9 things I wish I knew before going to Congo

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9 things I wish I knew before going to Congo

Where is the Congo? The Greek fabulist Aesop has correctly expressed that “Travelling is worthwhile”. Travelling changes a person completely, it opens your eyes and with the experience, you gain it broadens your thinking. 

If you have always been fond of travelling and travelling to different places soothes you then you should plan your next trip to Africa. The Country that you should be visiting first is a country that is often called the second richest country in terms of its naturally occurring resources. It is the home to the second largest river of Africa and a very culturally rich place. The country that you should unquestionably travel to is The Democratic Republic of Congo also known as Congo.

If you are going to travel to Congo there are certain things you should know about it.

1. Location

beautiful lake

Whenever you plan to travel to Congo, the first thing you should know where is the Congo is exactly? The country is situated in central-Africa and has a 45-km long coastline. It is the second-largest country in Africa with an estimated population of 90 million and located very near to the Equator. Formerly, it was a Belgian colony and that is the reason why French is the official language of the country although some other national languages include: Swahili, Tshiluba, Lingala and Kituba.

2. Congo River

small village

One of the world's famous rivers is located in Congo known as Congo River, which is the second largest river of Africa and the deepest river of the world. It has a depth of more than220 ft. and a length of more than 2900 miles. The river experiences a large quantity of rainfall being second to Amazon River only. The Congo River falls into the Atlantic Ocean and is a sight to see at sunset when you travel to Congo.

3. Congo flag

congo flag

The Republic of Congo has a very distinctive and very unique flag. The Congo flag is full of colors where each color represents something meaningful. The flag is of sky blue color divided by a diagonal line going from the right upper corner to the left bottom corner. On the left upper corner, there is a five-pointed star, yellow in color. Peace is represented by the blue color, whereas the yellow star represents a prosperous future of the country as well as unity. The diagonal line running across the Congo flag is red in color having a yellow border on both sides. The yellow stands for the country's wealth and red servers as reminder for its martyrs’ blood.

4. Places to visit in Congo

volcano in virunga national park

1. There are many places worth visiting in the Congo. Congo is a home to Odzala National Park which UNESCO has already declared a global heritage site. It serves as a residing place to many birds and other wildlife animals such as Gorillas, crocodiles, hyenas etc. Many safaris are arranged for tourists to interact with wildlife. Camps are also arranged for the tourists as well as trekking in the Forest.

2. Pointe Noire is amongst the top places to visit in Congo. There are many oil industries in Pointe Noire otherwise known as the port city. This place not only houses wildlife but also has a lot of beaches. The best of all the beaches is Cote Sauvage.

3. Another famous place to visit in Congo is the Lefini Faunal Reserve made for the protection of western gorillas which are declared endangered Species. 

4. Bela falls and Loufoulakari falls are among the famous waterfalls in Congo and definitely a sight worth seeing. They are a soothing view of the eyes.

5. Lola Ya Bonobo is one of the tourist spots to visit in Congo. It serves as a shelter for the bonobos who orphans at an early age. The sanctuary works to retrieve them once they are orphaned in order to provide them with a safe place. This place has feeding stations which the tourists can easily visit.

5. What are all the famous places to visit in Congo

garamba national park

Have you wondered what are all the famous places to visit in Congo and why? Well say no more because here is a list of all the famous places in Congo that everyone must go see:

1. Nyiragongo volcano is a must-visit place for volcano lovers. The volcano is more than 3000 meter and still has an active lava lake. There are plenty of shops that can be visited around the volcano.

2. If you are a fan of water bodies then Lake Kivu is the place to see. It offers a pleasant view for tourists who like to move between towns using this lake. It is like a road between towns lined with Eucalyptus and banana trees.

3. What are all the famous places in Congo caters to another site that UNESCO has declared world heritage is Garamba National Park which also resides many endangered species. The place is home to White Rhinos, Giraffes, Black rhinos, Hippos and Elephants. A park is unquestionably a must-visit place.

4. Falls of Zongo are located near a distance of 130 km from the Capital of Congo, Kinshasa. The falls are a great place to visit outside the city. The area around these falls is worth exploring at night.

5. John Muir is famously quoted as “The Mountains are calling and I must go” If you are a mountain person and want to hear the mountains, then Mayombe Mountains are worth visiting. It is soon to be declared a biosphere reserve. The mountains are a pleasant sight to visit to capture the beauty of a tropical rainforest.

6. Capital of Congo

ville de kinshasa

The largest city of the Democratic Republic of Congo is its capital, Kinshasa. The Atlantic Ocean is located nearly at a distance of 320 miles from Kinshasa. Kinshasa is famous for its music and the language mostly spoken here is Lingala. The place is not only a city but also a province of the country. The capital is famous for its BBQ picnics especially on the shores and its boat rides. The place is full of energy and the city market, Marche des voleurs are the colorful culture hub. The Congo people residing in the capital of Congo are called Kinois. In case you are still wondering what are all the famous places in Congo then you should definitely add Kinshasa to your list as it certainly tops the list.

7. Interesting Facts about Congo

congo square rhythms festival

When you plan to travel to any country, you need to be aware of certain things to learn about the culture. Congo certainly is an amazing place to visit having a phenomenal culture and beautiful scenic beauty. Some interesting facts about Congo are:

1. Many countries around the world export crops or clothes but Congo is very different in this regard being the exporter of Music. Music serves as the number one export of the country.

2. Another fact about the country that is really among the top three interesting facts about Congo is that in terms of French-speaking countries, its Capital is rated at number 2 in the world i.e. after Paris the French-speaking city taking second place is Kinshasa.

3. The locals of Congo just love eating Mayonnaise as a result of influence of formerly being a Belgian colony. They eat it with almost everything.

4. Congo is home to many endangered species. It also has a lot of gorillas and is definitely worth visiting if you are a fan of Wildlife.

5. What are all the famous places in Congo? It’s a landmine known for its role in World War II (WWII). The main reason is that the atomic bombs used in WWII were made from the Uranium that was taken from Shinkolobwe Mine located in the province of Katanga.

8. Congo people

food market

Many ethnic groups form the population of the Democratic Republic of Congo. The majority population is however dominated by the Bantu people. Some other ethnic groups include Luba, Kongo, Bemba, Mongo etc. The Country’s population does not only include the Congo people but it also includes non-Congolese nationals settled in Congo for employment opportunities. Christianity is the major religion practiced by the Congo map followed by Islam. Congo has a life expectancy of slightly less than 60 years.

9. Congo Map 

congo on the world map

The map of Congo clearly shows the bordering countries such as Zambia, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, and Burundi etc. It shows that the Country is in Central Africa. The detailed map of Congo depicts the cities, rivers and its roads. The Congo map can easily guide the tourists to move locate Congo and move around in the country. You can easily locate the country on the globe to know exactly where is the Congo.

If you are planning your next vacation abroad Congo is definitely a place to go with its rich and colorful culture and scenic beauty it is guaranteed to leave a soothing impact on you. Instead of wondering where is the Congo on your next trip just think why not Congo this time.

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