10 reasons why you should travel to Nauru right now

Shamil Hasanli 30 October 2020 1662 views 5 min. read

travel is a travel to a small and modest island with few economic resources and non-existence of Nauru currency. Where is Nauru? The Republic of Nauru is in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and barely 21 square kilometers, with approximately 13,000 Nauru population. It has some similar places like other Oceanian countries to offer tourists. The country is one island, where Nauru de facto capital, Yaren, is located, too. The official languages in the country are English and the native Nauru language. How to travel to Nauru? You can reach the island by local Nauru Airlines from Australia. This article will read about the ten reasons you should travel to Nauru right now. Also, you will find answers to your questions, for example, where is Nauru, how to travel to Nauru, what is the Nauru capital, what is the number of Nauru population, what is the official Nauru language, can Nauru people speak English, what is Nauru currency, is there Nauru Airlines, etc.

1. History of Republic of Nauru

nauru coast

The Republic of Nauru is one of the most unknown inhabited islands globally since there are hardly any testimonies or writings that can support its history or archaeological sites, and it is not an island with one of the most important assets in tourism to survive. Nauru people say that the Melanesians and Micronesians could have been its first settlers millions of years ago, or also people from the coasts of different Asian countries. However, the country's history is not known without the phosphate that has marked the future not only of its economy but also of its life in general. This was used as fertilizer and sent to Australia, which finally colonized the island, which allowed its inhabitants to live with a good quality of life. The overexploitation of phosphate made it disappear in the end. The economic mismanagement of the wealth it earned caused this island country, independent from the Australian giant in 1968, to go into crisis, and its resources to survive were scarce. That is why there is no Nauru currency, and they use the Australian dollar.

2. Where is Nauru?

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The island is located in the western Pacific Ocean at 0 ° 32'' south latitude and 166 ° 5'' east longitude. The nearest island is Banaba 290 km further east, which belongs to Kiribati. Nauru is made up of a single island, divided into 14 districts and Yaren acts as a Nauru capital, although barely a thousand people live on it. It has the country's court, the government headquarters, and the parliament; it is in the south of the country, and it is a region with enough rains throughout the yea. In it is the Nauru airport, to and from where Nauru Airlines has flights, which is one way how to travel to Nauru. Some of the other places to visit in this small country are Lake Buada or the famous Anibare beach. However, you must consider that currently, more than 80% of the country's surface is devastated. You should be in a hurry to visit Nauru. The country is also seriously threatened by rising water levels.

3. Nauru nature

nature of nauru

The interior of the island of Nauru displays a lunar landscape due to the extraction of phosphate. This stretch of land on Oceania in Micronesia offers travelers an impressive exploration. Nauru Island has long drawn its wealth from its mineral sources. However, only a few limestone pinnacles remain today, partially enveloped in vegetation offering a splendid panorama. Most of the ships who visit the premises describe the environment as exotic. You will also see relics of weapons, plane wreckage, and a small temporary prison belonging to the Japanese during World War II. You will only make great discoveries if you land in this country.

4. Aiwo port

aiwo portCopyright: @finnishoverseasconsultants

You can visit the Aiwo port. It is the largest used for the export of phosphate and the import of various goods such as food and fuel. In the surroundings, you will also observe factories processing the mining resource. This site seems dated since it reached its peak in 1980. However, it remains a real attraction for travelers interested in industrial tourism. You will not miss exploring the port of Anibare, either. It is the smaller of the two. It was built in the year 2000. Here you will see local fishermen and trading vendors of the Nauru population. A large number of mollusks and crustaceans, and blue corals with their shimmering blue limestone skeleton live on the coast and immediately in front of it. These are living fossils and are the only representatives of the family Helioporidae from the order of the Octocorallia. They are rare and only occur in marine areas around the equator, where the water temperature does not fall below 24 °C.

5. Anibare Bay Anibare Bay 

anibare bay

It offers travelers the opportunity to enjoy the prettiest beach in Nauru with fine white sand where palm trees create another fantastic backdrop. You will admire the place for the sumptuous landscape that it presents thanks to the Ijuuw and Menen capes surrounding it. It is quite deep with water as clean as snow. So you agree that swimming will remain a must! Refresh yourself in such a marvelous water setting where coral pinnacles will also impress you. Above all, do not miss the sunrise in this area, which will reveal an exceptional panorama. You will see the remains of the large cranes there. A freight port is currently being built that will surely rehabilitate the island's economy and its communication with the rest of the neighboring microstates.

6. Buada lagoon

buada lagoon

You will see the Buada lagoon when you travel to Nauru. It remains the only source of fresh water on the island of Nauru. It is a picturesque location south of the land portion. You will observe in its surroundings dense vegetation where palm trees are illustrated in great numbers. There are walking tracks in this area, and you will find beautiful corners that are even worth photographing. Be sure to visit the government building! The Parliament House opens its doors to the public, and you can attend a meeting of deputies!

7. Easy to access within Nauru

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Nauru is one of the few countries in the world where you can go around in a reasonable time. You will travel the asphalt road, which bypasses the entire portion of land in 25 minutes by car, 2 to 3 hours by bike, and nearly 6 hours on foot. We do not miss this hike! You will admire splendid landscapes along the way. During your walk, you will also observe remnants of the WWII era as well as the occupation of Japan through their weapons and bunkers. If you have enough time, try to reach the top of Ridge Command Hill, the highest point in the country at 65 meters.

8. Nauru culture and people

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Nauru has only 13,000 inhabitants, and it is the third smallest independent state in the world. Incidentally, the percentage of obese people worldwide live on a small island: 80 % of the population are too fat. The reasons given are the abandonment of traditional eating habits and too much fast food. Little or nothing remains of the traditional Nauru culture and only the oral tradition of the oldest. There are few because life expectancy does not exceed 65 years, provides knowledge of Nauru language, crafts, and dances that, like traditional clothing, were lost with the puritanism they brought. Christian missionaries. The healthy traditional food based on subsistence agriculture (coconut trees, pandanus) and fishing were replaced by canned food and hamburgers as well as Chinese food brought by emigrants from insular China. But fish and seafood are the basis of traditional food.

9. Diving into the ocean

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For adventure-seekers, you should never miss an opportunity to go scuba diving in Nauru. The wonderful and blue natural waters in Nauru will admire you with rich marine life. As you dive into the fascinating Pacific Ocean, you will discover all these, Nauru offers. You will also explore the wrecked ships from the world war that are part of marine life. Do not forget to explore the coral reef itself. A bulk of colorful fishes will swim with you, which means you must consider diving into the Nauru waters.

10. Moqua Caves

moqua cavesMoqua Well

is located in Yaren, the capital of Nauru, in the south part of the country. These wells and caves are one of the interesting and wonderful geological must-see places in Nauru. You can explore these caves' network that will take you to the splendid cave lake popular as Moqua Well. This place is so incredible, and you should consider visiting. Its true natural beauty will amaze you, and you will never forget the memories of these times you spent in Moqua Caves. Tip: There are various trips to the caves. You can book one of them in the capital, Yaren.