Travel tips to visit Norfolk Island

Roxana Acosta Sosa25 November 20201426 views9 min. read
Travel tips to visit Norfolk Island
trip (as I do) to bring closure to this evil year and welcome new hope. In case you don't have a plan on where to go and are looking for adventure travel, I would like you to consider Norfolk Island as an option. Don't you know much about this place? Don't worry, in this article, you will find some tips and travel things to do so you can say goodbye to this year as you deserve.

1. Get to know where is Norfolk Island

norfolk island beach If you still don't know where is Norfolk Island, let me tell you that it is located in the South Pacific Ocean; it is a small external territory of 36 km2 located 1,400 km east of Australia. The Norfolk island population is just 2300 people, some of whom are descendants of Mutineers from the Bounty who made landfall there after being evacuated from Pitcairn. The capital of Norfolk Island is Kingston, and Norfolk island tourism is its main economic source. This island largely belongs to the National Park, where they protect native fauna and flora and are responsible for restoring damaged ecosystems. Travelers enjoy native nature and seek different things to do, such as fishing, hiking, etc.

2. Discover the Norfolk Island weather

pine The Norfolk Island weather has a marine subtropical climate, characterized by being temperate. In the warmer months, January and February, the temperature during the day is around 25 degrees, at night around 19/20° C; heat records are around 30 degrees.  In the coldest months, July and August, the average temperature during the day is 18° C, and the night temperature is 13° C. In the winter, from June to August, the disturbed western flow can bring bad weather, wind, and rain, while sometimes the cold air of Antarctic origin can bring a bit chilly at night with low temperatures of around 10 degrees not less than that. As for the rains, these are relatively abundant most of the year, and there is no true dry season. However, in spring and summer, from September to March, they do not reach 100 mm per month, while in autumn and winter, they are April to August, total precipitation fluctuates between 120 and 150 mm per month. Rain records are high every month, which means it can sometimes rain a lot, even in spring and summer, but it will not be an impediment to visit Kingston.

3. When to go to Norfolk Island?

anson bay So that you can organize and find the best things to do in Norfolk Island, the best time to visit is from October to March, because the rains are less heavy, the sun is more frequent, and the temperature is pleasant.  The hottest months in which you can also swim are January, February, and March. However, from November to April, and especially from January to March, a tropical cyclone's remnants can sometimes arrive. So October can be interesting, a pleasant spring month, with daytime temperatures around 20 degrees, although quite rainy (and sometimes windy). Still, you can have Norfolk Island holidays that are worth it.

4. Get to know about the Norfolk Island flag

norfolk island Surely when looking for where is Norfolk island, you came across its flag, and surely you did not expect such a design. It is very similar to the Nigerian flag, with the only difference that the Norfolk island flag has a pine tree in its center, something like the Lebanon flag. Norfolk island flag was adopted in 1980, quite recent, we could say, compared to many other countries' flag. It is characterized by using only two colors, green and white, and a prominent local symbol in the middle, which is an Araucaria heterophylla, commonly called Araucaria excelsa, Araucaria, or just Norfolk Island Pine. In reality, this tree is not a pine; it is a conifer and is endemic to Norfolk Island, although it is currently widely cultivated around the world for its ornamental value. Then, we can say that this tree is an emblem for the island, making it clear on the stamp of its flag that this conifer is its original home. You will find the flag in Norfolk Island hotels and many other important places.

5. The island's security

norfolk island When you know the Norfolk island population, you will surely wonder if this place is safe or not. Nowadays, nothing should surprise you, not even an island that does not exceed a population of 2300 people, and why? Because you can't go through life thinking that your things will take care of themselves, right? What I mean by this, that although knowing the Norfolk island population, you should still pay attention but only the necessary since the level of crime on the island is very low. It is quite a peaceful place, so much that between 1893 and 2002, there were exactly zero murders, so when a 29-year-old girl named Janelle Patton was killed by a New Zealand cook (that would be known 4 years later), the commotion on the island was total. So stranger things can happen anywhere and at any time.

6. Have an adventure travel

prison If you like adventure travel, one thing to do is to know the history of the place. Part of the Australian island was used as a penal establishment in 1824 by the British Empire, where convicts were imprisoned for their crimes, and Norfolk was turned into a real hell for the convicts. Living conditions were appalling: food rations were always the same, and very limited, horrific forced labor, disproportionate punishments, corruption, and death were constant. This prison was the first to introduce psychological punishment; the prisoners were locked in cells wearing a hood and forced to remain silent for days or even months, many developed psychiatric problems because of this, food was used as a method of reward, the prisoners who had good behavior received food and even luxury items such as tobacco or sugar, those who did not follow the rules or had bad behavior only received bread and water to survive. Its visit can be one of the stranger things to do for some tourists.             So the guided tour of this jail is part of Norfolk island tourism. This place is located near Emily Bay and is part of the island's history. In case you visit Kingston, you can take a walk around here. Since 2010 it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site. If you have problems reaching here, do not forget that you can always ask in your Norfolk island resort about it.           

7. Norfolk Island hotels 

norfolk island village Ready for  Norfolk Island holidays? Part of the travel things to do is looking for a hotel. This will depend a lot on your budget and the plans you have in mind. Still, you have many Norfolk island resorts to choose from. If you are looking for a place to stay in the heart of Norfolk Island to find travel things to do, you will find not only 4 stars hotels and resorts; you can also find villas just 3 minutes walk from the Queen Victoria Garden and less than 5 minutes by car from The Old Watermill Complex. You will find other Norfolk Island hotels just 2.2 km from Kingston and Arthur's Vale Historic Area and 2.2 km from All Saints Church. Prices vary, although no room costs less than $120 per night. If you visit Kingston, you can also find Norfolk island resort close to the sea, just a 15-minute drive from Kingston Historic Area and Arthur's Vale, and even close to Norfolk Island National Park. The hotels offer everything you need, such as WiFi, recreation spaces such as tennis courts, etc., so you have many things to do in Norfolk Island.

8. Visit the capital of Norfolk island 

norfolk island Continuing with the Norfolk Island holidays, we recommend that you visit Kingston, the capital. It is not the largest city on the island, but it is the oldest settlement, and therefore, it is the place that can show you the most about the island's past. There you can visit the ruins of the old jail, the well-kept cemetery, spend hours sunbathing, bathing in the sea, or riding a rented boat in Emily Bay. To find out more about its history, there are good local guides who will be happy to help you in your adventure travel. You can also rent bicycles and tour the island without much effort. There are several interesting monuments and churches, the famous Norfolk pines! Restaurants, surfing, golf, beaches, nightlife ... We could be talking about the capital of Norfolk Island as a paradise. Well, guys, if you have the opportunity to visit this site, you will find many things to do. I wish I had a magical door like the one in Doraemon to hang out in the Norfolk Island weather and enjoy life right now!   

9. What should you pack for your Norfolk island tourism

packing Now that you know about the Norfolk Island weather, you will not need to pack very warm clothes; rather, choose light ones, comfortable shoes and get ready to explore because you have things to do in Norfolk Island, and for that, comfort is paramount. Do not forget mosquito repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, hat, or cap. You will not need stranger things, but you should also take a universal adapter since Australia has a different plug than the European one. We recommend that if you are going to buy an adapter, take advantage and buy one that works for other countries. Because if you are a traveler, it is better to have one than 4 different ones. It is convenient for you to place your documents such as passport, visa, medical insurance, and driving license in the same folder. Also, for your Norfolk Island holidays, it is better to put a lock on your bags. However, the island is safe, at airports, you never know what might happen. And don't forget a little medicine cabinet.

10. How to get to Norfolk Island

air travel To get to the capital of Norfolk Island, the most convenient thing is to take a direct flight either from Sydney, Brisbane (Australia), or Auckland (New Zealand). They are short trips, no more than 3 hours. You will find different airlines depending on the country you come from, although generally, to get to your adventure travel, you will have different stopovers.

Final Thoughts

rocks We hope the information we have offered to you in this article has been helpful. You will find many things to do in Norfolk Island, and remember that there is nothing better than starting a new year traveling!

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