12 Instagrammable places in Freetown

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12 Instagrammable places in Freetown
how to find instagrammable places? We will share with you one of the most Instagrammable cities called Freetown. So where is Freetown? Firstly, we will answer to the question: “Where is Freetown?” Freetown is a port city on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. All around the world, airports are the main mode of travel. Here, the airport of Freetown called Lungi International Airport is located across the sea. Now we know, “where is Freetown?” Let's talk about “how to find Instagrammable places in Freetown?” When we look at the most liked Instagram photos of the social media giants, we can observe that the photos always have the common feature: being colorful and unordinary. Therefore, the best way to recognize the Instagrammable places is to look at places with a shiny, colorful, and not ordinary view.  If you are reading this blog, you should keep in mind that we have researched and found the most Instagrammable places in, particularly, Freetown. 

1. Mount Bintumani

mount bintumani Mount Bintumani is the highest mountain in Freetown, even in Sierra Leone. It is amazing to experience hiking activities. Taking photos from the magical view will place in your mind and, of course, on your Instagram page.

2. River No 2 Beach

river If you want to feel the tropical atmosphere in Sierra Leone deeply, you must visit the River No2 Beach. Sensing the tropical breeze, laying in white sand, and watching waves will be a good inspiration for tropic smelling photos. One of the most liked Instagram photos in Freetown was taken by Jasmin Jamal. This photo is a symbol of flying like birds freely for a lot of people’s minds. All of the exotic atmospheres of the beach were transmitted by the photo to her followers. This story is one example of how to find Instagrammable places in Freetown

3. Bureh Beach

beach Another way to understand the tropical atmosphere is another incredible beach. In the Bureh Beach, all of your expectations will be welcomed by the warm and clean water of the ocean. White sands will leave a remarkable place in your mind forever. The taste of this unique experience can be continued by the delicious and fresh lobsters and crabs. The most-liked Instagram photo on this beach was shared by an account that is called Konodiamond. Thousands of followers will like the colorful picture. 

4. Sierra Leone National Railway Museum

railway museum Sierra Leone National Railway Museum was established in 2005. The entrance to the museum is completely free. Here, the display of the old tickets, locomotives, carriages, time tables, and photographs will give inspiration to fantastic choices for taking pictures for your Instagram account. If you can take with a good aspect, your photos will be gleaming by likes. It can be one of the most liked Instagram photos in all in Instagram’s history. Do not forget to donate even a little amount to keep this interesting place always open.

5. Kangari Hills Forests

forest It is a fact that forests cover more than 38% of the territory of Sierra Leone. Therefore, the next destination you should take a break in is Kangari Hills Forests. This forest is located about 210 km away from Freetown. This huge green area is known for its unique fauna, which is home to various types of elephants, chimpanzees, and bird species. The Government of Sierra Leone documented even 115 types of birds. A lovely photo of Instagram followers can garnish this exotic trip.

6. Taguma Chimpanzee Sanctuary

monkey Now, let’s talk about Taguma Chimpanzee Sanctuary that is located in Freetown forests. You will begin to experience your trip with Jungle walk. I know it sounds amazing to watch chimpanzees, not in a cage, but its own natural home. However, no one is guaranteed to see chimpanzees for several times. Your chance to take colorful photos with chimpanzees will increase your photos' worthiness and uniqueness on Instagram. You can achieve having the most liked Instagram photo in this area for your Instagram account.

7. Freetown State Forests

freetown forest A lot of different forests surrounds freetown. Freetown State Forests are a green paradise with its savannas, flora, and fauna. Here, you can observe different animals such as elephants, birds, and national animal-chimpanzees. The photos that have been captured in Freetown State Forests have always been a center of focus for a lot of people. Lots of Instagram influencers aim to take Instagram photos in this area for the forest’s incomparable landscape.

8. Tokeh Beach

tokeh beach Tokeh Beach is one of the best sand beaches in Sierra Leone, even in all West Africa. Tokeh Beaches are situated in 20 miles of Freetown. You totally should visit an uninhabited island near the beach area for its nice panorama. You can go for fishing adventures here which can glow your Instagram account with unforgettable moments. Furthermore, fresh wine with fresh lobsters can change your gusto. This paradise will amaze you to the end of your life with its view, the beautiful warmness of water, and freshly made meals from national cuisine. The seawater is blue and bright under the Sun so that you can imagine how stunning photos you can take. Of course, every country’s symbol is a good reason to take Instagram photos. The cotton tree is a symbol of Sierra Leone. It is the oldest cotton tree, it has a lot of stories. People pray to God, singing hymns under this tree. The spiritual importance will make awareness for the human rights of African people who have been forced to be slaves in America.

9. Bunce Island

beach in freetown It is one the place of slavery time, which is located in the Tagrin Bay. Bunce Island is a very beautiful place with its history. It was the point where captured slaves were departed from Africa to South Carolina. Visitors can see preserved Castile.

10. Tiwai Island

monkey Moa river hosts a lot of islands. One of them and the most famous island is Tiwai Island. You can take a motorboat tour and watch the beauty of Tiwai Island. You can also watch the flying birds and swimming turtles. There is a golden and sandy beach at the Northern point of Tiwai Island. The beach is seasonal. In the rainy season, sandy mounds will be under the water. You can cool in the lovely water. It is available to walk into forests and to see the rarest monkey types as Diana and Colobus.

11. Turtle Islands

turtle These islands are located in Southern Sierra Leone, Atlantic Ocean. Turtle Islands consist of 8 islands: Yele, Bakie, Bumpetuk, Chepo, Hoong, Mut, Nyangei and Sei.  If you want to see the surreal beauty of nature, the Turtle Islands' tour will be a great choice. There are settlements in seven islands of eight islands. People who live in the islands have preserved their traditions. They are living an isolated life due to their traditions.  Access to the rest of the world is a complicated matter for them.  All of the islands are not open to visitors. There is a tour to see the beauty of the islands. This tour lasts 2 nights (3 days).

12. Gola forest Reserve

giraffe Gola Forest Reserve is located in seven Gola Forest chiefdoms and covers 110 km area. Forest is recognized as a timber reserve. It has been recognized for over 100 years. It is a paradise full of birds. There are over 330 types of birds that most of them are the rarest. The existence of more than 50 types of mammals is highly threatened: Pygmy Hippopotamus Choeropsis liberiensis, Western Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes verus, Jentink’s Duiker Cephalophus jentinki, Zebra Duiker Cephalophus zebra, Liberian Mongoose Liberiictis kuhni, Diana Monkey Cercopithecus diana, Sooty Mangabey Cercocebus atys and West African Red Colobus Procolobus badius. Everyone loves to set out his or hers a beautiful side of life. It is great to share with people feelings, moments, colors, weather, love, and emotions. In Freetown, we have collected 12 Instagrammable places that you should visit: Mount Bintumani, River No 2 Beach, Bureh Beach, Sierra Leone National Railway Museum, Kangari Hills Forests, Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary, Tokeh Beach, Freetown State Forest, Cotton Tree, Bunce Beach, John Obey Beach, Lumley Beach, and St George’s Cathedral. In this post, we will look at deeply to some of these places’ characteristics and reasons why you should think about taking Instagrammable pictures there.   We tried to collect the most Instagrammable places in Freetown, Sierra Leone for you. We would like to recommend reading our post again if you want to travel and visit the most precious landscape of West Africa. Thanks for reading!

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