10 things I wish I knew before going to Monaco

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Monaco
Monaco is one of the smallest countries in the world, but its size does not affect the popularity among tourists who come here from all over the world. The capital of Monaco is the homonymous city of Monaco. In just a couple of hours, you can altogether bypass the country of Monaco, and in one day, see all its sights. But this does not mean that there is nothing unusual here. Above all, Monaco is associated with luxury life and wealth. There are world-famous restaurants, casinos, expensive yachts, sparkling boutiques for VIP clients and the Cote d'Azur of the Mediterranean coast, where there is a massive concentration of millionaires. Besides, it is also a very safe country for residents and guests. It is known that there are about 600 CCTV cameras installed in the territory of the country, and the police concentration is the highest in Europe. Monaco does have something to be proud of, so if you are going to the Principality of Monaco, you should not worry about security. If you decide to travel to Monaco, the first questions which you should answer are: What to see in Monaco? What to do in Monaco? You will be surprised, but there are many fascinating places to see in this country, even for the picky ones. What do you need to know before going to Monaco? There are ten basic facts that every traveller should know about. Let's explore what these things are!

1. Monaco is divided into four quarters

monte carlo Where is Monaco? The country is on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, on the border with France. The area of the state of Monaco is only 2 square kilometres, but despite this, Monaco is home to more than 30 thousand people. Although the country is not vast, it is divided into four main quarters:
  • Monaco-Ville (the central district where the capital is located)
  • La Condamine (port side)
  • Monte Carlo (the area where the casino is located)
  • Fontvieille (the region of museums and parks)
The capital of Monaco is located in the Monaco-Ville quarter on the shore of the warm and amazingly beautiful Mediterranean Sea. The famous Monte Carlo is situated in the north of Monaco. Probably everyone knows that there is a casino with the same name in this city. If you want to see the port area, then head southwest to the La Condamine quarter. This is where you can see the most expensive yachts. And that's not surprising because this is a country where wealthy people live. Because of the small size of the state, real estate prices here are huge. The cost of 1 square meter here is 30 thousand euros. As you can see, there are only four small districts yet so many places to see and walk around.

2. Monaco is a country of museums

You won't be bored in Monaco for sure. If you are not interested in the beautiful scenery and expensive yachts in the port, you can visit several fascinating museums. First of all, there is the Oceanographic Museum. If you have 2 hours available, go to the Monaco-Ville. This is where the Museum, which is more than 100 years old, is located. You will be surprised by the underground aquarium, the unusual architecture of the building and, of course, a unique creation - an aquarium with water from 90 seas of the planet. In this aquarium, there are corals, which do not live in the ordinary habitat. Another interesting museum - the Museum of Stamps and Coins. You do not have to be a numismatist to make this excursion seem interesting. The main exhibit is a unique collection of stamps. Also, at the exhibition, there are materials that were used for their manufacture since 1885. All coins and banknotes belonged to the princely court. Back in Monaco, there is the Museum of Prehistoric Anthropology, the New National Museum of Monaco, the Museum of the Old Monaco, the Rainier III Antique Car Museum and the Museum of Napoleon Souvenirs. For such a small area, there are indeed many museums. But if you travel to Monaco on tour, be sure to visit several of them.

3. The European city of Monaco has a Japanese Garden

japanese garden Despite the tiny size of the state of Monaco, a fifth of the country is occupied by gardens and parks. One of them is the Japanese Garden, and it is located on the famous Avenue Princesse Grace. It is named after Grace Kelly. By the way, this Princess of Monaco is known all over the world as an American actress. The Japanese Garden is a place where you will immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the East while in Europe. Trees from all over the world grow in this beautiful place, and materials for the architecture were brought from Japan itself. Amazing landscape art is intertwined here with the peace of mind and tranquillity of oriental civilizations. The area of the Garden is 7 thousand square meters. On the territory, you will see lakes, rivers, unusual compositions made of stone, and most importantly, the fantastic harmony of nature, which is felt from the first minutes of stay in the parking zone.

4. The main part of Monaco's income is casinos

casino The first casino appeared in Monaco in 1856, and up to now, it has been bringing most of the country's income. However, only newcomers play here, as the residents of the country are forbidden to play in casinos. Please note that casinos are allowed if you are over 21 years old. Casinos are open daily (except for May 1st), and you will need to show your passport and be dressed according to the dress code. Monte Carlo is the heart of the gaming industry, where the wealthiest people gather and spend their holidays. According to the rating, casinos in Monaco are even more popular than in Las Vegas. If you travel to Monaco, be sure to go on a tour of the casino. You don't have to play here. You can just go and take pictures against the backdrop of artwork that decorates the gaming rooms. You can also access the famous Opera de Monte-Carlo via the casino lobby. The entrance is only 10 euros, and even if you are not a VIP, you can feel this way when you visit the most famous casino in the world.

5. Formula 1 is the calling card of Monaco

monaco formula Monaco Grand Prix - Formula 1 race takes place on the Monte Carlo, Circuit de Monaco. The first race was back in 1950, and today it is one of the most famous championships in the world. The race track runs along narrow streets along the sea. For many, Monaco is associated with Formula 1. If you are also a fan of such racing championships, make sure you plan a trip to Monte Carlo. This is entertainment for those who cannot imagine their lives without speed. Also, all lovers of beautiful old cars can visit the Cars Collection of H.S.H. the Prince of Monaco, which was once opened by himself.

6. Monaco is a country of beautiful architecture

saint nicholas cathedral If you are thinking about what to see in Monaco, this paragraph is for you. The country is rich in architectural sights at any time of year, and there is something to understand even for the most discerning tourist. For example, be sure to visit the Saint Nicholas Cathedral. It is a Catholic cathedral made of beautiful white stone in 1875. This is the place where all the dukes of Monaco are buried. Inside there are paintings by Ludovico Brea, an altar made of rare white marble. It is a stunning interior that also gives luxury to the whole Principality. Do you want to hear a real organ? Come to the Cathedral, and the organ music has been playing here since 1976. The second famous architectural landmark is the Chapel of Mercy. It was built in 1639. It was a gathering place for a brotherhood of sinners who, according to legends, sought repentance. In the Chapel, you will see an altar made of multicoloured stone, as well as a sculpture of Jesus, which is made of wood. Every year tourists from all over the world come to luxurious Monaco, and this luxury is reflected not only in the wealth of the local population but also in the cultural monuments that this beautiful country is filled with.

7. The best beaches are in Monaco

monaco seashore Be sure to take this into account before travelling to Monaco and bring a swimsuit with you. The country's climate is mild, and summers are pleasantly warm, so swimming on the beaches of Monaco in the summer season will bring you a lot of fun. Beaches in Monaco can be divided into three types - open to all, private of VIPs, and wild. Larvotto Beach in Monte Carlo is the most famous; by the way, it is open to everyone. The beach called La Spiaggia is already an area with closed access. Entrance is paid and only for "selected" guests. If you are looking for a calmer and quieter holiday on the coast of Monaco, then go to La Note Bleue beach. Pure sand and music evenings will allow you to relax and have a great time at the seaside. Another private beach is Monte Carlo Beach, with swimming pools, sun loungers, a bar, and most importantly, a fantastic view of the Mediterranean Sea.

8. A speciality of Monaco - rose beer

raspberry beer Another interesting fact is that Monaco does serve such an unusual drink for us as rose beer. So don't be surprised when you see it on a bar or restaurant menu. This beer colour is achieved thanks to the red berries that were added during the brewing process. Raspberries and strawberries gave the beer drink a brighter taste and freshness. This beer is even a symbol of the country, as the combination of a white hat and a red bottle in a glass indicates the symbolic colours of Monaco. The beer is delicious and exciting in appearance. When you travel to Monaco, be sure to visit any pub to taste it.

9. Monaco has its own Zoological Garden

zoological garden The incredibly beautiful garden called Jardin Animalier de Monaco is located in the Rock of Monaco. The zoo was opened in 1954. Today it is a popular place in this country, where you can get to know the inhabitants of the tropics and African fauna. For example, a visitor to the zoological garden will see reptiles, many species of birds, monkeys, and cats.

10. Wax Museum of the Princess of Monaco

Not everyone likes to visit wax museums, but Monaco also has such a museum, and it is dedicated to the Princess of this small state. The Museum is of historical importance. It shows figures from the royal family from the 13th century until today. The characters are dressed in the costumes of their epochs and, most importantly, are very realistic. Not all countries create wax museums for their rulers, but Monaco does so with particular respect and luxury. Before you travel to Monaco, plan a visit to this Museum, so you can see the famous Princess of Monaco - Grace Kelly. Although it is an amazingly small country and the Vatican is smaller than it is, the facts about Monaco can be listened to for a very long time. There are fascinating sights, cultural monuments, and Mediterranean nature that you want to enjoy. Often Monaco is symbolically called the Cote d'Azur of France. You can get to this country from Paris by train or shuttle bus, which runs to resorts on the Mediterranean Sea. I hope these facts will help you get to know Monaco, and your next trip to such a special country will be filled with only positive impressions.

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