10 things I wish I knew before going to Palau

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10 things I wish I knew before going to Palau

Have you ever been to Palau or heard interesting facts about Palau country? If not, then let’s discover this country together. First, we will start with the question, where is Palau?

Where is Palau?

red pin on palau

Let’s begin with the question, where is Palau? Officially Palau is the Palau Republic. It is an island country located in the western Pacific Ocean. Philippines, Micronesia, and Indonesia are neighbors of Palau. The capital of Palau is Ngerulmud, which is nearby Melekeok. Besides, the largest city of Palau is Koror city. These are the country’s outstanding cities: the capital of Palau Ngerulmud, Airai, Air, Arakabesang island, Babeldaob Island, Carp island, Malakal, and Malakal island. Every town is different and beautiful from each other. The capital of the Palau Republic is the most beautiful city in this country. People who come to Palau should enjoy every city by visiting each one, especially the capital.

10 things I wish I knew before going to Palau:

1. How to travel to Palau?

registration of visas

Firstly you should know how to travel to Palau. Let’s answer by talking about a visa to Palau. There are some points that you should know if you want to travel to Palau. A valid passport with a six-month expiry date is required. A return ticket arrangement is also required as proof. A tourist visa is usually given for 30 days.

Car travel will be the best variant for your transport while traveling in Papua. Train transport does not exist in Papua.

2. Must-see attractions in Palau

world war memorial museum

It is great to see the beaches, blue sky, crystal clear lakes, savannas, palm trees, and sunny days in Palau. Amazing places will be forever on your mind if you travel to Palau. The history of Palau is quite interesting, so while traveling, you can go to Palau’s Museums. One of them is the Belau National Museum. There are typical Palauan art exhibitions, a taro patch, and several exhibitions from II World War. There is also a gift shop, and a garden located in Koror. If you want to see this museum, you should drive to downtown Koror which is open every day of the week.

3. The Climate of Palau

long island park

The climate of Palau country is generally tropical. The average annual temperature is 28C degrees. Also, precipitation is 3800 mm in a year. It is available to visit a country with peace of mind over the year. Palau country is very fertile. There are savannahs, Mangrove swamp, rainforests, and coconut trees.

4. The Ngardmau Waterfall 

ngardmau falls

The Ngardmau Waterfall in Babeldaob is the largest in Palau. The height of the waterfall is 30 meters, and the width is 37 meters. You can find smaller waterfalls and miniature falls there. You can not even imagine how beautiful the view of the waterfall is!

5. Jellyfish Lake Palau


There are 5 million jellyfishes. Types of jellyfishes are divided into two: golden jellyfish and moon jellyfish. Golden jellyfish is the type of Mastigias Papua, and it is yellowish. The moon jellyfish is jelly-white, and its type is Aurelia aurita. The daily motions are horizontal and vertical. Jellyfishes are made 95% from water, and they have no brain, blood, heart. They are related to corals, and that’s why there are so many in Palau. When you go to the lake, keep in mind that touching them can be dangerous for your health.

6. Rock Island, a famous side of Palau

aerial view of islands

The most famous side of Palau is the Rock Islands. The rock islands are from limestone; it is a non-inhabitant place surrounded by the turquoise lagoon. You can see unique mushroom types and shapes. It is a slice of paradise, and you must see this area because of its beauty. You can find out exotic beaches with a marvelous views. Palm trees, blue lagoon, blue sky. Isn’t it great? It is also a dive destination. There are two dive spots for every dive-lover: the German Channel and the Blue Corner. If you are interested in dive spots with a great undersea view, don’t mess up this chance while traveling to Palau. You have a good chance to undersea creatures that you have never seen before. Do not forget about sunscreen on this beach. There is a very interesting fact about Palau country. The country banned sunscreens with “reef-toxic” in 2020. The reason behind that is to stop chemical pollution, which is not safe for reefs and corals.

7. Some destinations for a great trip

milky way lagoon

Magical “The Milky Way” is one of the best places to visit while traveling to Palau. There is white mud under the sea, which is a natural spa treatment. With antiaging and healing speciation, it is the best place to rest. Going to Palau allows you to see this beauty, and you will never forget this experience.

The next travel destination is Clear Lake. It is a 12000-15000 aged lake. Clear Lake is one of the saline lakes of the world. There are only 20 saline lakes in our world. The undeniable beauty of the lake will amaze you. It is happiness to watch this lake as a fairytale.

Koror is the main point for the traveler to Papua. The popular island of Koror is full of tourist places. You should begin with Koror to discover Papua.

8. Delicious Palau cuisine


The next thing you should know about Palau country is the kitchen of Palau. It is necessary to try the kitchen to know about the culture of any country. If you want to go to Palau, do not forget about tasting local seafood. Moreover, you can find many exotic dishes. Of course, the cuisine of Palau was influenced by the kitchen of the US, Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Although this country is full of healthy foods, it is the second country in the world that is suffering from obesity. In the first place are the people of Nauru.

If you are looking for a tasty dinner, so keep reading. It is the best choice to go to Malakal island for a tasty dinner and fresh beverages. Cross the bridge, and you will see several cafes, bars, and hotels. Take a route to the Drop-Off Bar. The lovely sea view and sunset with the red-orange colored sky are great for your trip. The prices are reasonable. If you want excellent service, then Kramer’s Restaurant is for you. There is tasty seafood, Chicken Barbeque, and fajitas. You will never forget this atmosphere.

9. Best Palau Hotels

palau vacatiom hotel

If you search for a good hotel on your trips: West Plaza Hotels, Palau Pacific Hotel, Carp Island Resort, The Carolines Resort, Green Bay Hotel can be a relaxing variant.

10. Interesting facts about Palau

kayangel island
  • Palau does not have any military.
  • Palau is the native of the saltwater crocodile. They say crocodiles can even eat a human. But it was rare that crocodiles attacked humans.
  • There is only one prison, and it is also a gift shop. Inmates with good behavior have a chance to make souvenirs and sell them to visitors.
  • The highest point in the country is only 242 meters.
  • The rain season is from May to November.
  • English and Palauan are the official languages of Palau, but Japanese is also widely spoken there.
  • The official currency is the US dollar. Some settlements are located over 3000 in Palau. Craft items and tourism are part of the industry in Palau.
  • Country exports garments, shellfish, tuna fish, and copra.
  • Palau is divided into sixteen states.
  • The first inhabitants of Palau came from Indonesia around 2500 BC. They dealt with farming, fishing, and developed social systems. This country was controlled by Britain, Spain, Germany, the US, and Japan for over 200 years. Japan occupied some parts of Palau during World War II.
  • In 2009 in Palau, the first shark sanctuary was created in the world. It was banned to hunt sharks to fight against the deprivation of the giant creatures.

That’s all of the things that you should know before going to Palau. It is the first country of the world that requires tourists to sign an “Eco-Pledge” since 2017. Every tourist must sign that they will be good at environmental management. During the flight, there is an instructive video for visitors about how to behave in nature.

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