What are the main tourist resorts in Portugal?

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What are the main tourist resorts in Portugal?
travel to Portugal in search of friendly people, a rich culture, affordable prices, a thriving urban scene, seaside towns, exotic architecture, windswept castles and fresh seafood with fresh wine on a sunset beach, you have chosen the right destination. Entry to Portugal by foreign citizens is decided based on the reason for the visit and the amount of time they stay. For short stays, foreign citizens must comply with the requirements of the Schengen regulation, and for a stay of more than three months, the Portuguese legislation requirements in force must be met. For this reason, to know everything about the Portugal visa, please visit this website’s “Service” section. Now yes, below you will find a list of great resorts of Portugal.

Resorts of Portugal

porto city As you may know, Portugal is not a very big country. However, you can do many things, from going to the mountains to swimming on its beaches. However, you will first need to look for the best holiday resorts in Portugal, which you can find below.

Hotel Avenida Palace, Lisbon

hotel avenida palace This majestic hotel is part of Lisbon’s historical heritage. Both outside and inside, you will feel that you are still in the nineteenth century since it still maintains the charm of the time and you can appreciate it in its furniture and decorations. The Hotel Avenida Palace is an amazing five-star hotel, with guests highly praising the facility, its staff as well as its location because it is close to many places to go in Portugal since it is in the heart of Lisbon.

Hotel Six Senses Douro Valley

view of six senses hotel Continuing with 19th-century buildings, this hotel also has its period charms seen from the outside, although it has a more modern atmosphere inside. It offers views of the Douro River and offers easy access to the valley. It is a peaceful place away from Lisbon city (4 hours away). Checking the map of resorts in Portugal, the Six Senses Douro Valley Hotel puts you in direct contact with forests, hills and vineyards that contribute to relaxation and peace, which is why it is one of the best with a wine library with presentations from local winemakers.

Bela Vista Hotel and Spa, Portimao

vista restaurante This hotel was built in 1918 and is considered one of the best beach front resorts in Portugal that feature beautiful decoration, very similar to a palace and in 1934, it became the first hotel in Algarve. The hotel offers views of the ocean and has access to a swimming pool from where you can enjoy beautiful sunsets. This hotel is just one step from the beach and has great relaxation-inducing rooms.

Belmond Reid’s Palace

belmond reids palace Copyright: @belmondreidspalace Another of the best beach front resorts in Portugal is the Belmond Reid’s Palace. It is a very well known hotel due to its fantastic kind staff. The hotel is located towards the Atlantic Ocean views in Funchal, located on the Madeira Island, surrounded by subtropical gardens, so you will feel that you are in paradise. The Belmond Reid’s Palace is ideal for families with children and teenagers because the hotel offers activities for all ages!

Colina Verde Golf & Sports Resort

If you were looking for a golf resort in Portugal, Colina Verde Sports Resort located in Moncarapacho, Portugal, is a good option for you. This 4-star hotel has a wide range of amenities and activities such as golf courses, an outdoor swimming pool, well-ordered spacious rooms, beautiful ornamentation, a bar, etc. Also, if you check the map of resorts in Portugal, Colina Verde is located less than 15 minutes by car from the beach of Barril beach and other attractions.

Vale do Lobo Resort

vale do lobo resort Copyright: @vale.do.lobo Another option for golf resorts in Portugal is Vale do Lobo Resort, located in Algarve, Portugal, with two very important golf courses. In addition, this 5-star hotel is very close to Vale Do Lobo beach. It is ideal if you are looking for holiday resorts in Portugal, whether you are travelling as a family, alone or as a couple. The hotel has a swimming pool, spa, bar, restaurant, including a disco and outdoor tennis courts. It also offers a souvenir shop, free internet connection and even a hairdresser.

Memmo Alfama Hotel, Lisbon

breakfast menu Copyright: @danieltriassi Located in the centre of the historic district, this amazing hotel offers 42 rooms with a pool to enjoy your summers and a terrace on the rooftop with a wine bar with the river Tagus as the protagonist. It’s a great hotel for couple travel or business trip.

L’AND Vineyards, Montemor-o-Novo

This hotel is located in the rural area of Altenjo and offers a beautiful view in its rooms and, thanks to technology, with the press of a button you can move the ceiling and look at the stars from your bed. Very close you have a lake and the city of Montemor-o-Novo. If you want to explore the place, the hotel has bicycles to have a good time.

Lx Boutique, Lisbon

hotel Copyright: @zecablankenheim LX means ‘Lisbon Xperience’, and offers a very original version of the city, with a young and informal atmosphere. It has five floors named after exclusive Lisbon elements: Tejo (the river), Pessoa (the poet from the beginning of the century XX who used to stay in the building), Fado (the city’s mourning music). ), Seven Hills (on which the city is built) and Bairro Alto (the district). The decoration of each floor reflects its name: on the Fado floor, there is a guitar wallpaper, on the Pessoa floor, you will find many of its books.

What are The Best Places To Visit in Portugal?

Yes, because if you are here, you need to visit the tourist attractions of Portugal.


aerial view of the discoveries Wondering what are the best places to visit in Portugal? I start with its capital, Lisbon not only seems an essential stop on a trip to Portugal but it is also considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Its attractions are almost endless, although many prefer to visit the Alfama neighbourhood and the many viewpoints that give away brutal snapshots.


oporto The next city that sooner or later you have to visit in Portugal is none other than the wonderful Oporto. Strolling along the Ribera, contemplating the Don Luis I Bridge, out admires the tiles of the Sao Bento station, having a drink (or two) in this beautiful city are some of the many things to see and do here. If you travel to Portugal, visit Oporto!


coimbra Not too far from Porto is Coimbra, another of the places to go in Portugal. If your trip coincides with May 1, you will be able to attend the traditional “Queima das Fita”, during which university students who finish their degree burn ribbons of different colors (each one represents a faculty). Certainly, something curious to see. However, if you go in another moment, it’s okay: Coimbra is a World Heritage Site and that is always synonymous with a good handful of interesting places. Stroll through the historic center to discover them, visit the University, the Old Cathedral of Coimbra and the beautiful Joanina Library.


monsaraz castle Searching for more places to go in Portugal? The Alentejo region is a paradise for lovers of road trips and rural tourism. It has interesting towns such as Evora, Elvas or Monsaraz, as well as breathtaking landscapes such as Lake Alqueva, the Alentejo Coast or the Cromlech de los Almendros, megalithic monuments among the best in the Iberian Peninsula.

Nazare, the capital of the waves

nazare Nazare is a small town known worldwide for its huge waves and is another of the tourist attractions of Portugal. Ok, not all of us have the skills to surf those giants, but the good thing is that we can contemplate someone who does it. The best time to see their famous waves is from October to March.


algarve Algarve is one of the most beautiful regions of Portugal. Along its coast and also in its inland area, there are countless emblematic places and interesting plans, from sailing through sea caves to gorging on grilled sardines in a small fishing village.


historical center in sunny weather Not many visit Guimaraes, another World Heritage city, and I do not understand why: it is beautiful, small and with an exciting history, in fact, many say that “Aqui nasceu Portugal” (This is where Portugal was born) and Guimaraes is like a small Portugal condensed into a handful of streets, without any luxury but very charming.


evora One of the most curious destinations in Portugal (and probably the most macabre) is in Evora, and it is a chapel decorated with thousands of skulls and bones. It’s the Capela dos Ossos, so it is scary. And it is not the only one; there is another one but smaller, just as impressive in Alcantarilha, a small town in the Algarve. In the end, a nice place to visit during Halloween! Are you ready to process your Portugal visa?

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