Top 10 local foods to try in Brazil

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Top 10 local foods to try in Brazil

Being the largest country in South America brings countless advantages to the country. Its beautiful landscapes, charming nature, colorful culture, celebrations, and other features make the country one of the most popular tourist destinations. One of the things that make people interested is traditional Brazilian food. The local cuisine of Brazil is the perfect mix of native and foreign cultures. Because of colonial background and migration, we can see the influences of various nations on meals. What is the most popular food in Brazil? If you wonder about the answer to this question and more, then this blog is for you. After reading this blog, you will have a list of must-taste famous Brazilian food.

Brazil visa

brazil flag

Before visiting a new country, we should handle several issues. One of them is a visa. As you know, not all people have a right to travel to Brazil without a visa. Those people must collect the needed documents and realize their applications. Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are various Brazil visa types:

  • Temporary Visa. As you can understand by the name, it is for short-term stays. It has various subcategories related to the purpose of the visit and stays duration. Although generally, they have the same terms, each type has several specific requirements, too. All applicants who want to obtain a Brazil visa must fit those requirements. It includes documentation and visa charges. There are several types that are why fee changes in a wide range.
  • Diplomatic/Official/Courtesy Visit Visa. It is for diplomats, government staff, or employees of organizations who have diplomatic status. That can be a temporary or permanent visit. In all cases, you will have three months to stay in the country. You can bring children (under 21 age) or spouses with you. It is important to note that foreigners must go to the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs within a month of entry. This type of visa is free of charge, but you must wait for processing for a maximum of three weeks.
  • Permanent (VIPER) Visa. If 90 days is not enough for your purpose of the visit and you want to stay more then you should apply for a Permanent Visa. Getting this visa means that the applicant wants to be a resident in the future. You will get your visa after a processing time that lasts up to 21 days. Also, I should mention that your visa will expire if you leave the country for more than two years in a row. So, keep that in mind. How much does it cost? The application fee for a visa is 150-360 USD (it may vary depending on the nationality of the applicant).

Visa-waiver nationalities need to apply only for long-term stays. They can realize their short-stay visit freely. You will need to provide some documents and details for each visa type. If you want to learn about them, check the visa-free countries list and get more detailed information about the visa, you can check the "Services" section on our website.



What is the most popular food in Brazil? Undoubtedly, Feijoada is the most well-known example of Brazilian cuisine. Cooking a Feijoada requires patience and good cooking skills. Total preparation lasts for 24 hours, and ingredients that are used are sausages, black beans, and pork. While sitting in the restaurant, you will see that most locals eat this meal, especially on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is a traditional routine for local people. Also, you may have oranges, rice, and kale alongside the meal.

Brazilian style barbecued meat

barbecued meat

What food do Brazil eat? Barbecue plays an exceptional role in the culinary culture of Brazil. We can say that you can see this tradition in several South American countries, but the main ones are Brazil and Argentina. You can see the rivalry between these two countries in many areas. Probably, the most popular is football, but barbecued meat is also part of their rivalry. Each of them claims that the best-barbecued meat belongs to them. I can't say who has the best one, but the one thing that I know is that you should try this.

Depending on the place that you eat, you may see some differences. For example, if a local person invites you to a home barbecue, you will have sausages alongside the meat. On the other hand, in restaurants, you may have all manner of meat. For some people, barbecued meat is the answer to this question: What food is Brazil known for?



One of the most searched ones among all Brazilian food recipes is Moqueca. When you search about the origin of the meal, you may see several opinions. Two different regions claim that Moqueca belongs to them: Bahia (north-east part of the country) and Espírito Santo. Regardless of the origin, it is one of the most famous Brazilian food. Coriander, tomatoes, onions, and seafood together create exceptional flavor. We advise you to try both versions because there are some slight differences. For example, the people of Bahia use coconut milk, palm oil, and peppers in cooking. On the other hand, residents of Espírito Santo add annatto seeds to give red color to the meal.


brigadeiros chocolate

If you are looking for Brazilian food recipes to try at home, you can try Brigadeiros. It is one of the easiest sweets that everyone can make at home. Preparation of this traditional Brazilian food lasts for 30-40 minutes, and you will need the following ingredients:

  • Unsalted butter: three-tablespoon
  • Milk (sweetened and condensed): 400g
  • Cocoa powder: four-tablespoon
  • Vanilla: a tablespoon

Firstly, you will mix milk and cacao and whisk in butter. Following, you will make balls and roll them with chocolate sprinkles.

Pão de queijo

pao de queijo

Watching a movie and eating some snacks are undividable duos. Regardless of nationality, everyone likes it. What food do Brazil eat? There are plenty of various snacks in Brazil food culture, and Pão de queijo is one of the best ones. It is a light snack that is why you can eat it whenever you want. It is made of flour, eggs, and special cheese from the state of Minas Gerais. Although the outside of Pão de queijo is crispy, the inside of the snack is soft.

  • Oil
  • Milk-250ml
  • Butter (unsalted): 125g
  • Salt: a tablespoon
  • Flour: 300g
  • Eggs: two
  • Parmesan: 100g



It has a special place in Brazil food culture and must be on our list. It is great that there is no need for too many ingredients to prepare Quindim. You will need coconut, eggs, sugar, and butter. Generally, they are cooked in molds that look like a cup. So, several bites are enough to eat all of them. Interestingly, the name is not from Brazil. The word Quindim is derived from the word "kintiti", which is widely spoken in Angola and the Democratic Republic of Congo.



As we said before, Brazilian cuisine perfectly mixes local and other cuisines. Some of those meals are worldwide famous. What food is Brazil known for? One of the best examples to them is Acaraja which is a mix of local and African cuisine. It is the favorite street food in Bahia state, but also you can find it in other parts of the country. Even in big cities such as Sao Paulo. Various fillings can be used for preparation, that is why it has several types, but the most well-known is with vatapa.


salt cod fritters

Because of the colonial period, Portugal has a huge impact on the culinary, traditions, and other features of the country. Bacalhau is one of the heritages of that time. Today, this is part of the daily diet of both countries.

It is not surprising that seafood has wide usage in the daily diet because the country has an extensive coastline. If you want to travel to Brazil and taste the best seafood, you should go to the eastern part of the country. Ingredients are:

  • Olive
  • Onion
  • Potato
  • Tomato
  • Egg
  • Milk (optional)
  • Salt



Besides eating meals at restaurants, tourists love to try street food. Brazil has a variety of street foods, and one of the most popular ones is Coxinha. These fried croquettes originated from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro. Ingredients for Coxinha are chicken, onions, parsley, tomatoes, cheese, and scallions. Besides being tasty, street food is affordable in Brazil. Maybe the taste will seem a little weird to you after the first bite, but I have no doubt that you will become addicted after a while.

Pato No Tucupi

duck with tucupi sauce

It means "duck in tucupi sauce" in the local language and is very popular in Pará (northern part of the country). Tucupi is a yellow sauce that is obtained from manioc root. Residents got them from Amazon forests. Although it is used in cooking a meal, the root of wild manioc is poisonous. That is why it should be boiled 3-5 days before eating. Other ingredients in the dish are jambu and chicória.

In conclusion, Brazilian cuisine is rich and has many tasteful meals. So, be ready to gain weight after your journey.

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