10 reasons why you should travel to Palau right now

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10 reasons why you should travel to Palau right now

Many devotees of travelling have wished to travel to Palau at least once in their life. Despite great admiration for this stunning travel destination, many people lack knowledge about where is Palau and how to travel to Palau.

Historically Pelew or Belau, the Republic of Palau, is located in Oceania, southwest corner of Micronesia, and have maritime borders with the Philippines and Indonesia. Palau consists of more than 300 volcanic and coral Pacific islands, and Babeldaob is the largest Palau island. The capital of Palau is Ngerulmud that is located on the largest island of the archipelago. There is only one international airport in Palau called Roman Tmetuchl. Travellers can arrive in Palau via flights from the Philippines arranged several times a week. After clarifying where is Palau and how to travel to Palau, now it is time to talk about Palau`s fascinating nature, spectacular sightseeing spots, and other impressive reasons why you should travel to Palau

1. Pleasant tropical weather all year round

beautiful view of palau tropical islands

The best time to travel to Palau is, well, the entire year. The tropical climate and hot weather allow tourists to enjoy quality time in Palau for the whole year. In other words, Palau's warm and sunny weather conditions are always suitable for tourism. The tropical climate also favours the habitat of a myriad of plant and animal species. The fascinating flora and fauna of the Palauan rainforests amuse tourists with their extraordinary look and lifestyle. Although the climate does not determine the best time to travel to Palau, tourists can choose the time of year according to prices. From January to June, accommodation and other travel prices can be very affordable, to be more specific. People are mainly busy with working and studying, and they rarely visit Palau from January to June. 

2. It is affordable and absolutely worth it!


To have an enjoyable time in Palau, you do not need a lot of money. The whole vacation for a week in Palau can cost around $1000. As Palau’s journey requires a connected flight through Manila, the tickets may cost a little additional money. However, accommodation and local transportation are quite affordable. The daily price for a stay at an average hotel starts from $30, which is also suitable for those who travel on a budget. If you want to save money, you can book your stay beforehand in advance. In terms of local transport, buses are the best option as they are cheaper than taxis. Also, on buses, you will have a chance to communicate with local Palauans who are very tourist-friendly. In Palau, the prices do not matter! You can live the experience of vacation at Palau Pacific Resort at its best for very affordable prices. 

3. Stunning views of the Pacific Ocean

shallow water of palaus inner lagoon

Many hotels in Palau offer ocean view rooms for tourists. You can open your eyes to the dazzling view of the Pacific Ocean in Palau on cool mornings. The bright blue colour of the Pacific water will amaze you during the sunrise. You can enjoy the fresh scent of the cool sea breeze while sipping your cocktail on the balcony. In Palau Island, the Pacific Ocean’s shore is home to a myriad of fish, animals, and plants. If you walk closer to the ocean, thanks to the water’s transparency, you can see colourful living species dancing in the sea. During the sunset, the gloomy sky will turn the ocean’s colour into dark blue, allowing you to enjoy the cool temperature of the water. Travel to Palau will be an unforgettable experience for you, thanks to the Pacific Ocean’s gorgeous views. 

4. Land of coconuts, pineapples, and cocoa


Since childhood, we all have seen photos of tropical resorts with white sand and coconut trees all along the blue ocean’s shore. Well, Palau is home to coconuts and the white beach sand! Palauan forests are famous for their coconuts, cocoa plantations, and pineapples located on the Pacific Ocean’s shores. The Babeldaob, the biggest Palau island, is also home to cocoa, pineapples, coconut, sweet potatoes, and many other wild island plant species. During your time in Palau, you can taste the delicious coconut juice, locally cooked coconut rice, fresh pineapples, and special meals prepared with sweet potatoes. Besides, local Palauans will offer you original cocoa that will enrich the content of your hot beverages. If you want to taste ripe pineapples, the best time to travel to Palau would be from August to October. 

5. Get ready for dive adventures!


During your vacation in the Palau Pacific resort, you will have one of the best dive experiences of your life! Local Palauan tourism agencies and hotels offer a wide range of diving tours around the archipelago. Diving tours are arranged with time schedules promising you to explore the ocean sites safely. Boats will guide you during the diving tours and ensure that the diving goes smoothly without tiring you. You will have a chance to explore coral reefs, underwater plant species, exotic spotted fish, sea turtles, and grey sharks.

6. Snorkelling in the Jellyfish Lake

tourist woman snorkeling

The Republic of Palau is famous for its unique Jellyfish Lake. The mysterious ecosystem and phenomenal species of the lake have evolved through decades in tropical waters. The Palauan government has allowed snorkelling in the lake under particular conditions. Tourists should avoid wearing sunscreen in order not to harm the fish species in Jellyfish Lake. Also, tourists can enjoy snorkelling in the lake with an appropriate swimming suit and leggings. The lake’s tour is also a great experience, which is exciting due to the slippery stones and steep hills. Visitors can taste the tropical wilderness surround Jellyfish Lake that has a fascinating and wonderful atmosphere. The cost of the Jellyfish Lake tour is around $100, which is well worth it.

7. Rock Islands Southern Lagoon

rock islands

Rock Islands Southern Lagoon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site consisting of more than 400 volcanic islands. Coral reefs are around the lagoons that have extraordinary shapes. Hugely diversified tropical plants and animals such as sharks and turtles are the habitats of the islands. Scientific studies prove that local Palauans had lived on the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon until the 17th and 18th centuries. Ancient villagers left the burial sites, rock drawings, and stone constructions on the islands. The Rock Islands are a scientifically mysterious beauty of Palau that has attracted travellers and academicians’ global attention. Visitors can have a boat trip around the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon. The islands' stunning beauty amazes tourists with natural colours of plants and animals such as turquoise, green, red, etc. A pleasant boat trip around the islands will be one of the most unforgettable moments of your travel to Palau

8. Picturesque Long Beach of Koror Island

long beach

Long Beach is the tropical paradise that you have always dreamed of. Koror Island has a very long sandy coast that is home to a fascinating beach. The super clean and transparent water of Long Beach is perfect for swimming for the whole day. Long Beach is also available for snorkelling. Extraordinary shells, plant corals, exotic mushroom species, and pristine sands of Long Beach will accompany you during the long evening walks. You will photograph the best views of your Palau trip around Long Beach. 

9. Stone Monoliths

monolith park

Stone Monoliths are among the oldest historical sites in Palau. Archaeologists assume that the Monoliths have existed since the beginnings of the first century. The mysterious carved faces on some of the Stone Monoliths have attracted significant attention. Many tourists visit the site to photograph the abandoned historical ruins alongside the exotic tropical trees. A tour to Stone Monoliths will be one of the most memorable experiences during your time in Palau. While walking around the site of Stone Monoliths, you will enjoy the Pacific Ocean’s view from special angles and distance.

10. Ngardmau Falls

ngardmau waterfall

If you are a hiking enthusiast, Ngardmau Falls will be one of Palau’s most favourite spots. The slippery stones and hilly structure of the waterfalls will challenge your hiking skills. Reliable hiking boots and your perseverance will allow you to have a great hiking experience. Also, Ngardmau Falls have fascinating instagrammable views that amaze all visitors. Every devotee of travelling has to visit this wild tropical beauty at least once in a lifetime. Ngardmau Falls looks more stunning on rainy days as the water flows more intensely. A visit to Ngardmau Falls will be one of the most spectacular moments of your travel to Palau.

A quick recap

koror city

In this blog, we first answered the following questions: Where is Palau? Where is the capital of Palau? Furthermore, we discussed the details of how to travel to Palau. It is useful to note that the embassies and consulates of the Republic of Palau quickly issue visas for foreigners who wish to travel Palau Island. Also, the easily accessible location of the capital of Palau allows tourists to visit the city conveniently whenever there is an issue, such as a problem with travel documents.

All in all, travelling to Palau is affordable, easy, and convenient. Palauan government and society welcome tourists from all over the world. Thanks to its stunning natural treasures and fascinating tropical beauties, the Palau islands will be one of the most rated travel destinations globally. 

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