Travel tips to visit US Virgin Islands

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Travel tips to visit US Virgin Islands
island to visit. Why? Scenic hiking, crystal-clear water, white sand beaches, boating opportunities, adventurous diving and snorkelling, and much more. Apart from the laid-back life, there are plenty of other things also to do when you visit the Virgin Islands. So, where are the Virgin Islands? What travel tips for the Virgin Islands? How to have your best time in the US Virgin Islands? Which is the best place to visit in US Virgin Islands? Which is the best US Virgin Islands resorts? This article has answers to all these questions and more! The guide is perfect for you to refer to for all the details to know before you visit Virgin Islands. Let’s get to the questions one by one!

Where are the Virgin Islands?

The Virgin Islands are located between the North Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. A close look at US Virgin Islands map will show that these islands are close to the Puerto Ricco trench. Virgin Islands are basically a group of exotic islands that are divided into British and US Virgin Islands, based on their jurisdiction. The US Virgin Islands is an unincorporated territory of the US and consists of the islands- Saint Croix, Saint John, and Saint Thomas, and many other surrounding minor islands. Keep reading to find out which island to visit in US Virgin Islands first!

Travel tips for the Virgin Islands

The US Virgin Islands largely relies on tourism for its main income and is a popular travel and honeymoon destination. It is also one of the best places to plan a scuba diving trip. Nonetheless, there are some important travel tips for the Virgin Islands that could come in handy to you while you visit Virgin Islands.

1. Be prepared for the weather

luggage Make your time in the US Virgin Islands worthwhile by keeping yourself updated on what to expect in terms of weather. The Virgin Islands have a tropical climate almost all through the year. The temperatures vary very little throughout the year. The typical daily temperature minimum on a regular day is around 24 degrees and feels rather humid all year round. So, pack your summer clothes and get ready to hit the beach!

2. Important things to pack while you visit Virgin Islands

backpacking Always make sure to stick to natural fabrics like cotton, linen while here. Also, carry only lightweight and light-coloured items in your clothing. Just don’t forget to carry your bathing suit; the place is full of beaches! Athletic shoes, hiking boots, and flip-flops are a must on the trip. Bring the essential toiletries, a health kit with essential medicines, and sunglasses. 

3. Don’t miss to visit the St John Island

st john island St. John is probably the apt answer to your question, which island to visit in US Virgin Islands? Although each of the islands has a distinctive feature, St. John holds great importance on the US Virgin Islands map. Unlike the other islands, this island is surely the best place to visit in Virgin Islands as nearly two-thirds of it is preserved as a national park. Hence, it is devoid of any crowd and is rather a pleasant place to check out the natural beauty of the islands. 

4. Get a drink at the St. Croix island

pink cocktail One of the best US Virgin Islands travel tips is to relax and get yourself a drink from the place where the alcohol was made! Yes, St. Croix has a number of rum and wine distilleries. The Cruzan Rum and Captain Morgan Rum are notable drinks that have caught widespread attention. There are 39 other different types of rums here. There are also some excellent craft beers for you to try if you are a beer lover.

5. Bring your passport

passport Well, it is not required to carry your passport to travel within the US Virgin Islands. However, if you want to get through the customs easily on your way back to the mainland, then it is suggested that during your visit to the US Virgin Islands, it is desirable to carry a passport. Also, if you plan to visit the British Virgin Islands or any other Non-American islands, then you definitely need to carry your passport

6. Please carry some cash

dollar The ATM fees for withdrawing money is around $5 for every transaction. Moreover, your bank may also charge you a foreign transaction fee in addition to it. So, it is totally a run for your money to use the ATM to draw money while in the US Virgin Islands. So, one of the most important US Virgin Islands travel tips is for you to carry some cash in dollars for a worthwhile transaction. 

7. Carry a map of the place

map A US Virgin Islands map in hand can always make things easy for you. There are plenty of places to visit in the US Virgin Islands, and there are chances that you could get stuck in the route rut. So, it is always a good idea to carry the US Virgin Islands map for easy and convenient navigation. Don’t expect google maps to work well here. So, one of the top US Virgin Islands travel tips is to carry a physical map with you at all times. 

8. Be prepared for the hike in prices 

money Everything on the US Virgin Islands is far expensive than the mainland. Among the top Travel tips to US Virgin Islands, budgeting takes a significant place! There is no sales tax here, but the prices are twice and more when compared to the mainland. If on your travel tips to us Virgin Islands budget doesn’t take top priority, then you got to reconsider your travel tips, for sure! 

9. Stay at one of the beachfront resorts in St. Thomas

st thomas Most of the main US Virgin Islands resorts are all located on St. Thomas island. Some are luxurious international chains like Ritz Carlton and Marriott. Nonetheless, many options will fit your travel budget. Among the US Virgin Islands resorts; you can also see some architecturally significant buildings that turned into inns and resorts. The Buccaneer on St. Croix and the Hotel 1829 on St. Thomas are some examples. 

10. Decide how you want to get to the US Virgin Islands

cruise There are basically two ways to get to the islands - by air or by sea. The Cyril E. King Airport on St. Thomas and the Henry E. Rohlsen Airport on St. Croix are the two main US Virgin Islands airports. Most flights are connection flights that welcome tourists with us Virgin Islands passport. St. Thomas is famous for a cruise to the US Virgin Islands. It is an excellent way to get to the US Virgin Islands. 

11. Never (ever) carry drugs

drugs You are allowed to bring in a limited amount of alcohol, tobacco, and other purchases from the US Virgin Islands airports. However, carrying drugs is illegal as per law and levies heavy charges on you for doing so. You may also be caught en route if caught transporting and carrying drugs while travelling. 

12. Take a day cruise to the British Virgin Islands

ships You can experience the beauty of the British Virgin Islands by taking a day cruise from St. Thomas or St. John. This is an affordable means to explore and is quite one of the travel tips to us Virgin Islands budget reduction. Nonetheless, please remember that even if you are travelling on a day cruise to the British virgin island from the US Virgin Islands passport is necessary!

13. Travel in the driest months from December to March or April

mountain and sea If you are looking to have a comfortable and relaxing time in the US Virgin Islands, then you should travel during the driest months when there is the least rain. During this season, you can enjoy the sunny skies and the perfect beach temperature. 

14. Don’t fret over learning French creole and Spanish

hello Although Spanish and French creole is widely spoken in the US Virgin Islands, English is the official language in the US Virgin Islands. 

15. Don’t miss the nightlife at St. Thomas

night view which island to visit in the US Virgin Islands? St. Thomas of course. For its scenic nighttime with bar/ club options and luxurious hotels, St. Thomas is a place not to be missed while in the US Virgin Islands. St. Thomas is more populated and developed than St. John. Moreover, it also has the busiest port for a cruise to US Virgin Islands.

16. Don’t worry about bringing back enough souvenirs

souvenirs It might be a relief to know that the USPS (United States Postal Service) prices are the same as in the mainland. So, you can purchase the souvenirs and ship it at no extra cost from the US Virgin Islands airport.

17. Experience underwater snorkelling at St. John

snorkellng Trunk bay beach on St. John island is probably the best place to visit in Virgin Islands. The trunk bay underwater snorkelling trail lies just offshore to the bay. You can go for underwater snorkelling in the crystal-clear waters and spot up to 30 different fish species and see the amazing coral reef.  

Final words

So, get on your adventure mission and book a cruise to the US Virgin Islands on your next travel plan. There is much to be explored and experience.

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