10 things I wish I knew before going to Madagascar

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Madagascar
Madagascar movie was released, many people wondered about where is Madagascar.  Madagascar is the traveling dream of many nature and animal lovers. A paradise where lemurs and magical baobabs are the protagonists. If you are preparing to travel to Madagascar, many doubts will surely have arisen, and we will solve them all. Madagascar sounds exotic, distant, unknown. This destination was an old traveling dream for us. Now, in this post, we tell you all the keys to the route to know what to do in Madagascar and how to get the most out of this remote and beautiful corner of the planet. Let’s binge onto what to do in Madagascar:

1. Antananarivo - The Capital of Madagascar

Madagascar is rural in a huge percentage of the country. The rice fields, the forested areas, the villages are scattered in every corner of the map. Not even the capital is far from this agricultural image that surrounds the Malagasy people. The road from the airport to the capital Antananarivo does not seem to lead to the country's largest city. Large rice plantations follow one another until they reach the chaos of traffic jams. The capital of Madagascar is not going to enter any ranking as a city with more things to see in the world. But a simple walk through the city is continuous entertainment for the street life that the city has during the day. Even so, if you want to see the most monumental part, you will have to go up to the upper part of the city, Haute-Ville, to discover its streets, the Queen's Palace, and panoramic views. And beware, pickpockets are on the lookout for wallets and cameras. The French colonial heritage has also left good terraces from which to enjoy Tana, the name by which locals know the capital. Both for sleeping and for a drink, the Hotel Colbert is highly recommended.

2. Isalo National Park - See the Lemurs Better

isalo national park Madagascar is a megadiverse country. This is not an exaggeration or a whimsical label. The fourth-largest island in the world has one of the richest floras and fauna on the planet. And a fact in case you still have doubts when you travel to Madagascar. Almost 80% of the animal and plant species found in this country can only be seen in this place. In addition to the nature that overwhelms Isalo National Park, another of its great attractions is being able to see the lemur up close. Lemurs are only found here. To see them well, it is best to get up early. Early in the day, they come down from the rocks in search of water and sun. Seeing these animals in action, especially the ring-tailed ones, the most common ones, is a lot of fun.

3. Ifaty - The Beach in Madagascar

beach in madagascar Madagascar has almost 5,000 kilometers of coastline. It is easy to imagine how difficult it can be to choose the best place to rest for few days on the beach. In addition to enjoying the beach and a swim in the Indian Ocean, these waters are world-famous for the quality of diving and marine animals' great diversity. Not only this, in July, August, and September, you can see whales on organized boat trips. If the whales have not yet arrived, you can also take a local sailing boat ride. The prices of the activities are not high (15 euros for a boat ride and 45 euros for a diving tank). In return, when hunger presses, you will have fresh fish and delicious seafood waiting for you at the table.

4. Baobabs in Madagascar

baobabs in madagascar There is no one who does not dream of Madagascar without baobabs. The representative tree of the African continent is also one of the strengths of this island. Of the eight species in the world, six can be seen only in Madagascar. The best place to see these trees in Madagascar is the Avenue of the Baobabs. Here people have always taken iconic photos. But to get there is to mortgage three days of the trip because it is so far from the capital (on the west coast) and other parts of the country. But, above all, because of the bad roads that lead there.

5. It's a Poor Country

madagascar people As always happens in this crazy world, natural wealth is inversely proportional to the wealth of the people who host them. Madagascar, unfortunately, has one of the lowest per capita incomes in the world, and a large part of the Malagasy people survive on less than two dollars a day.

6. It Is Zero Crowded

betsileo people Rather than being expensive and difficult to reach, Madagascar is a destination that is not overcrowded. You are not going to run into huge numbers of people; even less in the low-medium season.  Perhaps you can cross paths with more travelers in the Isalo National Park or in places such as Nosy Be (a famous beach destination which can be reached directly by plane), but when traveling through the country, you will not come across many foreigners. Also, it is far from being a massive tourist destination, so you can enjoy most of the places without being stuck with half the people and live much more locally if you want authentic experiences.

7. Ambohimanga

ambohitrimanjaka The royal hill of Ambohimanga is located north of the capital. The hill, which has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2001, has the best-preserved palace complex in Madagascar (Rova of Antananarivo) and impresses with its special architecture. In the middle of protective green spaces, you can marvel at a historical site, which is considered a cult site for the people of the Merina, and on certain occasions, they offer offerings. Not least because of the sarcophagus of the kings, this complex is of religious and political importance for the Madagascans. Consequently, one of the top sights in our post about Madagascar tips.

8. Antsirabe

railway station of antsirabe Just like the capital of the island, the city of Antsirabe is located in the highlands. The spa town is particularly known for its hot springs, which were mainly used for swimming. The Hotel des Thermes lets you immerse yourself in times past and marvel at the colonial flair of earlier times. If you stroll through the streets of the city, the various influences of the colonies will immediately catch your eye. French country houses, Scandinavian buildings, and English garden landscapes blend beautifully into the cityscape of Antsirabe. Thanks to its geographical location, the city has become an important industrial location in Madagascar. In addition to milk and cheese factories, the city is primarily known for its textile production. In addition, you should definitely visit one of the gemstone cutters that process the deposits of quartz and gemstones. While you travel to Madagascar, you also have to discover the crater lakes, for which the area around Antsirabe is known. There are numerous legends about Tritriva and Andraikiba lakes, which can be explained to you by a tour guide. You can easily walk around the shining lakes on a walk and let the unique nature work on you.

9. Morondava

baobab trees What to do in Madagascar? The coastal city of Morondava should not be missing, because it will impress you with a fantastic landscape. An idyllic atmosphere, picturesque beaches, and magnificent buildings give the city an incredible charm that you will immediately succumb to. Above all, you can get to know the culture of the island better through the angled sea of stalls in the city's markets and buy a few souvenirs. Furthermore, you should definitely make a detour to the fishing village Belo Sur Mer when visiting the city.

10. It Is A Country That Shakes You in Every Way

mountain village It is impossible to leave you indifferent, for better or for worse. It is a country that shakes you, excites you. Madagascar people are incredible; they welcome you with open arms and a very different reality that makes you think a lot.  In addition, the nature that exists in Madagascar is unique in the world. When you travel to Madagascar, you will see species of animals and vegetation that you will not be able to see anywhere else.  Madagascar will make it a perfect combination for any inveterate traveler who is looking for a country that takes their emotions to the surface. Madagascar is an incredible country, which is sure to surprise you a lot! Individual travelers, in particular, will get their money's worth as there are a number of things to do in Madagascar. Madagascar visa is also easy to get. So, what are you waiting for?

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