9 things I wish I knew before going to Guinea

9 things I wish I knew before going to Guinea

Nigar Bayramgizi07 December 20203109 views8 min. read
9 things I wish I knew before going to Guinea
Guinea visa can help you to get a diverse trip experience. In this article, I will try to share some information that can be helpful for people who want to go to Guinea. But, before, let's identify where is Guinea. Guinea, officially the Republic of Guinea, is located in the tropical southwestern part of West Africa, on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean. This small developing African country is embraced by Guinea-Bissau in the north, by Senegal, Mali, and Cote d'Ivoire in the east and southeast, by Liberia and Sierra Leone in the south. This African state is formerly known as French Guinea because of being a French colony until getting independence in 1958. Also, this West African country is sometimes called Guinea Conakry to separate it from its neighbor state, Guinea Bissau. The capital of Guinea is Conakry. A hot and humid climate of Guinea and landscape covers four main geographic regions: the Basse Cote, the coastal lowlands of Maritime Guinea, the hilly Fouta Djallon, a highland region of Central-Guinea, the headwater of Niger, the Gambia River, Pongo, and the Senegal River. And, yes, Guinea is not such a popular tourist destination despite its tremendous natural sources. Now, after a little discussion about where is Guinea, let's continue with some interesting information about this country which can be useful for people who want to travel to Guinea.

1. Famous places in the country 

guinea In my opinion, the number of famous places in the country is one of the most important factors to decide about the next travel destination. Indeed, there are numerous places to visit in Guinea. The forested Guinea Highlands contain Guinea's high pick, Mount Nimba, situated in the south of the country. It creates part of the mountain range that stretches across to Cote D'Ivoire and Liberia. Climbing the mountain takes four hours, and it requires guide permission. It can give you a great adventure experience.  Another direction in the capital city, Conakry, is the Grande Mosque, which is the largest West Africa mosque. It is possible to visit the Islamic Center. There is the Grave of Sekou Toure, Guinea's president, for more than two decades in a small gazebo on the grounds surrounding the mosque. The mosque complex includes diverse gardens and tombs of national heroes. So, visit this famous place helps you to gain valuable historical knowledge, even if you are not praying. Have you ever heard about St. Mary's Cathedral? This building is one of the sites that you should include in your list of places to visit in Guinea. This church is an essential destination for all the Christians of the country. Its vibrant yellow and red colors attract tourists with the nicest pictures from Guinea. The Cathedral, which was built in 1928, refers to the French colonization of African lands. At that point, I would like to give you advice: if you want to take a photo of this building, you should be careful, because you can be seen as espionage, and even you can find yourself in jail for that. Eventually, it is worth traveling to this African country because of its beautiful places in Guinea.

2. Conakry

conakry Probably travel to Guinea cannot be planned without its capital city, Conakry. It is not only the capital of Guinea but also the largest city of this state. Before visiting this country, you should know some facts. One of them is safety in this city. It is no secret that you can meet some uncomfortable situations at the airport and hotels. But if your behavior is careful, you can prevent any danger. For example, you should try to reject unwarranted airport and hotel assistance because in such situations, your luggage, purses, wallets can be stolen. Another issue to which you should be more attentive is water. Their drinking water is not so healthy, so you should be careful there.  

3. Beaches in Guinea

beach in guinea If you plan your travel to Guinea in the summer, you should have information about Cape Verga, which is a heaven of beaches. It is situated a few hours' drive northeast of Conakry. Some of the most isolated beaches are Sobane and Bel Air Beach. These beaches attract numerous tourists from other parts of the world. Also, its nightlife gives you a great opportunity to forget every bad thing and just rest. The area nearby Sobane Beach is much cheaper and has less intrusive beachside accommodations. Also, it will be necessary for you to know that there is no public transportation to Cape Verga, but you can use vehicles that can be hired from Conakry. So, if you consider this issue, you can spend a very comfortable holiday there.

4. The landscape of the country

landscape of guinea If you want to see a marvelous landscape, you should think about Fouta Djallon, one of the beautiful places in Guinea. The merger of rolling grasslands, peaks, canyons gives this place a very fantastic and amazing view. An important plus is that the environment of the place is very calm and suitable for all age groups. There are a lot of beautiful fountains. Also, it has deep jungle canyons and valleys because of erosion by rain and rivers. On the other hand, the Fouta Djallon highlands are known as the land of fruits, faith, and freedom. Its hills with a wonderful view offer ideal hiking and fantastic scenery. The highest point is Mount Loura and Mamou, which is near the town, has several facilities and excellent street food. Another place where you will admire the view of this landscape is Ureca. Its coastal scenery is wonderful, and it has a lot of activities which are designed for tourists. Hiking, jungle safari, even swimming are among them.

5. Food

fruits When you think about places to visit in Guinea, you should consider information about the food of this country, especially if you travel with your family. The most known Guinean dishes consist of rice and different sauces and meat. Fou fou, boiled mango, fried plantains, potatoes, and pumpkin pie are among the traditional dishes. Also, I would like to mention that most Guineans eat the main meal at midday. At night, they eat porridges, bread, and tea, mostly. 

6. Culture

books Cultural opulence can be very interesting for tourists. You can learn Guinean culture by visiting the National Museum of Sandervalia, located in the capital, Conakry. There are several vacant rooms, but this museum maintains in itself a small range of cultural works from various areas of Guinea, such as colonial-era artifacts and sculptures. At the same time, this museum is a house of a collection of masks, statues, and musical instruments. A great side of visiting this museum is that you can buy some handmade pieces which can be kept as a memory from this place. Also, visitors can take photos and spend valuable time there. Another cultural site is the Palais de Peuple which is large Chinese- built- auditorium home to two ballet troupes. So, you will not only spent an exciting time but also obtain excellent knowledge. 

7. Los Islands

animals In my opinion, Los Islands should be known by tourists who want to look for beautiful places in Guinea. This place is famous for its combination of clear blue beaches and heavily forested interior. You can get to the islands by ferry from the capital of Guinea, Conakry. This place consists of the three most important and largest islands; they are Tamara (Fortaba), Kassa, and Roume. There is an interesting fact that there was a prison on the island.

8. Wildlife of Guinea

wildlife of guinea The wildlife of this West African country can also be fascinating to visitors. You can observe wildlife in the northeast savannahs between the Tinkisso River and the Mali border, in the foothills of the Fouta Djallon highlands, and the southeast of the country. Monte Alen National Park in Guinea maintains in itself exotic species of monkies, elephants, and other animals. The villagers are trained so that they can guide visitors to the park. Wildlife is under threat from mining, logging, and the bushmeat trade. Also, the protection of the park is an important issue among the countries in western Africa. 

9. The source of the River Niger

You can get the experience of an expedition to the source of the Niger, which makes your trip more unforgettable. If you want to look for the source, it will be useful for you to take a local guide on this adventure. Also, it is interesting that the area is sacred to some local people and protected sensitively. In my opinion, reserves in Guinea can make your travel more meaningful. One of them is Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve which is located in the territories of three western African countries (Guinea, Ivory Coast, and Liberia). This place is wonderful with its unique natural surroundings. The highest point of this reserve is Mount Richard –Molard. And I would like to mention that UNESCO declared this place a World Heritage site. Another reserve is Massif Du Ziama Nature Reserve. It is famous for being a habitat for several animals and plant species. The Ziama Massive is part of the ecoregion of Guinean mountain forests, which maintains various flora and fauna. In conclusion, I would like to say that if you prepare yourself on any side, you can have an unforgettable and amazing travel tour to Guinea, so find out where is Guinea and go ahead!

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