What are Faroe Islands visa types and the ways to get them?

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The Faroe Islands, simply known as Faroes, is an autonomous territory of Denmark, comprised of islands located in northern Europe, at the crossroad between Norway and Iceland. In these rugged Islands, the climate is surprisingly favourable to human settlements even though geographical latitude they are positioned. The main reason is the Gulf stream which brings warm water to the area, causing a relatively mild climate.

The history of the Faroes is mostly related to Vikings. However, archaeological evidence shows that its history dates even earlier than the first Viking settlements. For many years islands were influenced by Norse culture and traditions. Until 1814, the Islands were controlled by the Norwegian kingdom but were handed to the kingdom of Denmark.

The islands cover a total area of 1400 km2. The surface of the Islands is mostly rugged and rocky, with little peaks. Coastlines are mostly comprised of cliffs. However, these little islands are fast becoming a favourite Nordic destination. Due to its mild climate and geography, Faroes can easily be distinguished. Most people find Faroes so picturesque, especially due to their resemblance to middle earth. The landscape here is so different from other places. Various shaped hills, stones amaze visitors. The main driver behind this unrivalled beauty is no other than nature itself. You might remember those beautiful waterfalls on social media platforms such as Pinterest. You will be surprised to find out some of them are actually in Faroes. You will find many things to see and enjoy here. One interesting fact, the population of sheep, almost double the human population. It shows how Faroes bounded their culture and traditional lives. It is not even the best thing about locals. They are one of the most hospitable people you will ever see. They even have a special word, "heimablídni", which means home hospitality they try to showcase in any situation. It is so pleasing to see people still invite newcomers to dinner at their homes. Such things can make you think that Faroes is a bit underdeveloped country, but it is completely wrong. They have a broad vision. That is why sustainability is a top priority in Faroes.

Your rationale to visit Faroes can differ. However, in some cases, you might need a visa to Faroe Islands. So you might ask yourself, do I need visa to go to the Faroe Islands? To learn more about that, we will look at Faroe islands visa policy.

Faroe islands visa policy

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Faroes is not completely independent; thereby, its Faroe Islands visa policy corresponds to Danish immigration policy. There are some differences in visas, such as visit, work, and residence permits. Some countries we will refer to as Faroe islands visa free countries that are exempt from visas. They are Nordic countries, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.

Nationals of Nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Iceland can even enter Faroes with a simple photo identity document. Other nationals of Faroe islands visa free countries can enter Faroes with a passport or a national ID card for a visit.

It is important to understand that Faroes is not a Schengen country. Therefore, holding a visa to Schengen country will not enable you to enter Faroes. However, you can apply for both a Schengen visa and Faroes visa with one application. Once you git that visa, you can travel to both Faroes and Schengen countries. Like Schengen visas, having a visa to Danemark will not grant you entry to Faroes as well. Even if you have a residence permit for Denmark, still you will need to visa to Faroes. Supposedly, you do not need a visa to enter, stay in Faroes. You might ask, how long can you stay on the Faroe Islands without a visa? Nationals of Nordic countries and the nationals of EU/EAA countries can stay in the Faroe Islands for up to 3 months. If they want to extend their stay in Faroes, they will need to apply for permits.

These visas may vary depending on travel reasons. They can be short-term visas such as Faroe Islands tourist visa, business visas or long-term visas. Long-term visas are permits, and they include Faroe islands work visa and residence visa. However, the procedures of acquiring them same as visas; therefore, we will refer to them as visas. Faroe islands visa requirements are similar to Denmark's visa requirements, but we will look at them specifically for your convenience.

Faroe Islands Visa Requirements

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To get a visa to Faroes, one will need to present the required documents. They may vary depending on the visa type; the main requirements which you will find below will apply all of them:

• A passport that should remain valid at least for three months after you leave Faroes is required. Note that your passport should not be older than 10 years.

• Passport photo with the size equal to 35x45 mm.

• Colored copies of all pages of your passport. Your passport should possess blank pages as well.

• If you apply from a country you are not a citizen of, you will need a copy of that specific country's visa or residence permit.

• Proof of accommodation.

• Proof of financial sufficiency. It can be proved with a bank statement. The bank statement should not be older than 1 month.

Depending on your reason, you will apply for a specific visa. For example, if you want to travel as a tourist, you will apply for a Faroe Islands tourist visa. For other visas like Faroe islands work visa, you will present additional documents, most likely concerning your work position.

How to apply for Faroe Islands visa

denmark embassy

As we mentioned before, the immigration policy of Faroes is part of Danish immigration policy, meaning that visa applications for Faroes are under Danish jurisdiction. Therefore, to get a visa to Faroe Islands, one will need to contact Danish foreign representatives. To be more precise, you will need to contact an embassy or permanent mission of Denmark in your country. If you have none in your country, you can still apply to one in neighbouring or nearest. In some countries such as China, you will have more options on where to apply as there are 12 foreign missions of Denmark in different big cities of China. You will start by contacting and making an appointment with the embassy or consulate. You will present your documents on the appointment day, fill out the application, and pay the fees.

You might wonder about Faroe islands visa cost. The fee amount will vary depending on the visa type you apply for, your nationality, and entry types. It is hard to note concise numbers. Hence it is in your best interest to inquiry the Faroe islands embassy or consulate regarding visa cost. In general, you can inquiry the embassy for any visa-related issues. It is advised to learn specific requirements, visa fees, conditions before your application. Then your application will be received to process. You might ask, how long is an average visa processing time? Though it is not the same for every country, the average processing time for a Faroes visa is around 15 days. However, in some cases, the processing time can be extended up to 45 days. Therefore, it always makes sense to get a visa well ahead of your travel schedule starts. Once your application is successful, you will receive a visa sticker attached to your passport to enable you to enter the Faroe Islands. Bear in mind, and if you think that having a Faroe islands visa will grant you entry to Danemark, you are mistaken. To travel to both countries, you will need to apply for Danemark and Faroes visas.

To sum up, the Faroe Islands, in reality, with its seemingly cold but warm environment, can give you unforgettable memories. However, one must carefully consider what it takes to get there. It is always a good idea to get familiar with visa procedures, conditions, and requirements before planning your travel. Perhaps, you might want to hand in the workflow to someone with more experience. If so, you should check Pickvisa as our team can handle such procedures quickly without a problem.

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