Why you should visit Christmas Island

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Why you should visit Christmas Island
Australia that has outstanding red crab migration annually.  If you love exploring exotic islands, then Christmas Island should be on the top list. All you need to do is find out more on how to get to Christmas Island using flights to Christmas Island. What are some of the interesting facts about Christmas Island? It’s a magical dreamed land that was brought into existence to host the Disney park.  Christmas Island is real, being one of the unique places around the world. However, it may not be completely accessible. It`s a land in Australia, about 300 miles south of Java, and 1600 miles north of Perth. What is special about Christmas Island? Among the major reasons why you should visit Christmas Island is the red crab migration - one of the many interesting facts about Christmas Island.  Crabs aside, there are numerous Christmas Island places to visit. Some of these places include the Christmas Island Casino (Resort), as well as finding out more about Christmas Island nuclear tests. Below are some of the Christmas Island places to visit. Here we’ll inform you of what you need to know about Christmas Island. 

Where is Christmas Island? 

christmas island flag Christmas Island is an ancient land first discovered in 1615 by Richard Rowe. Who named Christmas Island? William Mynors named the land Christmas in 1643 when he first sailed past the land on Christmas day. Where is Christmas Island? It’s an Australian external territory situated in the Indian Ocean. The island is closer to Indonesia than Australia. Find out where is Christmas Island today for a chance to enjoy an outstanding vacation with family and friends. There you can enjoy visiting these cool places such as the Christmas Island Resort (Christmas Island Casino). 

How to get to Christmas Island?

plane What is the best time to visit Christmas Island? During summer you can enjoy spending time at the beach witnessing the massive crab migration. Christmas Island near the Cocks Island is among the most remote regions in Australia. You might wonder how to get to Christmas Island. Flights to Christmas Island are facilitated by 3 airlines: Garuda from Indonesia, Virgin Australia from Australia, Malindo Air from Malaysia. Any airline you choose on how to get to Christmas Island is convenient. Flights to Christmas Island via Virgin Australia take place on Fridays and Tuesdays. Flights through Garuda from Jakarta, Indonesia conduct their return services only on Fridays. Lastly, we have the Malindo Air that was established in 2018 to serve from Kuala Lumpur. The Malindo Air flights to Christmas Island take place every Monday and Tuesday. All visitors are advised to be aware of potential delays that may take place when making plans for their trips. Note that the most exemplary places in this region are off the beaten path. The time and effort spent to get to them are always worth it. Below are the reasons why you should visit Christmas Island

Christmas Island is a sight of a lifetime

crab migration Some of us would want to know what’s special about Christmas Island and what are the interesting facts about Christmas Island. Among the most tourists attraction on this island is the Christmas nuclear tests conducted here, as well as, crab migration. Most documentaries capturing red crab migration have been recorded here. David Attenborough explains this experience as the most remarkable of his life’s work. On this island, there are around 45 million red crabs hosted.  These crabs are about 4.5 inches wide. Most visitors would want to be present on Christmas Island, especially from October to November when these vast numbers of red crabs depart from the jungle for several days trekking to locate mates on the beach. Locals here do their best in protecting these crabs on the road by firing their vehicles with brooms and rakes to sweep the crabs of their way gently and avoid crushing them. The Christmas Island map can be the most convenient way of identifying some of these fascinating destinations. 

Explore the mother nature outdoor spa

outdoor spa This is one of the best Christmas Island places to visit. No need to spend a lot of luxurious spa treatments on this wonderful trip. What is the best time to visit Christmas Island? Summer is one of the most convenient times to visit this island. Christmas Island offers the best chance to enjoy a range of treatments for free. You can also decide to take a boardwalk under the tropical dale. Indulge yourself in the Hugh’s Dale rainfall falls. Take a walk along the crystal blue water and the pure white sand on the beach.  

Glorious deserted beaches

christmas island beach For those who aren’t aware of some of the interesting facts about Christmas Island, let`s mention that the island is well known for its amazing beaches. Christ’s island offers numerous spectacular beaches where you can frolic and relax in the shallows. As summer is the best time to visit Christmas Island, it is a perfect chance to discover its beaches. The Dolly beach in 2016, was voted as the best beaches found in Australia. Palm trees here grow under the tropical sun and pure white sands that have been engulfed by turquoise water. Ensure to have the Christmas Island map so that you can manoeuvre through these deserted beaches without fatigue. 

Find out about the underwater paradise

underwater paradise There’s so much you can enjoy on Christmas Island. Apart from the unique Christmas Island Casino, you can learn more as you explore the underwater paradise. Using the Christmas Island map, you can easily locate the underwater paradise. Exploring the underwater paradise will enable you to understand what is special about Christmas Island, not forgetting the famous Christmas Island Resort also called Christmas Island Casino.  There is the flying fish come that provides visitors with a chance to enjoy snorkelling few feet from the shoreline. Visit the underwater paradise for an opportunity to see the manta rays, turtles, lionfish, giant trevally, as well as, spinner dolphins. It’s recommended to use the Christmas Island map to locate some of these hidden treasures easily. 

Visit Christmas Island for a melting pot of cultures and flavours 

ethnic diversity One of the amazing things about Christmas Island is that it offers a harmonious blend of Christians, Buddhists, Muslims, along with Taoist residents. Some of the people here are also from mainland Australia. Here you can expect Taoist shrines and temples overlooking the ocean. There is a shining mosque situated in Kampong, a traditionally Malay neighbourhood. Ethnic diversity in this region implies surprising food cultures. Various restaurants prepare food from different cuisines.  If you visit the Idah kitchen in the Malay club, you get to enjoy the traditional food of laksa, noodles, as well as Hainanese chicken. The Chinese association spices up the life experience here with Asian delicacies. There is plenty of seafood here, although crabs are protected and are off the menu. In Christmas Island, eating in restaurants is convenient compared to cooking at home, since the land here lacks nitrates, hence producing fresh food is mostly a challenge. Being a tax-free zone, alcohol is one of the cheapest drinks in Australia.

Best diving experience

jumping into sea from a cliff Christmas Island is regarded as one of the best scuba diving destinations around the world. The island offers around sixty various diving sites to choose from. Christmas Island has a vast range of marine life, which include 650 different fish species, and 88 types of corals. The island is famous around the world due to its popular seabird cookery that attracts over 80,000 seabird nesting every year. Among these seabirds, there are the world’s rarest Frigate and Booby birds. Consequently, there are also land birds that are endemic to Christmas Island like the Christmas Island Emerald dove, as well as the Christmas Island imperial Pidgeon.

The Swell Lodge on Christmas Island

lodge The Swell lodge owned by Jess Bray and Chris is one of the stunning accommodations on this wonderful island. Designed in the style of a luxurious African safari lodge; Swell lodge perched high on the west coast cliffs provides tourists with mesmerizing views over the rocky and hilly coastline. The ocean here swells and pounds the shoreline below. The sunset here is amazing, which is not a surprise, due to the nearest landform. On the Western side, there is the beautiful coast of East Africa. If you are a nature lover, Christmas Island should be on the top list of tourist attractions you should visit. 

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