Top places in Saint Martin

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Top places in Saint Martin
places to visit in the world, let’s start with where is Saint Martin. Saint-Martin, the smallest island in the Caribbean, is the island of Saint Maarten, the territory of which is divided into two parts - one belongs to the Netherlands, the other to France. The most interesting and intriguing on the island is its Princess Juliana Saint Martin airport, landing on which requires self-control and pilots professionalism due to the small size of the island. The runway is located very close to the seashore, where thousands of tourists’ rest. If you want to know when to travel to Saint Martin, continue reading this article. little globe Life on St. Maarten is in constant motion; there are mansions of famous movie stars, magnificent sandy beaches with adjoining waters of the sea, distinguished by their marvellous transparency and purity. Tourists are offered the opportunity to go underwater fishing, diving, swim to amazing coral reefs, as well as climb mountain of Paradise. The city is famous for having top places to visit in the world and its sights. Acquaintance with it will certainly begin from the Fort of St. Louis, and you can visit the butterfly farm, where they are specially bred and monitored for development. There is also a parrot reserve and the Creole village of Colombier on the island. Saint Martin flag has French tricolour. Now you must have known where is Saint Martin; it’s time to know facts about Saint Martin including places to visit, Saint Martin flag, Saint Martin airport, best hotels in Saint Martin, where to stay in Saint Martin, and when to travel to Saint Martin.

Unusual places to visit and activities in Saint Martin

saint martin The main city of the Dutch part of the island is Philipsburg. It will appeal to lovers of walks with its historical places to visit in Saint Martin. On the travel to Saint Martin you can notice that streets and beautiful buildings of colonial times with tiled roofs have been preserved; there are about ten old churches in the city alone. The starting point of excursion programs around the city is Watney Square; next to it is the Queen Wilhelmina monument and the most beautiful historical buildings. The most visited cultural institution on the travel to Saint Martin is the Saint-Martin Museum, which presents to the attention of visitors a collection of interesting historical exhibits. Part of the exposition is made up of archaeological artefacts discovered on the island during the research. The most interesting part of the collection is the items obtained from the sunken frigate Proselyte. It wrecked off the coast of the island more than a hundred years ago and still rests on the seabed.

Botanical Garden

botanical garden The real pride of the inhabitants of Philipsburg is the Botanical Garden, which will conquer with its beauty. One of the facts about Saint Martin is that it is distinguished not only by the variety of rare plants and flowers, but also by a very beautiful landscape design, and there is also a small zoo on the territory of the garden. Before planning a visit to Saint Martin, you must know the best time to travel to Saint Martin.


Saint Martin is a popular beach resort, and the island is famous for its amazing natural attractions. If what you are looking for is a vacation in one of the best beach destinations in the world, the island of Saint Martin should be included in your list of places to visit and comes under top places to visit in the world. This small Caribbean island hides little treasures in its beaches to spend an idyllic vacation. Keep reading this blog to know the best time to travel to Saint Martin beaches.
  • Maho Beach: This is undoubtedly one of the most famous beaches in Saint Martin. Located in the Dutch part of the island, it is a real sight to see the planes approaching it. They fly so low that it looks like they are going to land next to you. Without a doubt, it is one of the curious places to visit in Saint Martin during your stay.
  • Anse Marcel: Anse Marcel is a small beach hidden between valleys of an emerald green colour. Also surrounded by a small marina, this beach is ideal for resting. The calm waters make it ideal for the whole family. To access this beach, it is best to stay at a resort in the area. The Riu Palace St Martin hotel is among the best hotels in Saint Martin and the perfect place to explore this wonderful beach. Keep reading to know more about the best hotels in Saint Martin.
  • Baie nettle: The most striking thing about Baia Nettle is that it is divided into two beaches: one of them overlooks the Caribbean Sea, and the other one overlooks the lagoon. In it, you will also find many establishments such as bars or restaurants to have a drink while enjoying the calm waters of the lagoon or the crystal clear the Caribbean Sea.

Mount Concordia

mount concordia For hikers, the most popular places to visit in Saint Martin include Mount Concordia. As it is quite low, it is not difficult to climb it. On top of this mountain, there is a Border Monument, where the conditional division of the island into the French and Dutch parts takes place. Cultural landmarks in Saint Martin Travellers who have enough time should definitely travel to Saint Martin areas and cities. On the territory of each of them, there are objects worthy of the attention of excursions fans. The French capital of the island and a bustling tourist centre is the city of Marigot, with an abundance of shops and entertainment options. The most important historical landmark of the capital is the beautiful Fort St. Louis, which has survived only partially to this day.

How to get to Saint Martin?


By plane to Saint Martin - Flights to Saint Martin

Only a few airlines have regional flights to Saint Martin and from Saint Martin airport. All major flights to Saint Martin arrive and depart in the Dutch part, Sint Maarten. The airlines that fly to Saint Martin airport are Air Antillas from Guadeloupe, Air Caraibean from Guadeloupe and Martinique, and St Barth Commuter from Saint Barthélemy.

By boat to Saint Martin

boat In season, there are ferries operated by the Anguilla Ferry system, going between the islands of Anguilla and Saint Martin. They run every day between 7:00 and 19:00, approximately every 20 minutes between Anguilla and Marigot in the French part of St. Maarten/Saint Martin.

What to do in Saint Martin?

family Suppose you want to know what to do in Saint Martin. In that case, you should know that a significant part of travellers is attracted to the island by beautiful beaches which are perfectly equipped for a variety of water activities. In total, there are 37 beaches on the island, among which it will not be difficult to choose a suitable one for relaxation. Surf lovers have long chosen the picturesque Plum Bay beach, and the beaches of Baiе Rouge, Friar Bay, and Grandes Cayes are more suitable for divers. One of the busiest and most beautiful ones is the Grand Case beach. Keep reading to know more about what to do in Saint Martin. Saint Martin is perfect for families. Here you can comfortably sunbathe or swim with a mask, play on the sports fields or go to one of the beach restaurants to taste delicacies. Anse Marcel beach is also ideal for families with children, and Petites Cayes beach is the quietest and least crowded on the island. building Several days a week in the French capital, there is an excellent street market called Marigot Market, where you can buy the most unexpected souvenirs and antiques. The Dutch capital is famous for its numerous nightlives. In the evening, the central streets of the capital are illuminated with colourful neon signs. Dance lovers will love the Heaven Disco club, decorated in a unique Latin American style. This is all we wanted to highlight about things to do in Saint Martin. Now let`s move further with the best time to travel to Saint Martin.

When to travel to Saint Martin?

calendar Are you curious when to travel to Saint Martin? We will tell you the time of the year when you should visit Saint Martin. The best months to catch good weather in Saint Martin are May, June, July, August, September, and October. On average, the warmest months are June, July, August, and September February is the coldest month of the year. The rainiest months are January, November, and December. If you are fond of swimming, then you should visit during it June and October.

Where to stay in Saint Martin?

acommodations Continue reading here to know where to stay in Saint Martin. The island is divided into the French part in the north and the Dutch part in the south. In other words, one can spend two holidays. Dawn Beach on the east coast is part of the Dutch region, with crystal clear waters, long sandy beaches, and countless restaurants serving delicious Caribbean cuisine. The best places to stay in Saint Martin are Simpson Bay and St. Marten’s best nightlife. The beautiful town of Philipsburg is the largest best places to stay in Saint Martin. Therefore, there are many duty-free shops, restaurants, and bars for tourists on the main street. A historic town with the ruins of an old Dutch fortress, it’s easy to explore the east and north coasts of St. Martin. If the idea of staying at one of the best places to stay in Saint Martin appeals to you, then choose Lowlands or Cupercoy, as they have the best beaches on the island, and has easy access to nightlife, bars, and restaurants. These two resorts are popular with families, couples, and honeymooners who want to enjoy a romantic walk on a secluded beach, but with easy access to services.

Final Words

toy I hope you have decided when to travel to Saint Martin, Saint Martin flag and where to stay in Saint Martin and came to know where is Saint Martin, facts about Saint Martin during your Saint Martin trip.

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