11 things to know before you go to Barcelona

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11 things to know before you go to Barcelona
travel to Spain, as you are currently reading our article on 11 things to know before you go to Barcelona. Of course, as a traveller, you already know one of the best places to spend the summer is Barcelona. You have too many questions in your mind, such as "Where to go in Barcelona?”, “When is the best time to visit Barcelona?” “What are the places to visit in Barcelona?”, “Is it safe to travel to Barcelona?” “What travel documents do you need to go to Barcelona?” and etc. In our blog post, we will definitely try to give the best answers to your questions, alongside the top 11 things you must know before you even travel to Barcelona. Let us keep going! Shall we?

1. Organize Your Trip

spain schengen visa First and foremost, the important thing you need to know is to organize. It comes first if you do not want to find yourself in a hurry or miss out on many amazing sights just because you have not planned your travel well in advance. Most people do not get enjoyment or rest during their travel just because of randomly decided trips. Knowing the things you will do, tourist attractions to see, where to eat, how to speak with people, how to learn about a different culture, how and where to have fun will definitely make your journey more pleasant. Our recommendation is to start to organize your travel to Spain by finding out the documents needed for Barcelona. Undoubtedly, the first document you should pick is your passport. Additionally, depending on whether you are from Europe or outside of Europe, you might need different documents. For instance, if you are coming outside of Europe, you will certainly need a Spanish tourist visa for your travel to Spain. Apart from documentation and official progress, you definitely need to design your travel. Organizing your trip will help you to discover the best places to visit in Barcelona, together with knowing the best time to go to Barcelona while saving money.

2. The Culture

barcelona carnival Different cities have different cultures. It is better to search for the culture in Barcelona before you even visit the city. For instance, most of the time, people around the world consider Catalan culture and Spanish culture the same. However, it might not be very well welcomed by the local people if you mention these cultures are the same. Some people are really sensitive about this kind of topic. Is it safe to travel to Barcelona? To tell the truth, it depends on you. Try to avoid Catalan and Spanish themes for your own safety.

3. The Beaches: Do’s And Don’ts

panoramic view of barcelona The first comes to your mind when someone says Barcelona is the beaches or football. Football is out of our context here; we are going to talk about beaches. Where to go in Barcelona? Beaches! As many people are coming here for a nice sea vacation, you must already know the famous beaches are full of people during the summer season. For instance, Barceloneta is preferred by many people and amateur travellers. Therefore, it might be the most crowded beach ever; we suggest you look for other worthy beaches - Mar Bella and Bogatell before you even go to Barcelona. Keep in mind that the best time to go to Barcelona for beaches is summer.

4. Crowded La Rambla

view of la rambla Okay, amateur traveller, here is the best tip for you. If you are visiting Barcelona for the first time in your life, please keep away from La Rambla. This place is full of beautiful spots, therefore full of people every high season. If you get headaches in crowds, La Rambla is not the best tourist site to visit for you. Well, you might also be a person who loves crowds and crowded places, then go for it!

5. Avoid Public Transportation

people waiting at fgc gracia station One of the costly things in Barcelona might be train or bus tickets. If you do not know how to spend money on public transportation or get a place to stay the night away from the city, your Barcelona travel is going to be highly expensive. We suggest you rent a place in the city centre or reserve a place in a hotel near central Barcelona. This will lead you to find the best places to visit in Barcelona by walking or just biking and not spending money on transportation. One more advantage of not using the subway in Barcelona is that they get closed very early. If you have to stay longer outside, chances are you will not be able to find public transportation to take you home.

6. Watch Out The Pickpockets

Being an amazing city comes with its disadvantages. Even though Barcelona is located in the heart of Europe, there might be unpleasant circumstances too. While you were wandering around and thinking, “Where to go in Barcelona?” someone might be in your pockets! Pickpockets are truly professional in their job. Especially if it is the first time in Barcelona, they will smell you from miles away. After reading this, you might ask again if is it safe to travel to Barcelona to yourself. Well, hugely, it depends on you. Therefore, our suggestion is to take the necessary precautions before you even go to Barcelona.

7. Choose The Season Wisely

Remember that we noted the best time to visit Barcelona? Well, there are a few things you need to know. If it is your first trip to Barcelona, we recommend you choose a low season. During the summer, the crowd may be really exhausting for you. Try to arrange the best time, which fits better for you and your experience in Barcelona.

8. Sundays Or Rest Days?

shopping mall Sundays? Fun days? Or, wait… Rest days? Hello, my friend! Here is the best tip you can ever find on the internet or hear from your friends. On Sundays, most of the shops and supermarkets are closed. If you are planning to wake up early on Sunday, and go for brunch or shopping, DO NOT! My dear friend, sadly, they all will be closed. You can do your shopping during the weekdays and Saturdays in Barcelona. Just let some other people rest as well.

9. Eating Out

people enjoying lunch One of the painful experiences during travelling, I suppose, is walking around hungry and thirsty. There are many setbacks when it comes to choosing a place to dine or just eat lunch. Some restaurants are tourist traps, and some are just pro in what they are doing. To make your travel to Barcelona less costly and enjoyable, search for good restaurants for your taste in advance. No one wants to spend money on something awful. Thus, before you go to Barcelona, try to learn about the eating habits of local people, the best restaurants with the best offers and so on. We believe you will make your Barcelona trip more enjoyable and delicious by making wise decisions and organizing your time in Barcelona. One more thing that is worth mentioning is timing. In Barcelona, people eat at a very late time. If you get your order too late or longer than it takes, do not worry and do not let it make you angry. It is just the way it is.

10. Tipping Or Not Tipping?

waitress serving coffee Imagine it is your first time visiting Barcelona, and you are enjoying your meal or your coffee during a warm summer day in this magical city. When you want to go out and explore the tourist sites in the city, you ask yourself if you need to tip or not tip the waitress. Again, a different country, a different culture! Therefore, it would be best to know about the cafe culture in Spain. Generally, people do not tip the waitress; even this can be really puzzling for the waitress. Nevertheless, if you are in a big restaurant and paying quite a good amount for a fancy dinner, you may consider leaving a tip for the waiter and waitress.

11. The Language

notebook with the word hello in spanish Well, we might not be the person who answers your questions about documents needed for Barcelona; however, we know a blasting tip for you. Learn a few words in Spanish! It might be a place in Europe, but many people speak Spanish most of the time. Even though you will be able to speak English in many cafes and restaurants, for your own experience, it would be best to try to communicate in the local language with people. It might also be a great memory for you when you look back in the future. Your funny accent and tries to speak a different language with natives. Sounds amusing to me!

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