Best things to do in Niue

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Best things to do in Niue
island. A fragment of paradise that promises you to have the best time of your life.  To beat idleness at home, we insist you think about your travel to Niue island. But before that, let us know about its geographical placement. Niue is a self-governing country located in the South Pacific Ocean. You will fall short of the things to do in Niue because this place is full of volcanic rocks, limestones, corals, snorkelling pools, and crystal-clear oceans.  But before you dream about how to get to Niue, let us get to know which is the best time to visit NiueThe best time to visit Niue is between December and March. It is the exact season when most cyclones strike the Niue island. For some people, it is otherwise. They prefer to visit Niue between May to October when there are no cyclones. And, the temperatures are cold. 

How to travel to Niue Island?

flight to niue Hanan Internation Airport lies in the capital of Niue, Alofi. Visitors from outside New Zealand have to reach Auckland first, then catch connecting flights to Niue.  Now, let us glance at the facts about Niue:

Niue capital

cave Alofi is the Niue capital city. In other words, it is- the Rock of Polynesia. It consists of an area of 100 square miles. Back in the year 2004, Cyclone Heta hit Niue capital. It caused extensive damage to the capital of Niue

Niue language 

niue people There are two significant languages that you need to know when you plan your travel to Niue island - Niuean and English. Here are a few words to help you communicate better:  Hello- Tena koutou Eat - Kai Drink- Inu Good luck - Waimarie Please- Fakamolemole Thank you - Kia ora Nice to meet you - Pai ki te whakatau ia Koe

Niue culture

niue Whenever you travel to a place, you need to get accustomed to the local customs. Likewise, in Niue, wearing swimwear is not permissible. If you wish to wear one, you should wear a paleu (sarong) along with it. Niue culture says Sundays are for morning and afternoon church hours. Sunday is a day of worship on Niue island.  Now, come and have a virtual vacation by getting to know about the best things to do in Niue

1. Witness the Night Life of Niue Island 

stars You do not have to wonder about the best things to do in Niue if you know if it has super-lit nightlife. On Fridays and Saturdays, you get to witness regular village dances. Sports Bars like Pacific Way Bar, Alofi Rugby Club, Clayton’s Bar, and Nukututaha Club are open for all sports enthusiasts. Once you know the Niue language, talking to locals becomes a cup of tea. The locals out here love to share stories about their homeland. 

2.  Do You Want to Wave at the Whales?

whale If whales interested you in the movies, then you should know the best time to visit Niue. Here, you get to swim with the whales. Between July and October, whales pay a visit to Niue. Your travel to Niue island is incomplete without the mention of Sei and Sperm whales. Like in the movies, you could see whales from the seashore. Here, in the capital of Niue, you can see the whales from as close as 20 meters from the seashore. Stop wondering about what to do in Niue and enjoy waving at the whales!

3.  Fall in Love with the Dolphins

dolphins Now that you know how to get to Niue, finding dolphins is not that difficult. One of the ideal things to do in Niue is watching beautiful dolphins. Large pods of spinner dolphins are the perpetual inhabitants of the capital of Niue, Alofi. Outside the reef, you find the dolphins giving acrobatic displays to the crowd. Niue tourism offers you towing alongside the inflation of the dolphins. The crystal-clear waters of Niue island let you see these mesmerizing creatures up close. Do not spend time worrying about how to travel to Niue island. All you need to think about are the dolphins. 

4. Go Snorkelling in the Capital of Niue

fish In the northern end of the island near the track of Talava Arches, you can swim as well as snorkel. The waters are crystal-clear, deep, and a residence to colourful fishes. At Matapa Chasm, you see towering rock walls on each side. There are boulders at the far end that reduce the intensity of the waves to a gentle surge. One of the best reasons to plan your travel to Niue island is Matapa Chasm. If you are adventurous at heart, then try jumping from overhanging cliffs into the deep crystal-clear waters of Matapa Chasm.

5. Play Mini Golf To Ease Your Worries

golf If the question of ‘what to do in Niue’ bothers you to the point of worry, then indulge in playing mini-golf at Vaiolama Cafe in the capital of Niue. Here you get unsophisticated food, delicious smoothies, ocean views, exquisite coffee, and mouth-watering cakes to soothe your taste buds. The café offers 18 holes of mini-golf on the most petal-strewn fairways you will get to play golf on. Niue culture is such that with golf, you also get a small bar at the cafe for all ages to enjoy. 

6. Go Biking To Enjoy Nature

biking Niue tourism’s heartthrob is biking. One of the best things to do in Niue is to cycle through the tropical forest. The best part about cycling is that you can travel to Niue island’s undiscovered parts. When you are in one of the Niue hotels, a cycle can assist you in roaming around the nearby attractions. You shall find many flights to Niue, but once you enter the capital of Niue, you get to experience the real joy of cycling through the unearthed trails. You get to learn too many facts about Niue if you go cycling. 

7. For the Love of Stargazing

stargazing One of the real reasons to visit Niue is stargazing. Once you travel to Niue island and spend a night there, nothing in the world can stop you from admiring the stars. Pollution in your city casts a drape over the stars. But places like the Niue capital will leave you spellbound.  One of the facts about Niue is its blessedness due to marvelling night skies. Niue comes under International Dark Sky Reserve too. Even in the capital of Niue, you get to see stars in the darkest spots. Now you know where Niue is. If not, then where you see too many stars in the clear dark sky. 

8. Are You A Local Food Lover?

salad When you decide to visit Niue, bear in mind that Nuie culture has some of the best dishes to offer to your taste buds. Your travel to Niue island consists of tasting toasted coconut bread with Niuean culture honey, fish salad, and tropical fruit. In the Niue hotels, cafes, and restaurants, you get to taste some of the best-selling fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood. Niue capital has one of the finest Niue hotels, namely Scenic Matavai Resort. It is the only hotel on the rock comprising of a restaurant and a bar with an ocean view. You will also get to learn a little bit of the Niue language

9. Go into the Mystery of Palaha Cave

niue Palaha caves have phenomenal stalagmites and stalactites. They come in odd colours. All you need to keep in mind is the slippery entrance to the Palaha Cave. At the mouth, you get to witness a delightful little pool. Locals advise newly-weds to enjoy a romantic sunset at the small pool (only when there is low tide). The capital of Niue is full of curious caves and magnificent chasms to keep you hooked for life. Some of them are still in the formation process. Niue tourism features visiting these lovely caves and chasms. 

10. How About Reef Walking?

walking man Now that you know where is Niue, finding the main ring road around Niue won’t be a problem. From the main ring road, you see a lot of sea trails. Make sure there is low tide, and you don’t damage the corals on your way to the sea. Your travel to Niue island will terminate into reef walking for picturesque coves and secluded beaches. After a few minutes of reef walking, you reach a cave in the rock that has a small beach, a patch of sand, and no one’s footprints. Isn’t it exciting? 


island There are too many things to do in Niue that will keep you glued, hooked, and bewitched for life. You visit Niue with an empty mind and a heavy heart but leave with spirited heed and jaunty essence. Make sure your travel to Niue island is along with a group of people because it’s a lonely planet, and you don’t want to become lonelier during the Pandemic situation.  Leaving at that, do you know how to travel to Niue island? Well, there are flights to Niue like Air New Zealand services from Auckland and New Zealand that take you to Niue twice weekly. From the capital of Niue, Niue International airport is less than 5 minutes away.  It will not be hard for you to know how to get to Niue once you glance through the instructions over the digital space. We hope you have a pleasant trip to the tropical paradise of the whole world with the help of Niue tourism.  

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