10 things I wish I knew before going to Nauru

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Nauru
Nauru, a Pacific island state. Where is Nauru? The Republic of Nauru is located in the Micronesia part of the Central Pacific Ocean. Nauru currency is the Australian dollar. You can easily convert the American dollar to Nauru currency at the airport. The capital of Nauru is the city of Yaren. One of the interesting facts about Nauru is that it is the smallest republic in the world. Many travel enthusiasts wonder how to travel to Nauru. Flights to Nauru airport are available from Australia by Nauru airlines. You can fly to Brisbane from many European countries as well as from Turkey and Dubai. Many people do not consider traveling to Nauru island because of its remote geographical location and little information about Nauru people and its capital. However, Nauru is a fascinating tourism destination for tourists who are seeking something completely new. In this blog, we will elaborate on the reasons why you should travel to Nauru. The article will also include some useful information to know before your journey to this beautiful Pacific island country.

1. Nauru is very small

nauru island It would take only half an hour to drive around all of Nauru. If you wanted to walk, you would spend six hours taking a tour around the whole country. Almost ten percent of the country's territory belongs to Nauru airport. One of the interesting facts about Nauru is that the only traffic light in the country serves to stop the cars so that the plane can move in and out of the airport. The main road is like a circle around the capital of Nauru (de facto capital). While driving, you should beware of the Nauru people and their animals passing the road.

2. Hidden historical sites

nauru national youth day Copyright: @kodomokids.us There are lots of unexplored and undiscovered historical mysteries in Nauru. Japanese army occupied the area of Nauru during the Second World War. Japanese left many weapons, guns, and few prisons behind when the war was over. If you explore the Nauru de facto capital thoroughly, you will find the remains of Japanese actions in the city. Historical Japanese prison is particularly interesting because it has many signs and writings on WWII walls and doors. Although it is very difficult to find secret historical sites, you can find Japanese remainders if you ask the local Nauruans' locations.

3. Fascinating rock formations on the beach

coral rocks Beaches around the capital of Nauru are pretty unusual. You will see lots of bizarre rock formations during your time on the beaches.  During the high tide, the rocks seem like they are far away from the shore. However, during the low tide, you can get very close to the rocks, touch their surface, and explore them. You can photograph the rocks and surprise your social media followers with mysterious posts. Some particles of the rocks have come to the shore and got mixed with beach sand. While walking, little rock particles may tickle your feet that are not dangerous.

4. Swim in the beautiful ocean

pacific ocean The temperature of the ocean water is always warm because Nauru is very close to the equator. The warm temperature makes the sea available for swimming during the whole year. Thanks to its exotic tropical climate, Nauru is home to alluring beaches. The water is very pure in most parts of the sea. Sandy beaches are rare, and coral reefs are along the coastlines most of the time. You can enjoy swimming in the charming Pacific ocean, but you need to be careful during the windy weather conditions. Wind can be very strong in Nauru due to the surrounding Pacific Ocean. If you are fond of relaxing on the beach, you should avoid swimming on windy days during your travel to Nauru island.

5. Best time of the year to visit

nauru beach The temperature does not change a lot for the whole year because of Nauru's geographical proximity to the equator. However, weather conditions change depending on the months of the year. Heavy rains are typical of the country from November to February. Getting around the Nauru capital can be very difficult during strongly rainy days. Those who love exploring new areas by biking would not like the rainy season. Therefore, the best time to travel to Nauru is between March and October, namely the spring and summer. During the most preferred travel times, the flight tickets can be expensive due to high demand. However, you can save a lot of money by booking the tickets several months before your travel. No matter how expensive the travel costs, it is worth visiting this great Pacific tropical island country. You will enjoy spending a lot of money on one of the unique experiences of your lifetime.

6. Tropical fishing at its best

fishing Nauru is a great destination for fishing. The Pacific Ocean around the equator is home to a myriad of colorful and exotic fish species. Local tourism agencies offer fishing equipment for very affordable prices. You can also bring your fishing tools and choose any spot along the coastline without paying any fees. You can also enjoy fishing during boat trips around the Nauru capital. Local tourism companies organize fishing tours where local and foreign tourists can get a chance to communicate and spend quality time. You can cook the fish that you caught with local people in the evenings. One of the interesting facts about Nauru is that local people enjoy cooking together. You will have great fun while cooking together with the Nauru people. They know excellent recipes about how to fry the fish deliciously.

7. LGBT in Nauru 

lgbt flag Lesbian, gay, sexually open, and transsexual (LGBT) individuals living in Nauru face legitimate and social difficulties not experienced by non-LGBT people. The same-sex sexual movement has been legitimate since May 2016, yet there is no lawful acknowledgment of same-sex associations or insurances against separation in the work environment or the arrangement of labor and products.

8. Drink only clean and boiled water!

boiled water During your travel to Nauru island, you should pay attention to the source of the drinking water. You may buy clean drinking water from the supermarkets. Also, you can get fresh and clean water by boiling it. It is not recommended to drink water from rivers or ponds. Nauru is well known for producing and exporting phosphate that can spoil water quality around the island. Also, it would help if you were very careful while swimming. You should not swallow the ocean water, as well, even in very small amounts, as the water can be very dangerous.

9. Diving in pure ocean water

diving One of the best experiences in Nauru is diving. Hotels and tourism agencies organize diving tours for local and foreign visitors. Diving suits are also sold for affordable prices at local stores. Diving around Nauru island is really special as the water of the Pacific Ocean is really pure. You can see a myriad of colorful sea animals while diving. Also, you will have a chance to see colorful Pacific flora. Tropical underwater plants and animals will amaze you with their unique features. Diving is a must-have experience during your travel to Nauru island. There are also diving courses available for quite affordable prices for foreigners. Before the real diving experience, it is worth taking the course and learning some diving basics in the Pacific Ocean. Diving around Nauru island can be tricky due to the strong seasonal winds. Diving courses include precautionary information about diving during windy weather conditions.

10. The best cafe and restaurants

prawns steamed seafood It is worth visiting exquisite restaurants and cafes during your time in Nauru. Restaurants serve unique tropical local Nauruan meals. Fresh fish and decent pizza are also among the famous meals among tourists. Tropical fish has a unique taste belonging to species caught on Nauru shores of the Pacific Ocean. You can also find a few cafes where you can get decent coffee after a long day of a tiring trip. The coffee in Nauru has special tropical flavors that foreigners mainly enjoy. The prices in Nauruan cafes and restaurants can be a little expensive for foreigners as their ingredients are unique.

A quick recap of this article

nauru island Copyright: @naurupleasantbeauty In this blog, we answered the following questions: Where is Nauru? How to travel to Nauru? What is Nauru currency? How can we get to Nauru airport? In the article, we also gave a lot of information about Nauru that would be useful before traveling to the country. After finding out where Nauru is and how to travel to Nauru, you can arrange your journey and have one of the best travel experiences of your life in this beautiful Pacific destination

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