10 things I wish I knew before going to Mauritius

Aishwari Rout05 January 20213220 views9 min. read
10 things I wish I knew before going to Mauritius
Mauritius is the most beautiful tourist spot to visit. Couple of days back, we had visited this beautiful spot, but the start of the journey was a bit messed up. Hence we felt that before visiting Mauritius, you should know a few things before going to Mauritius. In this article, we will guide you about Mauritius island, where is Mauritius, travel to Mauritius, going to Mauritius, special things about Mauritius, Port Louis, and how to spend the best time in Mauritius – everything you need to know about Mauritius before going. Sometimes, I feel that these are the things I wish I knew before going to Mauritius. Scroll down and read the article carefully so that you could avoid the mess and enjoy the trip. smiling child Mauritius is the island located in Africa's continent, the island nation is in the Indian ocean, and is off the south coast of the African continent. Mauritius has some unique and beautiful spots that the tourists explore and gain the experience of the country. Before moving ahead, note a few points about Mauritius Island. To visit an island, itself is the most pleasant thought, the thought of viewing the fantastic spots, the idea of exploring the scenery and beautiful nature, and to experience the country.

Mauritius Island

monkey Mauritius Island has grabbed the attention of many tourists, the island's warm and calm tropical climate, the crowd here lands with a search to connect with nature, and the country's overwhelming friendly people. The human-made things and the natural things, the most attractive seawater, beaches are adding on as the main strength for tourism. The island was awarded as the world's leading country for tourism. Apart from Mauritius, there are a few islands too, which I wish I knew before going to Mauritius. The next famous island after Mauritius to visit is Rodrigues, and you can land on this island via airways from another Indian ocean island. Rodrigues is renowned for its beauty and the attractive shiny water, that will feast your eye. Other than Rodrigues there are several small islands present with a count of the population included. There is a geographical history behind Mauritius Island. The island came into existence due to the volcanic eruption, and then it was surrounded by the sea. Also, there are tidal lagoons that protect the island from the winds and let you enjoy the sea's beautiful scenery.  Hence, these were some ethnic thoughts that we have shared with you, and now further, we will be guiding you about the exact geographical location of Mauritius.

Where is Mauritius

sunset To understand the exact location of Mauritius, this is a perfect section to explore. Mauritius is located off the coast towards the south-east of the African continent.  In the southwest of the Indian ocean. Mauritius's capital is Port Louis; Mauritius is one of the islands that locates over 900 km east of Madagascar. We have also heard about Mauritius island's republic; the official language people speak here is English. French, German and Creole are the other spoken languages in Mauritius for communication. People from different regions like Asia, Europe, Chinese and French are relocated in the country, the behaviour and the nature of the Mauritius people are welcoming and friendly. The tourism of the island contributes to the growth of the country's revenue. Hence, in the above section, you have explored Mauritius's geographical facts like Mauritius, Mauritius island, where is Mauritius, etc.  Further, you will get to read about the travel to Mauritius, some unique things to explore, and the best time for visiting the country. Are you going to Mauritius for a tour? Note the things below that I also wish I knew before going to Mauritius. Below is the list of ten things that I wish I knew before going to Mauritius:

1. Important documents to carry for travel to Mauritius

palm trees Leaving the home country and moving to another is considered quite risky and challenging to adapt to the new country's nature. Hence, before going to Mauritius, there are some essential documents that you need to carry with you. Passport: Before going to Mauritius, remember to renew your passport, as the visa's validity should be at least six months from the departure.  Sufficient Funds: Check your credit card limit before landing over Mauritius, the card limit should be a minimum of 600 USD or 75000 INR. You should carry the onward ticket as well as the return ticket for the evidence.  These are the minimum required documents that you should have with you before going to Mauritius.

2. Mauritius currency and the exchange money

coins It's essential to carry the Mauritius currency notes for the safer side. In Mauritius, only the currency that belongs to Mauritius works. Hence, it would be best if you changed the currency notes like, for example, the Indian coins must break into the Mauritius currencies. If you fail to convert the cash, then after landing over the airport, you will get to see a cash counter, where you can change them, and it will provide you with an exchange rate.

3. Some essential healthcare requirements

healthcare Before travelling to Mauritius, make sure you have travel health insurance. In case, if you face any treatment, then the travel health insurance will cover it. It would also be best if you had mosquitos' repellent sprays with you, which will save you from being the dinner of mosquitoes. Mauritius has plenty of water activities; it's likely to participate in water activities. Still, there is a threat to you, as there is stonefish present inside water, there is a chance of being injured by them. Hence, we would suggest you have an antiseptic for healing the wound.

4. Rules before travelling to Mauritius

little map Before travelling to Mauritius, there are some rules you need to follow. Before briefing you about the rules, it's highly advised to hire a travel guide instead of using Google Maps. The directions and the routes shown over the Map are that not relevant. Also, there is a forest area too, where there are chances of losing the GPS signal. Hence, it is due advice hiring a travel guide to guide you throughout your travel journey. There are some rules to follow if you plan to hire a self-driven car, make sure that you park the vehicle as per the rules, and if you are willing to use any public transport. You must finish off the outing before 6 PM because, after 6 PM, the place turns quite deserted.

5. Delicious food to taste in Mauritius

mango The critical motive behind travelling is the food we eat. Hence, we look for famous dishes offered in the country. Mauritius has tasty and yummy food, have a bite, it will boom your taste. The renowned food is seafood, and also, as it is the tropical region, crabs, octopus, fishes are part of the seafood. There is are several restaurants open for vegetarians too. The famous cuisines like Chinese noodles, buttery bread, and many items are included in the menu to try. The incredible taste of the street food, the local, is the best mouth-watery food to have.

6. Explore and shop

bacpacker It is a habit to shop things from the other countries and keep it locked into our memories. Shopping is a must, especially a girl's love to shop. In Mauritius, you will get to see some special things about Mauritius. Explore the local market to buy some spices that will add-on to improve the taste. Remember, we have a habit of the bargain. Still, the shopkeepers in the country sell the products at a reasonable cost. Excess bargaining may convert into a mess, hence avoiding a negotiation where the price is specific. Check for the brand and then shop most of the times, the product appears to be fake, hence remember to check it.

7. Visit an adventurous spot

surfing Mauritius is full of adventurous spots, and there are several numbers of water sports and trekking spots available to visit. Imagine walking underwater? Fantastic imaginary experience. But if you wish the real experience of underwater sea walk, then visit Port Louis. Mauritius's capital has enabled tourists to have a real-time marine sea walk, just vision it, and feel the experience. Other adventurous sports like paragliding, skydiving, water skiing are some water sports that you can explore for the feel of adventure

8. Proper backpacking is mandatory

backpacker Mauritius is a tropical region. Hence, it's important to pack light things. Therefore, backpacking is important; avoid carrying many things, as the island is adventurous enough to explore, carry little weight. You should take light cotton clothes, avoid having synthetic clothes because Mauritius is a humid place, and it may feel uneasy wearing synthetic clothes. Swimming costume is a must, hence carry swimwear and towels with you. It would be best if you had raincoats and an umbrella with you, due to unexpected rainfall.

9. Best time in Mauritius

rain It's essential to check the weather conditions before you land over Mauritius. We have taken an effort to brief you about Mauritius's weather conditions and the best time to visit. Due to the tropical nature of Mauritius's weather, the rainy season controls Mauritius from December to February. In comparison, the winter season holds Mauritius from June till August. Mauritius in winter is a bit chilly, so if you plan to visit Mauritius in the winter season, be ready with the woollen clothes. You should avoid travelling in the rainy season, as then you will be unable to enjoy water sports.  

10. City visit: Port Louis

port louis It's natural for everyone to have a visit to the city on the island. Therefore, no need to worry; the capital of Mauritius, Port Louis, is situated on a shorter distance from the island. Port Louis is located on the northwest coast of Mauritius. The town has less population and is famous due to the central market located in Aapravasi Ghat, and the Indian labourers organized this market. Hence, you can make a plan to visit Port Louis.


ship In this travel article, we have shared a few important thoughts about travelling to Mauritius. As reading this blog you had ideas about Mauritius, Mauritius island, Mauritius, travel to Mauritius, going to Mauritius, and unique things about Mauritius, Port Louis, time in Mauritius. We would recommend you to read all the sections carefully and note down the essential elements.

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