Vietnam Transit visa details

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Vietnam Transit visa details

Travel to Vietnam is a wonderful choice for tourısts. Vietnam is one of the countries located in the Asian continent and has great historical and cultural importance. When tourists go on a tour of the Asian continent, they usually visit this place. This country, which has different religions, cultures, and foods, is excellent for tourists. So what should we know first to come here? When traveling to Vietnam, we must know about visas. There are different types of visas to Vietnam. We should know a little about them. After obtaining the visa, we can enjoy the Vietnam trip, but how to get visa for Vietnam? Before traveling to Vietnam, you should know a lot about visa for Vietnam.

You can apply for a visa on arrival. It takes approximately 2 hours minimum and 2 working days at the latest to announce your confirmation response. You have to pay the 17 dollar fee, but this is not enough. You have to pay an additional 25 dollars when you arrive in Vietnam for the stamping fee. You can apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival from the official website or an alternative site.

Moreover, you can obtain a short-term visa. This type of visa, which is especially suitable for tourists, is prepared and presented to you within 1-10 working days. Although the visa fee may vary depending on your nationality, you should generally pay a fee of 25 dollars.

Do you need a transit visa for Vietnam? / Transit visa requirements for Vietnam

vietnamese visa

With an airport transit visa, you can reach another country by passing through the international region without entering the territory of a country. However, this may vary depending on your citizenship. Therefore, you can get precise information by contacting the embassy. Short-term transit visa is valid for one or more transits. We recommend that you get more information about this issue before you travel or ask for help by contacting the embassy.

Do you need a transit visa for Vietnam? First, there is an important question that interests us here. How long does it take to get a Vietnam visa? At the same time, we should have information about Vietnam transit visa cost. You can inquire at the Vietnamese embassy in your home country whether it is necessary to obtain a transit visa to Vietnam. Foreigners who will stay at the airport for more than 24 hours must apply for an e-visa. If they are staying for a shorter period, they do not need a visa at this time.

According to the law issued in 2005, some demands were made on foreigners who obtained a transit visa to Vietnam. Transit visa requirements for Vietnam are being seriously investigated, and some documents are requested from foreigners. Authorized institutions decide for you to get a pass. If you are traveling by plane or other vehicles, it is useful to report it.

The transit visa fee for Vietnam is 25 dollars, but when you go to Vietnam, you must also pay 25 dollars. Shortly, you have to sacrifice 50 dollars for the Vietnam transit visa cost. We cannot give a definite answer to the question “How long does it take to get a Vietnam visa”, but you can get it quite early.

How do I get transit visa for Taipei Vietnam?

passport and ho chi minh pin

Getting a transit visa from Taipei to Vietnam? Then we have to answer the question: How do I get transit visa for Taipei Vietnam? The number of people traveling from Taiwan to Vietnam has been increasing in recent years. Especially those who go to Vietnam from Taipei city and travel to a third country from there show a surplus. Coming from Taipei to Vietnam and transiting to another country has become an important issue for Taiwanese. It is possible to obtain a Visa On Arrival online with the Vietnam Immigration Department from Taipei. If there is no problem, you can get a confirmation letter within two working days. You can even get this confirmation in just 30 minutes in case of an emergency. Another option is to contact the embassy in Taipei. For this, you must submit the necessary documents to the embassy. There must be a passport with a validity of six months and two newly taken photos in 4x6 size among the required documents.

You can get more information about visas by entering our official site.

Travel to Vietnam

You should go to a few places in Vietnam when you are here. Here are a few places to visit and have fun while in Vietnam:

Ban Gioc Detian Falls

detian waterfall

Far outside of tourist areas, about 400 kilometers from Hanoi, are the Ban Gioc Detian waterfalls. Here on the border with China, the Quay Son River flows, which drops in three cascades and thus forms the beautiful waterfalls.

As a visitor, you have the opportunity to go boating, hike, and take great photos. You can reach the waterfall from the village of Cao Bang on a scooter tour or with public buses. If you want to stay longer, you will find many beautiful homestays in the nearby villages.

Ha Giang Province

ha giang street

In the far north of Vietnam is the province of Ha Giang, which is actually the northernmost province of all and thus borders on China. Life in Ha Giang is simple and rural. The absolute majority of the population lives from agriculture. If you are interested in the unspoiled beauty of the country, in getting to know ethnic minorities, and in great mountain landscapes, you have come to the right place.

Ha Giang can still be called an insider tip because there are hardly any tourists here. Sure, the journey to the remote province takes a little longer, but you have quiet here and you will be rewarded with unforgettable experiences. The best travel time for the Vietnamese highlands is from April to the beginning of June or from September to October.

Temple of My Son

my son sanctuary

At first glimpse, it might look like Vietnam doesn't have much to offer temple enthusiasts. However, even if Vietnam is not exactly known for it, there are some really beautiful and above all, surprisingly old specimens to visit, especially the temples of My Son in central Vietnam.

My Son is about 35 kilometers from Hoi An and can be easily explored on a day trip. The complex does not impress with its size, but with its age: The oldest of the temples here were built by the Cham in the third century, making them around 500 years older than the earliest temples in Angkor.

Anyone who has already been to Cambodia may feel a little reminded of Banteay Srei. It is no coincidence, because the temples of My Son may have sprung from a different culture, but are also dedicated to the Hindu deity Shiva and are made of similar building materials.

The entire complex consists of more than 70 individual, small temples and was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999.

Golden Bridge in Da Nang

hand bridge

If you want to see a crazy bridge, a trip to Da Nang in central Vietnam is highly recommended. The Golden Bridge Cau Vang is still a very young attraction and therefore not so well known abroad, but it is currently developing into a must-see in Vietnam.

Huge, stone hands that look like they are centuries old carry the golden pedestrian bridge, which offers a pretty great view of Da Nang and the surrounding area.

Investors suspect that there is a lot of money to be made with golf and spa vacationers in the neighboring Ba Na Hills, and to attract tourists to the region in the first place, they have combined the practical with the curious. It is not yet possible to say whether the concept will work, but the bridge alone is enjoying growing popularity.

Sand dunes in Mui Ne


Mui Ne is a quiet seaside resort in South Vietnam that offers some interesting sights and a lot of relaxation. However, the real attraction is the red and white dunes up to 30 meters high, which lie directly in front of the coast and stretch into the interior of the country.

The dry climate in the south of Vietnam has created a desert-like landscape that you would not expect in Southeast Asia at first. You can take guided tours to the dunes, but you can also rent a motorcycle and explore the landscape on your own.

If you wander through the dunes, you will certainly be offered plastic mats for little money pretty quickly, with which you can surf down the dunes. Not exactly an adrenaline rush, but a fun experience nonetheless.

With the information we provide you, you can see these places by getting a visa to Vietnam. At the same time, you have the opportunity to travel to other countries by passing through the territory of Vietnam through a transit visa. After seeing the beauties and colorful culture of Vietnam, you can continue your trip by going to the third country through a transit visa.

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