, and fascinatingly untouched nature are on the list of places to visit in Comoros. Each of the Comorian islands has its topography and vegetation and, due to the different historical development, it has very own character - versatility in the smallest of spaces!

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