Top 10 pubs with best drinks in Chicago

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Top 10 pubs with best drinks in Chicago
travel to Chicago, leafing through multipage guides, or endless blog posts of avid travellers, it's easy to get confused and choose not what you want. This is especially true of places where you'll want to spend time after a busy day of excursions and walks. Chicago is crowded with establishments for all tastes and wallets: restaurants on the rooftops of skyscrapers, noisy eateries, cosy coffee shops, jumble bars, and pubs. We'll talk about the latter, I mean pubs in Chicago and pubs in Chicago Downtown, right now. How many pubs in Chicago? Many! Below is a list of top pubs in Chicago with the best drinks in Chicago - to your attention.

10. The Monk's Pub

pub in chicago Experienced tourists know that any journey is better to start from the outskirts - whether it's a city or a whole country. Places that a guide will not tell you about can tell you more than the largest museum of history. On the east western edge of Chicago, less than a kilometre from the Willis Tower and almost in the heart of Chicago Loop, lies The Monk's Pub, one of the best Belgian pubs in the United States. Classic Belgian interior is organically supplemented with elements of old German decor, which makes the Secret Pearl of the Windy City a peculiar but obligatory institution away from the usual tourist routes. A wide range of dishes on the menu of one of the best places to go for drinks in Chicago will be to the taste of both true connoisseurs of American traditions and culinary snobs from Europe, who want to feel at home anywhere globally, ordering a classic Caesar and something like a croissant. Despite the vast assortment of alcohol, the number of varieties of which exceeds a hundred, the regulars of "Pub Monk" most often prefer mead. Yes, surprisingly, the berry drink from Arizona's most famous mead factory in this one of the top pubs in Chicago is incredibly popular with visitors and residents of Chicago. If you want to taste the atmosphere of adventurous America, order a pint of light beer with the seductive name Yum Yum and one of the Monk's signature burgers. Even if you are a vegetarian, the caring chefs at The Monk's Pub will take your individual wishes into account.

9. Bangers & Lace

drinks and people The Bangers & Lace pub is considered one of the best pubs in Chicago by the locals. Everyone who works from morning to night to promote Chicago's development and prosperity has stopped by Wicker Park district at least once after work to relax while sipping West American bourbon, strawberry margaritas, or the eloquent Be a Better Person cocktail in its name. Why just great cocktails, though? When it comes to ale, whiskey, and good old-fashioned brandy, even a regular puber will have a hard choice. And how do you decide when the quality of your drinks is equal to their range? Vintage lovers will especially like the whole section of the menu dedicated to exceptional drinks. For example, paradox Scully, pumpkin drink Avery Pumpkin or untranslatable Firestone Helldorado 2016. The titles are too attractive to resist tasting or something more, aren't they? Bangers & Lace are also known for the best Kraft beer from around the world, secretly brewed sausages and authentic hospitality. The name speaks for itself: Sausages & Brussels Lace (an intricate pattern of remnants of beer foam that appears on the mug walls, proving the high quality of the drink).

8. Best Intentions

warm drink When brothers Chris and Calvin Marty tried to breathe life into the Marble Bar that lost its popularity, no one thought this once self-proclaimed "trendy cocktail bar" would become one of Logan Square's most popular establishments, Chicago's greenest neighbourhood. Today, one of the top pubs in Chicago believes that every guest has come to the Best Intentions delights with its uniqueness and modernity. The drinks and dishes inspired by the latest culinary trends are delightful. At Best Intentions, you can't stop by "just for a snack," because now it's not just a diner but also the glamour and glitter in the American incarnation. One glance at the pub's range of best drinks in Chicago makes your eyes sparkle. In addition to the usual beer, guests are offered more than a dozen kinds of mescal, several dozen bourbon varieties, rye whiskey, and gin and rum. But we recommend that you pay attention to drinks of Canadian origin. Why not travel around the Maple Leaf Country without crossing the US border? There are only five kinds of Canadian alcohol on the menu, but they can all take you on an exciting journey. Cherries on the cake of the Best Intentions will undoubtedly be marinated eggs (yes, almost the same as Matthew McConaughey ate in the sensational comedy action movie), stewed octopus, cheeseburger, or any other menu item - delicious absolutely everything! Among all the best places to go for drinks in Chicago - Best Intentions has a lot to choose from.

7. Carol's Pub

bars in chicago The beloved by all midnighters Carol's Pub is back after a two-year break! Being the most famous and cheapest pub in the Uptown area, the establishment did not sacrifice its reputation and regular guests to win the luxury ratings. Carol's Pub is one of the best places for cheap drinks in Chicago. Everything remained as it was during the golden '70s: cold beer on draft and in bottles, scotch, one and a half dozen kinds of American and Irish whiskey and shots giving Japan's atmosphere. However, there are also a few innovations. Now, visitors to Carol's Pub can throw a night party without worrying that the themes for friendly conversations will end - live country or western-style music will always play in the background. There are also special offers for the lovers of seasonal drinks for every day of the week: fire shots and special beers go out on holiday! Since recently, Carol's Pub has even been open for lunch between the largest city tours in Illinois. The cuisine consists of simple sandwiches, snacks, chicken wing sets with different sauces and burgers. Carol's Pub menu is not without its secrets: the full composition of Carol's Burger is known only to the chef! It is recommended to spend the whole day at Carol's Pub or break the visit several times. How else can you try all 29 kinds of amazingly delicious beer and best drinks in Chicago

6. Red Lion Pub

Immersing its guests in the traditions of old England, Red Lion Pub is one of the pubs in Chicago where you want to come back again and again for many years. Illuminated by the gentle sun during the day and filled with books about British history, the room is filled with a buzz of friendly shouts and relaxed conversations at night when the Windy City is awake and requires the banquet's continuation. The Red Lion Pub on North Lincoln Avenue is famous for its open terrace for cosy family dinners in summer, wood crackling fireplace lounges in winter and a private balcony to meet friends in a large company regardless of the season. There are legends about Red Lion, and the locals tell more or less likely stories about it by word of mouth - all this is enough to write a novel. Each of the 14 unique draught beers is definitely worth your attention. If you want something stronger, you can stop at one of the exclusive whiskey or bourbon beers. It doesn't matter which drink you choose, as the quality and degree of enjoyment you receive don't depend on the type or name. The founder of Red Lion Pub in Chicago assures that "the place where ideas are talked about" has more to say to this world. Why not try to hear his words right now by ordering an English breakfast and a pint of your favourite beer?

5. Old Town Ale House

classic bar Formerly a haven for art and informal people, Old Town Ale House is now one in every two top pubs in Chicago with the best drinks in Chicago and entertainment. Among the many paintings by regular visitors of the old days, there is still a hand-drawn poster, eloquently announcing in all its hears: Le premier dive bar - the premier pub. We don't know where this French brag is coming from, but Old Town Ale House is one of the local old-timers born in 1958, so he is entitled to it. Soaking up the Old Town atmosphere of the 70s, Ale House never seems to close its doors. As a local district landmark, the pub attracts more and more visitors: winners, losers, and those who do not give up, regardless of their beliefs and social status. Accompanied by the incessant gurgling of laughter and extravagant dialogues, the ringing of beer mugs full of real, incredibly delicious beer. Old Town Ale House is famous for its draught camp and ale, and if you want to take a couple or three bottles with you for a leisurely stroll down North Ave, take a Radler - atypical of America, but traditional Old Town pub.

4. Fado Irish Pub

bar with lot of drinks Incredibly, the fact is that traditional Irish pubs have not disappeared among pubs in Chicago Downtown, keeping their originality and authenticity in the atmosphere, design, cuisine, and, most importantly - in the beverages. Fado Irish Pub is one of the best Irish pubs in Chicago. Four miles from the bustling commercial district of The Magnificent Mile, the Fado Irish Pub seamlessly blends old and modern Ireland features. The century-old Dublin-born bar, which was brought here by a couple of Irish entrepreneurs back in 1996, is already on its doorstep. The cuisine at Fado Irish Pub goes far beyond Emerald Island's classic dishes, as Ireland is often called for its unique natural beauty. Fado is the perfect place to enjoy the best positions in the traditional pub menu, as well as exceptionally fresh, unseen anywhere else, seasonal offers that will appeal to both the convinced vegetarian and the raggedy meat. If you're tired of scrolling through endless reviews looking for a place to drink a couple or three of "real Irish" muggies, stop - an incredibly wide range of draught beer at one of the best Irish pubs in Chicago will solve all your problems. Except for one thing: it is VERY hard to choose. Except for everyone's favourite Guinness, ale, branded gin and whiskey-tonic and whiskey-sour are amazing not only taste buds, but also imagination. Local cider is also worth paying attention to - the drink comes from England will not leave anyone indifferent. For Irish barrel, be sure to order spicy tacos, a few warm donuts, or a juicy burger. And if you suddenly find yourself in Chicago on the eve of St. Patrick's Day, hurry up - it's better to book a table at Fado Irish Pub in advance and be ready for a noisy celebration.

3. Hopleaf

man sitting on the bar Hopleaf is the same pub that has made the Andersonville area famous in every corner of the United States. Belgian cuisine, excellent beer, and no TV - isn't that what you need for a pleasant evening with friends or alone with you? Hopleaf is one of the best places to go for drinks in Chicago. The assortment of carefully selected alcoholic drinks, especially beer, will satisfy any beer nerd, and the interior will be a delight for every visitor's eyes. The owner of Hopleaf makes no exception - guests should leave the pub not only satisfied but also return here more than a dozen times. We recommend opening the menu immediately on the beer page. In few places in America, let alone Chicago, you will be able to taste this drink with a palpable Belgian flavour. For example, a traditional light bulb would be an excellent choice. If you want something like this, order one of the Michigan ciders: a classic apple or an unusual shave - at your discretion. Any draught beer is perfectly combined with mussels, prepared according to the most famous Belgian cooks' recipe. You can also add bacon and combine the two continents' kitchens, separated by an endless ocean. Please note that there is no reserve at Hopleaf pub. As the Americans say: first come, first served.

2. The Northman

reserved bar sit Leaving the Red Lion Pub double from London's Westminster, take your time off Lincoln Avenue. Here on the Chicago River banks, in an inconspicuous brick building that stands out except for The Northman's laconic sign and cosy shutters painted in sky-blue, is a collection of cider from around the world. Sitting on the summer court and sipping a cocktail of, for example, cider, nutmeg, and freshly squeezed tropical mango juice, guests, who must include you, are immersed in a real Chicago atmosphere: modern, fast-paced, but always welcoming and cosy. Each dish in the short but impressive menu of one of the best pubs in Chicago will reveal any drink's taste, whether it is playful Spanish cider or strict German beer. Several kinds of sausages from the chef, salads, and sandwiches - it seems that the choice of dishes is small precisely to devote as much time and attention as possible to the drinks that The Northman does not count. Brought from the ocean and produced in Chicago or the Midwest USA, bottled and bottled cider is the undeniable highlight of the place, as well as beer. Kombucha for informal people, a couple of great cocktails and wines for lovers of noble rest, as well as several options to spend an evening with a glass in hand but without alcohol - The Northman pub opens its doors for everyone.

1. Revolution Brewing

bar lights Chicago is crowded with breweries and beer pubs, each with its own amateur, but only one on Milwaukee Avenue breaks all records. Revolution Brewing is one of the best brewpubs in Chicago. Known throughout America, Revolution Brewing Pub is a favourite of locals and sophisticated tourists and is the absolute winner of any guidebook. The revolutionary menu as an expression of restaurant ambitions of the owners and a wide range of beers for every taste leaves no room for criticism - everything is so chic that one wants to try more and more. Behind any coup, as you know, there are real heroes. That's why Revolution Brewing presents several lines of beer for the bravest: Hero Ipas, League of Heroes, as well as Freedom - otherwise, what is the meaning of revolution, if not freedom? For fans of the big city, we recommend the City Series, especially Chicago Golden Ale. If you wish, you can also visit Oktoberfest without leaving one of the best brewpubs in Chicago. Yes, yes, just order a German-style Lager from the seasonal menu. And to cool off in summer, have a look at wheat ale (Sun Crusher) or hibiscus beer (Rosa). If you were planning on making a lucrative deal in Silicon Valley, but took a wrong turn and happily ended up in Chicago (it happens!), don't be sad and try a light ale based on an Indian recipe called Galaxy-Hero. It may not be as good as the first round of investment, but it certainly proves that successful collaborations and innovative approaches are never redundant. Revolution Brewing is the largest brewery in the entire state of Illinois. Noisy but cosy in its own way, full of creativity and guaranteeing the quality of any position on the menu - Revolution Brewing pub rightfully gets gold in the rating of pubs in Chicago with the best drinks of the City of Winds. Apply for a US Visa now and get the best of Chicago!

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