Top places in Niue

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Top places in Niue
Pacific Ocean all around you and a steadily blowing wind that makes the land you are currently standing on, the perfect place to live thereafter. That has to be Niue undoubtedly. 

Where is Niue?

niue beach Tucked amidst Polynesia, Niue lies some 1,340 miles (2,160 km) northeast of Auckland, New Zealand, and 240 miles (385 km) east of the Vavaʿu Group of Tonga, in the southwestern Pacific Ocean.  It is lovingly also called the Rock of Polynesia; this oval-shaped land is a raised coral island that is around 40 miles in circumference. 

How to get to Niue Island

flight to niue island How to get to Niue Island is one of the oft-asked questions by world travellers, after they get to know where is Niue. It can be accessed through Auckland, New Zealand, where there is a bi-weekly flight to the International airport situated at Hanan, a five minutes’ drive from Alofi, Niue’s capital city. There are also yacht services that regularly ply from the other Polynesian islands and New Zealand. Important to remember is that no public transport and people are arriving at the International airport has to pre-arrange their private transfer. One also has to pre-book their accommodation and carrying the passport is mandatory, even for citizens of New Zealand. Now that we know how to get to Niue Island and where is Niue, let's know more.

Things to do in Niue

sea Being a tropical paradise surrounded by the ocean there are plenty of things to do in Niue. Here is a list of things to do in Niue, now that we know how to travel to Niue Island:

The Togo Chasm

togo chasm One of the most important things to do in Niue, immediately after soaking in the sun is visiting the Togo Chasm. It is based in the Huvalu Conservation Area. This coastal chasm looks otherworldly and your travel to Niue Island is incomplete without this visit. It is a must on the list of what to do in Niue after you have come to know how to travel to Niue Island.

Whales watching

whale watching Another favourite activity of tourists on their travel to Niue Island is watching those breath-taking animals rule the waves. Humpback whales visit from July to October. This is their time to give birth and nurse. The ocean is quite deep close to the shore and that allows the whales to come near it. There is a whale interaction tour too where one gets an opportunity to swim alongside them. A truly memorable event on your travel to Niue Island. How to travel to Niue Island becomes a dejected failure without watching these lovely creatures play around. A must for what to do in Niue.

Explore the Island

niue island One of the best ways to explore Niue Island is to hire a car and drive around. It is fun since outside Alofi, the Capital of Niue, traffic is light. There is a 64 km long coastal road that will take you close to the ocean. This coastal road has several cross-island routes and can take you to all the other parts of the land. This is a haven for adventure tourism and photography so be ready for both. Get a local license form the police station and you are ready to go. You can keep that license as a memorable souvenir too. 


fishing One of the amazing facts about Niue relates to its fishing. Being deep at the shores, fishing is quite a popular activity on the island. There are quite a few target species which tourists look out for. They are marlin (blue, black and striped), tuna (yellowfin, skipjack and dog-tooth), mahi-mahi, wahoo, sailfish, red bass and giant trevally. There are guided fishing tours which allow the visitor to go out into the ocean to catch prey. The sight from the ocean towards the shore is breath-taking too. It is certainly worth the visit.

The Island Walk

niue island The best time to visit Niue is between May to October. This is the time when the temperature is cooler and there are no cyclones to fear. This is also the time when a visitor is advised to explore the island through long walks. There are 30 well-managed sea tracks, many with steps and ladders that will take you to the nearest chasms, caves, coves and natural swimming pools. One of the best facts about Niue is that it is divided into two levels. One is a higher hilly one and the other is the plateau. So the walk would be a roller coaster ride and immensely fun. It is also one of the best ways to know more about Niue Language and Niue culture. There are interpretive panels which tell the visitor about the place and its history. The Island of Niue has an extensive network of off-road trails that snakes through forests, plantations, coastlines, beaches et al. It is a heaven for trekkers and hikers. So when you travel to Niue and after you have soaked into the Niue language and Niue culture, make sure to best the walking shoes. They are the ideal way to dig deep into one of the most beautiful and Instagrammable islands on the planet. 

Go Crabbing

crab The crab tour is also one of the amazing facts about Niue.  The Coconut crab is also known as Uga comes out at night. They are a mix of vivid blue and orange shells. They are mainly found in the rainforests and there are plenty of guided tours which will take you closer to them. It is the ideal way to understand more about them and their habitats. It is also a fun activity for kids who generally get mesmerised by these prehistoric creatures. The Uga can certainly be one of the fascinating facts about Niue.


snorkelling If you travel to Niue and have not snorkelled, then the visit is not complete. The ideal places for snorkelling are the Matapa chasm and the Limu Pools. They are situated at the northernmost tip of the island, near the Talava Arches. It used to be the favourite place of visit for Niuean royalty. The Matapa Chasm has huge walls on either side and massive boulder at the far end and that creates a counter to the huge ocean waves. It reduces them to a gentle surge. It is pertinent to know that the water is deep and there are many varieties of fishes to be found. Limu Pools is another place that is a must-visit. It is a collection of coral rocks creating pools of water. This is one of the highest-rated snorkelling spots in Niue. A must on the list of what to do in Niue.

The beach

niue island Niue is not all cliffs and rock faces. There are quite a few sandy beaches that are a delight to spend time in. The Utoki beach, which is situated near Alofi, the Niue capital, is one such beach. Hio beach is also one of the best. The beaches in Niue are convenient places for picnics and spots for relaxation. They are safe for children and they generally end up having loads of fun and frolic. The best time to visit Niue is between May and October and the beaches are radiant during those times.

Capital of Niue

yacht Alofi is the capital of Niue. It is also the largest settlement in the island state. It consists of two villages namely, Alofi North and Alofi South. Flights to Niue will land at the Niue International Airport which is located within a five minutes’ drive from the Capital of Niue. So if you want to know how to get to Niue, take any of the few flights to Niue from Auckland and land at the airport. Auckland is connected by International flights from all over the world. Alofi is located at the centre of the bay and has a population of 597. This is the second-lowest after the capital of Palau. Niue Tourism office as well as the other government offices are located more in Alofi South. One of the main themes of Niue tourism is eco-tourism. They attract tourists by promoting the untouched ecological diversity of the island nation. This has immensely helped in the growth of Niue tourism. As a result of which flights to Niue too may increase shortly. capital of niue The Niue capital is a combination of the old and the new. While it has all the trappings of modernity, it still seeps in its old-world charm. The capital of Niue exudes a certain warmth that most megacities in the world have lost. It is an open village, if it may be considered as one, looking towards the largest bay of the island. Having the Pacific Ocean as the backdrop itself elevates any city and Alofi does seem to benefit from it. There are a few beaches near the Niue capital and that helps. Most tourists visiting the island and the capital of Niue head for the nearest beach to relax and while away their time. As we have come to the best time to visit Niue since the cyclone season is over by then. Niuean is a Polynesian language and that is also considered to be the Niue language, which also reflects on Niue culture. However, the official Niue language is English and most inhabitants speak it fluently. Most of Niue hotels are located in and around the capital city. There are few Niue hotels and resorts along the coast. Niue hotels range from the basic bed and breakfast types to the semi-luxury ones and the food provided at the hotels is a gastronomic delight.  Once you get to know how to get to Niue, the rest is taken care of by the island. Walk on the beaches and soak in natural wonder. You will soon become one with the land.

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