Unique feelings instilled by travel

Gular Aghayeva10 June 20201022 views2 min. read
Unique feelings instilled by travel

Before anything else, let me state one point that I realized as a result of discovering the world: travel makes you draw a lesson from doing everything you said: "I would never do."

Do not be ever afraid of this feeling; let this feeling envelop you. Accept its existence. When you don't want to listen to music, when you don't want to meet or talk to anyone, when your brain ignores all the truth, except yours, to put it in a nutshell, when you are you those pleasant feelings you get when you travel will guide you in finding your way. You wonder, how don't you?

Thus and so, travel will teach you that life consists of collecting small happy moments. Do whatever you want, do it with an affectionate manner, and in your fashion. If you do not enjoy it, leave it immediately. Don't waste your precious time. Do you need an example of why do people travel? Here you go some examples of why you should travel and start discovering the world right now!

Why you should travel?

Visit the traces of the Aztec and Mayan civilizations in Mexico. Feel the formidable looks of the Teotihuacan Pyramid and the Chichen Itza in your every cell.

Travel Cuba before McDonald's. You got what I mean. Rent a house in Havana, enjoy its terrace and life without the Internet. Experience how it feels to have a limited amount of food and water for hours. Let call you crazy when you say, "I knew how to feel happy when I was starving in bed late at night and suffering from insomnia because of that." Understand how valuable life is.

Then visit Australia. Investigate the lives of aborigines.

Go to Peru. Get acquainted with the Incas. Discover the magical power of the Quechua language and learn some words to feel their magical soul since the language is the soul of a nation.

Travel to New Zealand. Learn more about the culture of the Maori tribes. Feel that great pride in their voices when they talk about how strong tribe they are, how they go through struggles, and protect their culture and rights within the frameworks of laws.

Let the journey you start to change you. This is why travel makes you a better person. Let the challenges update your knowledge and experience, and make you wise up the affairs of the world you live in.

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