What are the ways to get Gabon visa?

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What are the ways to get Gabon visa?

Proper preparation is a must for everyone who is travelling to one country or the other. Knowing the visa requirements of the country you are travelling to and the price of the visa are among the essential parts in preparation. Apart from a visa, having your passport and other documents ready is necessary if you want to enjoy your stay in a new country. If you want to travel to Gabon for any purpose, you need to know the Gabon visa requirements in order to get the right and approved visa for Gabon.

Lots of people travel to Gabon from international countries for business, visits and tourism reasons. Since the country is developing, many foreign investors and business owners are travelling to the country to maximize different opportunities. If you want to benefit too from either the tourism or business opportunity, you need to know about the Gabon visa policy. To find the right information about Gabon visa requirements, visit www.pickvisa.com.

Why travel to Gabon?

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The economy of Gabon is based on oil but will extend to tourism and agriculture, as recently announced by the government. This is why you should extend your business to new markets in the country. To achieve this, you need a Gabon work visa that can allow you to stay in the country for up to 30 days or more. Finding the right travelling company that will help you to get a visa for Gabon might be challenging. However, you can rely on pickvisa.com as they have helped many travellers to visit Gabon and other exotic countries. You can visit their office or contact them on www.pickvisa.com to know if your country is among the Gabon visa free countries.

Do I need a visa for Gabon?

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This is one of the commonly asked questions you will see on the internet and social media platforms. Most probably, you need a visa to travel to Gabon just as you need it to travel to any other country. Obtaining a Gabon visa before travelling to Gabon is a must as the country does not offer a Gabon visa on arrival. Foremost, you need to find out how much is a Gabon visa to prepare beforehand. Apart from having a Gabon work visa or tourist visa for Gabon, you need other documents to get a Gabon visa. Some of the documents are:

  • Passport
  • Photos
  • Proof of funds
  • Proof of vaccination or certificate of vaccination
  • Proof of travel arrangements

These aforementioned documents must be up to date and meet the requirements from the Gabon embassy or consulate or other Gabon visa centres. You can look out for the Gabon visa policy on pickvisa.com to make sure you have all the required documents. Your passport must not be torn, separated or frayed and must be valid if you will get a Gabon visa.

Can I get a Gabon visa on arrival?

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Back then, Gabon had a visa on arrival for certain nationalities. Due to COVID-19, this type of visa has been cancelled in order to avoid queues at the airport. That is why the Gabon government recommend obtaining an e-visa beforehand. It is advisable to meet travel document experts like pickvisa.com to guide you, as obtaining a visa can be complicated.

Since you know there is no Gabon visa on arrival, get every document ready and in order now. You must show your certificate of yellow fever at the embassy and proof of funds. Without the above-mentioned documents, you will be denied access to Gabon. Most of the business and tourist visas for Gabon have 90 days, which is three months of validity. If you are invited to Gabon, you will also need a letter of invitation or a business introduction letter from the firm or individual inviting you. These letters must be on the organization's letterhead.

Obtaining Gabon visa

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The application processes for a visa for Gabon might be challenging and time-wasting. To save time for other travelling plans or requirements, call a travelling visa expert to make the visa application and processing simple and easy. An expert travelling company like pickvisa.com will review your visa application form, offer an easy to follow application kit, prepaid shipping labels and also send your travelling documents to the Gabon embassy. You will get an e-mail when your visa is ready. This is time-saving and also reducing any possible headaches and stress of going up and down the Gabon embassy or consulate.

Gabon electronic visa

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Gabon introduced e-visas for tourists in the year 2015. With an electronic visa, tourists from every country can visit Gabon. If you want to come to Gabon for tourism reasons, you only need to apply for the visa online at www.pickvisa.com. It is fast and easy to do. There is no need to spend time on your visa application via an embassy or consulate for a tourist visa application again. You will get your visa through e-mail after the processing has been done. The Gabon e-visa processing duration takes 1 – 3 days. Everything, including payment, is done online. You can find out how much is a Gabon visa on the website.

The following documents are required for a Gabon tourist e-visa:

  • Tourist or applicant photo
  • Proof of accommodation if applicable
  • A scanned personal detailed passport
  • A photo of your payment transaction credit card. You don't need to make the whole pin or digit of the card visible. Just the last four digits are to be shown.

Types of Gabon visa

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If you want to come to Gabon, you need to know the different options for a Gabon visa. This will help you to know the right one for you, especially when you know there is no Gabon visa on arrival. The different types of Gabon visa are:

  • Student visa
  • Business visa
  • Tourist Gabon visa
  • Diplomatic or official Gabon visa
  • Humanitarian or missionary visa

You can get any of these aforementioned visa types in their electronic type, which is known as e-visa. These visas are easy to apply for and to get. You can apply for one today at pickvisa.com in less than 10 minutes. Applying for an extension is possible in some of the Gabon visas. Don't stay for more than the duration of your visa in Gabon to avoid being penalized and fined.

Requirements needed in obtaining a Gabon work visa

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There are many requirements you need in addition to the ones that have been mentioned above. These requirements are to be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs whether you are among the Gabon visa free countries or not. Some of the requirements include:

  • Payment slips
  • Motivational letter for moving and working within Gabon
  • Three recent and quality white background pictures
  • An accommodation confirmation
  • An itinerary confirmation
  • Employment Original contract – a certified copy

Your work permit, special pass and passport can now be picked up after a few days to a week from the ministry.

Steps in getting a working permit in Gabon:

You might choose to look for a job when you arrive in Gabon with your Gabon work visa. To be able to work while in Gabon, you need a work permit and other essential documents. This is a must for every foreign employee in the country. Applying for a work permit for your employees as an employer is easier since you are taking the position as their sponsor. Have your employees documents sent to the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources indicating that such employees will be sponsored by you. After this, go to the work department in the same ministry and apply for a work permit. All you need to apply for the work permit is the invitation letter from the company, your employee's passport and required fees. 

After your work permit request has been reviewed, it would either be approved or denied by the work department in the ministry. A copy will be sent to the immigration and documentation department to have the Gabon work visa prepared. A copy of the visa will be sent to the applicant or employee's Gabon embassy in the country he or she is coming from. The applicant can now start working in Gabon after the required fees have been paid and obtaining the work visa.

Final thought

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There are many questions travellers ask when they want to travel to Gabon. Some of the common questions are: do I need a visa for Gabon, how much is a Gabon visa and if their country is among the Gabon free visa countries. The answers to these questions have been answered in this article, and if you need any other clarification with regards to Gabon travelling, visit www.pickvisa.com and check out for articles related to Gabon visa policy or requirements. You can always leave the visa task to them to help you get the Gabon visa faster and easier while you prepare for other important travelling requirements.

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