What are the main tourist resorts in Sierra Leone?

What are the main tourist resorts in Sierra Leone?

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What are the main tourist resorts in Sierra Leone?
travel to Sierra Leone but do not dare? Leave fear aside because this nation has put aside its past to open the doors to international tourism, offering incredible natural places ideal for an unforgettable adventure. Friendly people and beautiful wilderness areas are part of this developing nation's offer to tourists from other latitudes. Therefore, in this post, I will tell you about the most recommended tourist resorts. However, you should know if you need a Sierra Leone visa. For that, you can visit the 'Services' section on this website and look for the visa policies, selecting Sierra Leone to know their requirements. However, wait, don't you know where is Sierra Leone? I'll tell you about it below.

Where is Sierra Leone?

sierra leone town The Republic of Sierra Leone is a country in West Africa. It is bordered to the north by Guinea, Liberia's southeast, and the Atlantic Ocean's southwest. Most of its coastline consists of swampy mangroves, except the beautiful Freetown peninsula, a name that also receives its capital city, one of its popular places in Sierra Leone. With a population that barely exceeds one million inhabitants, this metropolis has been described as eclectic and an ideal destination for those who want to venture into these wild territories. Many tourists come to the port of this city simply to enjoy its incredible and beautiful beaches. From there, you can also visit Bunce Island, a small piece of land located off the coast of Africa. In this corner of Africa, you can find beautiful places in Sierra Leone, such as paradisiacal beaches, natural reserves rich in vegetation and animal species, mountains to explore and an interesting cultural heritage to enjoy. Among its beaches, Lumley stands out, a piece of coast that is to the west of the Freetown peninsula. It is one of the sectors most visited by travellers and the local population, as it also serves as the setting for festivals and social events. Goderich Beach is also recommended, which stands out for its incredible beauty, few visitors and striking cleanliness. Knowing these beaches, you can understand why this country is also known as the Caribbean of Africa. Tokeh Beach is another beach in this area that attracts attention, and proof of this is the housing and tourist complexes such as beach resorts in Sierra Leone that, little by little, appear parallel to the coast. However, suppose you want to know more about the history of the country. In that case, one of the must-sees of Freetown and popular places in Sierra Leone is the National Museum, which tells the long-suffering history of this town as a place where the ancient great powers came in search of slaves. The Naval Pier is another place in this city to visit if you travel to Sierra Leone as it carries a powerful past that speaks of the trade-in people. There is also the University of Fourah Bay, considered the oldest on the continent.

Resorts in Sierra Leone

One of the Sierra Leone visa requirements is to have a hotel reservation so you will find where to stay next.

Sierra Palms Resort

The Sierra Palms Resort is a completely luxurious hotel anchored in Freetown and known as one of the best beach resorts in Sierra Leone. Located on Lumley beach, this hotel offers travellers excellent rooms equipped with all the comforts, a shared lounge centre, free Internet connection, and beautiful terraces. Guests can capture impressive images of the entire city and with views Sea.

Atlantic Lumley Hotel

The Atlantic Lumley hotel is one of the newest lodging centres in Sierra Leone. The building dates from the year 2017 and is quite close to the national museum. To the surprise of many, this four-star hotel offers its guests bicycles to explore the city; in addition, the rooms are perfectly decorated and have all the comforts you can expect from a hotel.

Hotel Bintumani

bintumani hotel Copyright: @bintumanihotelfreetown It is another of the four-star hotels that you can find in the city of Freetown during your trip. The Hotel Bintumani has a wireless Internet connection, good employee service, a delicious breakfast and a personalized tour guide.

The Swiss Hotel Freetown

swiss hotel Copyright: @theswisshotelfreetown As its name indicates, the Swiss Hotel is also located in Freetown. In these facilities, travellers can enjoy spacious rooms, equipped with all services, as well as living areas for your relaxation, Internet connection and a beautiful restaurant, where you can enjoy delicious local and international dishes.

Home Suites Boutique Hotel

This beautiful hotel offers guests extensive amenities, including spacious and comfortable rooms, as well as a fast Internet connection. The Home Suites Boutique has a huge restaurant called Swan restaurant & Grill, offering a wide gastronomic variety.

The Country Lodge Complex

If you stay at The Country Lodge Complex, you will enjoy a huge outdoor pool as well as a tennis court. The rooms have balconies, free Internet connection, among other things. In addition, guests have access to a restaurant that offers national and international dishes, as well as a bar equipped with a variety of drinks.

New Brookfields Hotel

new brookfields hotel Copyright: @vickieremoe At New Brookfields, guests can find a restaurant serving international and local dishes. Each of the rooms in this hotel is equipped with a refrigerator, while the private bathrooms include a bathtub; some of them also have desks. The hotel also has a terrace and beautiful gardens for your relaxation. But this is not all. If you are looking for cheaper hotels for your holiday resorts in Sierra Leone but of good human quality and eating very well, you have more options next.

Budget Hotels to Stay in Sierra Leone

If your budget is tight, you can consider the following holiday resorts in Sierra Leone.

Metro Hotel

hotel room The Metro Hotel is one of the cheapest establishments you can find to stay in Sierra Leone. Being a two-star hotel, its services to guests are average but generous, and its location is good for visiting the city's national museum and the Tacaguma chimpanzee sanctuary.

Seaside Suites and Hotel

couple and receptionist at counter Apart from its excellent location, the Seaside Suites and Hotel offers you a beautiful and refreshing outdoor pool and impressive terraces from where you can see much of the city. The hotel also has a restaurant that serves both national and international dishes, and parking is free for everyone.

Hotel Mariam

woman opening door The Mariam Hotel is another of the mid-range options that travellers can find in Freetown. The facilities have all the basic lodging services and beautiful gardens to relax and read a good book during the afternoon, and its location is quite close to the National Museum of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Lighthouse Hotel

The Sierra Lighthouse hotel is located a few kilometres from the Serbian embassy in Sierra Leone. The facilities are equipped with terraces, Wi-Fi, a bar and secure parking throughout the day. Inside the hotel, you will also find tourist information of interest.

Hotel Mamba Point

modern bedroom Those who decide to stay within the facilities of the Mamba Point Hotel will enjoy free internet connection and have the possibility of having access to various tourist sites of interest, among which the National Museum of Sierra Leone and the chimpanzee's sanctuary.

Tity Hotel

The Tity Hotel is another establishment found in Freetown, offering guests extraordinary hospitality and impressive terraces for the city's best views. Most importantly, the imposing Aberdeen Beach is no more than 200 meters from these facilities, so you will have no excuses for sunbathing.

Luxurious Seaview

pile of towels The Luxurious Seaview is a fully furnished apartment that offers comfort, an outdoor pool and a tennis court for your enjoyment. The best thing is that it is well located, you can access various tourist spots in Freetown, and its price is quite affordable compared to other establishments of this type.

Badadorie Hillview Drive 32 Villa Bassie

villa bedroom This hotel is quite modest, it does not have the greatest luxuries, but it is an excellent option for low or tight budgets, it is located a few kilometres from the Irish embassy and the high commissions of the United Kingdom and France; In other words, you will have access to various centres of tourist interest during your stay.

Best Time to Visit Sierra Leone

freetown If you will travel to Sierra Leone, the country experiences a humid tropical climate. The rainy season runs from May to October, with heavy rains and temperatures around 25° C. Between December and April, it rains much less. The sun is very present, with an average of 27° C rising to 32° C: this is the best time to visit the country, especially on the coasts where the heat is nice due to the sea winds. In terms of security, Sierra Leone is now a much safer country to visit. While petty crime like bag theft is a problem in some parts of Freetown, violent crime is extremely rare across the country. Dare to explore the beautiful places in Sierra Leone.

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