Useful mobile apps to make your travel easier

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As in every area of our lives, information technology makes the travel much more comfortable. You might momentarily think about how people, in the past, travelled to countries they had never known, without the mobile apps, which would ease their journey?! How did they plan the travel?! Nowadays, we can buy our tickets, book the hotel, and even purchase the tickets for the museums online without even leaving home. We only need to go and enjoy our travel. In this post, I am going to tell you about the useful travel apps that will be useful during the trip and be your best travel buddy. So, take the notes, and let’s see which applications are the musts to get on the phone before travelling.

What are the best travel apps?

travel planning procedure

Firstly, let’s talk about the applications we need for travel planning. Imagine that your friends and relatives have told something good about a city and you want to see that place too. First and foremost, you need to find the right ticket to the city you want to visit. Which applications will be the best?!

Skyscanner,, Momondo, eDreams, Jetradar, Expedia are travel planning apps with almost the same principles of operation. You can find both iOS and Android versions to download to your phone. After choosing the location and the date of your travel, the applications will offer you the flight from the cheapest to expensive. Skyscanner, Momondo, Expedia apps provide not only the flights but also hotels to stay, and car rentals.

Skyscanner is the most popular application. However, this app has three main features worth to note. Firstly, if you are flexible with travel dates, you can find a suitable ticket by choosing the option “the cheapest month.” Secondly, if you want to get the cheapest ticket and do not care about the location, then you can type “Everywhere” in the destination box. Thirdly, if you want to buy a cheap ticket, you can choose the destination country and create a price notification. You will receive the notification email when there is a ticket for an affordable price. 

car mirror

Secretflying is one of the best travel apps for travel planning, which is mainly designed to find and present the cheap airline tickets. Sometimes you can find amazingly low-cost tickets in this app. You can download the iOS and Android versions to your phone.

Omio offers you not only the cheapest flights but also the option of travelling by other vehicles. You can also purchase bus and train tickets through the application.

Rome2Rio is one of the most used travel planning apps. We can even say that it is a faithful companion for those who are travelling for the first time. You specify the destination city in the application, and it offers you options by plane, train, and car.

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The list of travel planning apps can be further extended. For example, we can use the taxi service through the Uber app in the destination city or Blablacar app, which is designed for intercity share riding. You can plan your intercity train trip in Europe via Trainline and RailPlanner apps. With FlixBus, we can offer low-cost bus trips within Europe. Moreover, there are benefits to download airlines’ mobile apps to the phone to be notified of low prices and airline discount campaigns, since we don’t always have the opportunity to visit the airline’s website to stay up to date on the news. But, when there are discounts, mobile apps get alerts, so we will be able to see discounted flights immediately. You can download Ryanair, Wizzair, AirEuropa, and EasyJet for Europe.

So, we have bought around a round trip ticket, got aware of intercity vehicles, now it is time to define where we will stay. Let’s find out which mobile apps are best to use to find hotels, houses to stay during the travel.

What are some travel booking apps?

luxury hotel

Probably, everyone knows You can also download it to your phone. will come to your aid when you think about where to stay. Enter the site, type the destination city and dates of travel, and define the price range that suits you. will select the most affordable hotels for you.

While choosing the hotel, make your decision after reading the evaluation and review section. If you are unsure about the hotel you want and wonder whether there are better or more affordable options, you can book the hotel with the choice “free cancellation.” If later you find something more suitable, you can always cancel the previous one. Remember to cancel before the last day for free cancellation. If you pass the free-cancellation time, you will lose the chance to cancel. Besides, you can also use other best travel booking apps such as Trivago,, and Agoda while searching the hotels.

hostel room

If you want to rent a house, not a hotel, then download one of the top travel mobile apps - Airbnb app to your phone. Airbnb is a platform where the locals over 34,000 cities give their homes to tourists for rent. You can also rent a whole house, not only a room. These homes, which are more affordable than hotels, are usually recommended for group or family trips. Read the reviews of the previous users before renting an apartment.

Couchsurfing is advised for those looking for a free place to stay. You will find people who will host you for free in their home at the destination country via this one of the useful travel apps

HotelTonight is an ideal application for those who decide to stay at the hotel at the last minute. It is an application where the hotels sell the unsold rooms till the last moment for a reasonable price. If you are travelling and have not yet selected the hotel, do not worry, you will find the hotel at a reasonable price by this app.

Other best travel mobile apps - Hostelworld and Hostelbookers apps are advised for those who plan to stay at the hostel during travel.

Helpful travel apps

google maps

Now, let’s talk about the apps that will help us during the travel. Firstly, the map applications such as Google Maps,, and CityMaps2Go are absolute musts like water and air. These map apps, which can be used both online and offline, are most we need when travelling. Download the map of the destination country in advance, to use through GPS without the need for the internet.

Many of us want to know the weather forecast weeks before the trip to avoid rainy, snowy days in the destination country. The AccuWeather app will come to our help. 

Another application we may need to travel is Google Translate. People with poor foreign language skills sometimes hesitate to travel. With this app, you will be able to communicate with someone and explain what you want. 

TripAdvisor, Foursquare, TheFork, FoodSpotting are helpful travel apps that answer all your questions about food, cafes, and restaurants during your travels. With these apps, you can read previous users’ comments about restaurants and make your choice. You can find information not only about restaurants but also about places to go with the help of Tripadvisor.

XE Currency provides you with the rate of exchange in the destination country. You can also use this app offline. It has iOS and Android versions and is free.

hiking trip

Sometimes, the distance between the two flights is long on transit flights, and it is hard to spend time at the airport. The Lounge Buddy app shows the places to rest at the airport to enjoy those long hours. 

Flush Toilet Finder is an app that will be most useful for those travelling with a kid. I am sure that this is one of the main problems for families travelling with children. Although you may find it ridiculous, you can find the public toilets in the cities you visit with this one of the helpful travel apps

Sandemans New Europe is a free tour app you can use in eighteen cities. With this app, you can book tours in the destination city in advance and get information about the places by joining these free tours. Although the tour is free, you can sometimes give tips to the tour guides.

RoadTrippers is popular among all best travel mobile apps for car travellers. You need to indicate the start and final point. The map will show all the places to see and stay, and restaurants on your way. 

Indeed, the list of useful travel apps during travel could be extended. However, we decided to talk about the most popular, the most used. You can easily plan a trip with this app using the benefits of technology.

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