Top 10 local foods to try in Kyrgyzstan

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Located in central Asia, Kyrgyzstan is one of few countries that have remained true to its nature for centuries. I mean by nature is its culture and nomadic lifestyle that Kyrgyz people still pursue. This lifestyle defines Kyrgyzstan. Another thing that features Kyrgyzstan well is the enormous mountains that stretch across the country. Some of them have a height of more than 7000 meters. The landscape of the country has a strong contrast. It is either high mountains or lowlands. People who pursue the nomadic lifestyle take advantage of the landscape by moving to higher hills during summer and moving back to lowlands in winter. Agriculture plays an important role in the livelihood of the Kyrgyz population. Cows, sheep, and horses are the main earning source for them. You will find many reasons to travel to Kyrgyzstan to see this beautiful country. Its landscape allures tourists with its breathtaking views and the hiking opportunities these mountains create, which are why travelers head to Kyrgyzstan. Regardless of your travel reasons, you must meet some requirements depending on your nationality. One may need a Kyrgyzstan visa if he or she is not from a visa-exempt country. In this case, you will need to obtain a visa to Kyrgyzstan. Visa procedures can be frustrating. Many mistakes are made during the procedure due to misunderstandings and bureaucratic obstacles. To avoid such problems, you can use Pickvisa as our professional team can provide you with a Kyrgyzstan visa. To get your visa with a few clicks, you should go to our "Services" section at the top of your screen. Food in Kyrgyzstan is delicious as these lands are not heavily mechanized and spoiled like many other countries. Soil preserves its nutrients through natural trade-offs among animals, people, plants, and soil. Kyrgyz cuisine takes its pride from these natural, delicious foods. Kyrgyz food is the main thing that helps people to sustain their nomadic life. Without these nutritious foods, it will be hard to bear the harsh conditions of nomadic life. What food is grown in Kyrgyzstan? Let's have a quick look at that.

What food is grown in Kyrgyzstan?

beshparmak manty and baursak

In Kyrgyzstan, various types of foods are grown by farmers, so organic farming is popular in the country. Some products have strategic importance, like cotton, corn, etc. Some of the most grown plants are wheat, barley, maize, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, etc. The sector is the largest employer in the country. Therefore, products are of uttermost importance for the population. These crops are make up the essential part of Kyrgyzstan food recipes which we will elaborate on later. Since we have little understanding of what kind of crops, plants are grown in the country, it is time for us to look at the best Kyrgyz foods.


national kazakh dish

Beshbarmak is a Kyrgyzstan national food that is loved by the Kyrgyz people. Nevertheless, it is also a popular meal in other central Asian countries like Kazakhstan. The Beshbarmak can come as a bit unusual as it contains horse meat. Horse meat is a widely popular meat type in central Asia. Nowadays, we see that it is altered by cow meat. Noodles and onion broth are added to the meat to make a final dish. This traditional food in Kyrgyzstan is eaten by hands, which gives the name to the dish as Beshbarmak means five fingers.


If you have high blood tension or diabetes, you might want to avoid eating Kurdak. Why? Because it contains mutton and can be full of calories. Locals like fatty dishes, which can be too much for others. Nevertheless, this dish has been a way to recharge energy. Looking at Kyrgyzstan food recipes, we see veggies like carrot, onion, and potato added to the dish. Overall it is tasty and authentic to the country. This Kyrgyzstan traditional food will keep full and warm in the cold winter. You can find this dish in almost every respected restaurant in Bishkek.



Finally a food in Kyrgyzstan that can be consumed without having fear to get struck by the overdose of fat. Dimlama is not a national food of Kyrgyzstan, in fact, it is originated in Uzbekistan. However, it is one of the most popular dishes in the country. What is Dimlama anyway? To put it simplest, we can say it is a veggie stew with meat. Nevertheless, veggies like bell pepper, tomato, potato, carrot are the main ingredients that give it a delicious, spicy flavor. This dish is more popular among locals. It is easy to make and requires less effort.



Oromo is another Kyrgyzstan traditional food that is most popular among locals. Nevertheless, you do not see it that much on the menus of restaurants in Kyrgyzstan. Oromo is a dish that contains many veggies and minced meat. Meat can be cow or lamb, so you have more freedom for veggies, on the other hand. Most people use potatoes, tomatoes, onions, cabbage, and carrots to mix them with minced meat. Finally, it is served in a round shape covered with bread or dough. Oromo is one of the best examples of Kyrgyz cuisine, which is not that easy to cook. You should be thankful to your hosts if you are served Oromo.


manty dumplings

Manti is not specific to Kyrgyzstan, and it is popular not only in the region but also in other Turkic countries like Azerbaijan and Turkey. Manti is a meat season with salt and spices wrapped up by drought. Meat that is used for manti is mostly beef or lamb. Veggies like cabbage, pumpkin, potato are mixed in the meat. Manti has a smooth texture which makes it easier to eat. It is delicious and nutritious, and it is widespread all around the country. You can find it at restaurants, street vendors, or street markets.



Kurut is a snack that is widely popular in Kyrgyzstan. Nevertheless, it is not a Kyrgyzstan national food. The first time it was cooked in Uzbekistan. You should know about Central Asia that Uzbekistan cuisine is the jewel of central Asian cuisine, and it influenced neighboring countries such as Kyrgyzstan. Kurut is a dry, crispy, small yogurt ball made using goat milk. It is in small shapes and goes well with beverages. It is easily accessible since most places sell these snacks.


lagman soup

Turkic nations have too many similarities. Aside from similar languages, you will find many common things between these nations. Laghman is an Uyghur dish that is also popular in Kyrgyzstan. Nothing warms you like a hot bowl of Laghman in Kyrgyzstan. Laghman is noodle served with broth. However, you can find Laghman that does not have broth. It is blended with seasonal veggies and spices and includes meat as well.


grilling shashlik

Shashlik is probably the simplest dish on this list. It is simple grilled meat that is served with veggies and spices. It is hard to differentiate Shashlik from Kebab that most have already tasted. Nevertheless, Shashlik is considered to be a traditional food in Kyrgyzstan. It is widely available throughout the country. Even though it is a quick snack, the cook and the cooking method can make a huge difference because almost every cook has its specific marinade for Shashlik.

Ashlyan Fu

ashlan fu

Ashlyan Fu is a soup that has been considered to be the best remedy for hangovers. It is widely popular among Turkic countries and Central Asia. The soup is spicy and delicious, so it has a nice aftertaste. You can feel the mixtures of spices, veggies, and savory taste. What are the main ingredients? To cook Ashlyan Fu you will need corn starch, tablespoon sugar, pieces of star anise, ginger, pepper, tomato, chili pepper, carrots, onions, noodles, eggs, etc. As you can see, it is highly complicated, but it is rewarding.

Kuiruk Boor

Kuiruk Boor is another popular snack in the country. I am sure that you will be surprised when you hear its recipe. Kuiruk Boor is made of cooked sheep's bacon and liver sprinkled with herbs. I am not sure if that appeals to you, but according to the reviews of travelers who have tried Kuirik Boor, it is a delicious snack worth trying. To wrap up today's topic, we can say that meat-based dishes heavily dominate Kyrgyzstan cuisine. Nevertheless, they have foods that appeal to vegetarians. Overall, it is an interesting cuisine that Uzbek and Turkic cuisines heavily influence. We highly encourage you to travel to Kyrgyzstan to try these foods. What about the visa? Well, do not worry about a visa. Let Pickvisa handle your visa procedures. To further learn about our services, go to the services section at the top of your screen.

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