5 important travel hacks for adventure lovers

5 important travel hacks for adventure lovers

Hagigat Alizade19 October 2020928 views8 min. read
5 important travel hacks for adventure lovers
travel hacks? Every travel lover should know a little information to make travelling more comfy and beneficial. Let`s find the answer to what is travel hacks? These hacks can make a huge difference during your travel time. There are five important types of travel hacks for every adventure lover: saving money, eating, travel, life, and packing hacks.

How to save money

car toy For travelling more, you need more money. That’s why you should save money on another journey if you have a limited budget. Travel hacks to save money:
  • Use applications for calling back home and texting messages. You will see a huge difference between applications and carrier service. Be sure that you have WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook applications. It will be great to send free messages with Wi-Fi instead of paying per messages with carrier service.
  • Usually, it’s good to have some amount of cash on you. However, it differs from state to state. Some countries do not use credit or debit cards; in this case, you should take a lot of cash. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you should make research about these issues in a country you want to travel to. For example, there are not many ATMs in Nauru, and you should go there with a lot of cash. Moreover, things in Nauru are not cheap. But mostly, it will be beneficial to use the bank card to exchange money because bank cards offer the best exchange rates than local exchanges.
  • Use some beneficial apps. Take with you multiple bank cards to gain bonus points while travelling. It is necessary to avoid paying extra transaction fees.
  • It is important to divide time into saving time and splurging time while travelling. Do not spend much money on your first days of travel, but it will be a great pleasure dining at the beautiful restaurant with an amazing view on the last day of your trip.
  • Joining Facebook groups will alert you about limited budget travel deals. Moreover, there you will learn about more travel hacks to save money.
  • It is hard to win in timing and location both. If you want to travel at a certain time, then you have to be flexible. If you want to be at a certain place, then you have to be flexible in time.
  • As you know, sometimes, prices that hotels post on websites can be misleading. The shown price is not always the lowest one. That’s why it could help to contact the hotel directly and ask for the lowest price.
  • Do not look for the best room in the hotel, because it will be the most expensive room. Remember, you pay additionally only for a lot of space in the room or view when you get that desirable room.
  • Booking a room that has a microwave, refrigerator, or kitchen is another chance for the cheapest travel.
Now, you know about travel hacks to save money.

Eating while travelling

meal This group of hacks is the best travel hacks and will help you in two conditions. The first condition is a limited eating budget:
  • Do not bring water to the airport. Instead of bringing a full bottle, bring an empty one. After passing the security, fill it with water.
  • Try to buy meals from the farmers’ markets. It will be healthier and cheaper than packaged food.
  • Bring snacks with you, healthy chips (banana or coconut chips). Fighting against hunger attacks with healthy chips will help you not to pay for whatever you see. It will also help relativity because when you are deeply angry, you will think about eating more food than you can.
  • You can sometimes have a picnic in nature or any park by bringing fresh vegetables, fruits, and light snacks. Also, you can taste local specialities and street food.
  • A good breakfast will make you more active. There is a cheaper way to have breakfast: go to the grocery in the city where you can find fresh meals, yoghurt, fruit juice, and a pastry.
  • If you are not in Western countries, do not pay international, luxury restaurants for insatiable foods and meals. Following locals and making dinner as a local will be interesting experience for you.
  • If you want to taste delicious food with a limited budget, make local friends, or find micro websites where people share experiences. Eater and Chief Feeds applications can be a choice for you. You can also learn there the best travel hacks for eating.
  • Restaurants usually have cheaper offered lunches. You can buy extra food while eating your lunch at the restaurant and take it with you to the hotel for dinner.
  • There are some markets, chefs, and restaurants that make offers for free drinks, meals, fresh food. Sometimes they are looking for people who will give feedback to them.
little globus The second scenario: You are a food lover, and you have an unlimited budget for it. Of course, it is necessary to prevent relativity. But if eating makes you happier, then do it for yourself. I can hear about overweight problems, but who cares?! There is happiness: enjoy it!
  • Look for websites for a shared experience with tasty food.
  • List them for your comfort.
  • List more places than you will visit. Because some conditions can change and it could be impossible to go there. For example, the restaurant can be in restoration. In another condition, it can be full of clients and couldn’t find any place in it. There are some restaurants that clients make a reservation a month in advance.
  • Do not try to go to all of your listed places.
  • Try to taste local meals. It is one of the best travel hacks while travelling.

Travel Hacks Flights

Wizzair Transport is the main subject of how to travel from one place to another. The comfiest way is going by an airplane. You will gain extra travel time with flights. There are some travel hacks flights we will talk about:
  • Sometimes one-way flights can be cheaper instead of two-way flights.
  • Look for the middle weekday’s flight. Flights on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays can be less expensive than on other days.
  • In the long destination, buy the tickets close to your destination; book local carrier for your final destination. You are not forced to go to the point only by aircraft. Two or more types of transport, together with flights, will save hundreds of dollars.
  • If you are in a hurry, but you are not sure if it is possible to realize or not, then a 24 hours rule will help you. Due to USE DOT regulations, airlines must permit a ticket for a certain time, or they should let for changes within 24 hours after purchasing. Most airlines choose the second rule.
Travel hacks flights can make a huge difference.

Travel packing hacks

travel packing Travel packing hacks will help to optimize the weight of baggage and avoid unnecessary things:
  • The first hack is a little bit funny. If you want more space in your baggage, then take the heaviest sweater in your hand. At the airport, put it o, put it in a bag after check-in and take it with you to the plane.
  • If you are taking two outwears, then put on the heaviest one for more space.
  • Roll the things to save space in your baggage.
  • Packing in cubes will make more organized baggage. It can even help to shove in things that are soft and messy.
  • Carry laundry bags for laundries and dirty shoes.
  • If you are going to hot countries with a lot of light t-shirts, I would prefer seven. You will wash them once a week, or you can change in case of any perspire or getting dirty. Do not forget about two pairs of swimwear, a microfiber towel, and flip-flops. Several tablets of medicine for possible stomach aches, Band-Aid, and pain relief will help you. Fly repellent is also necessary.
  • Do not carry heavy hair gadgets.
  • Take with you urgent acne solutions in a mini bottle and moisturizing cream. During the flight, skin dehydrates strongly, and your skin will feel very dry. It is one of the most important travel packing hacks.
  • Make a plan for outfits. Looks for the days will reduce more space for other things.

Travel life hacks

little compass Travel life hacks are the best type of hacks to make your work easier:
  • Get travel insurance: it will prevent any money loss in emergency cases. For example, in some states of the US, serum prices are more than 1000 dollars without insurance.
  • Download Google Map for offline navigation.
  • Follow the weather forecast for the country that you will go to.
  • It’s necessary to know in which season you want to visit a specific country. For example, tropical climate countries can be very rainy during Musson. From December to early April is a good time for tropical places.
  • The clothes that you will carry with you depend even on the country location. For example, I was in February in Dubai a few years ago, the weather was lovely, and I took only light t-shirts. Until that trip, I didn’t know that desserts are pretty cold at night. I was freezing and couldn’t enjoy the show of the star of the night, the belly dancer.
We tried to answer what is travel hacks? and talk about five important hacks about travel. You can also search for more travel life hacks on the internet.

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